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Idea Dialertone Contest 2017 :

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Organisation : Unisys Infosolutions Pvt Ltd
Competition Name : Idea Dialertone Contest
Contest Last Date : 08-12-2017
Terms & Conditions :
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Idea Dialertone Contest :

“!DEA DIALERTONE CONTEST” (Hereinafter referred to as “Offer”) is sponsored, organized and administered by UNISYS INFOSOLUTIONS PVT LTD, a company having its registered office at 1089, NHBC, Sec-13, Karnal (Haryana) (hereinafter referred to “UNISYS”); in association with IDEA CELLULAR LTD.

The role of Idea will be restricted to that of a Telecom Service Provider as per the license and guidelines of Department of Telecommunications.

This Offer is purely on a “best effort” basis and participation is voluntary for the eligible Subscribers of Idea Dialer Tone for Haryana circle.

Offer Period :
This Offer is open for a limited period of 60 days only from 10th October 2017 00:00 hrs to 8th December 2017 at 23:59:59 hrs (“Offer Period”).

Eligibility Criteria :
1. The Offer is open for all active pre-paid as well as post-paid category of cellular subscribers of Idea, in the below mentioned telecom circles (the “Subscribers”).

For the sake of clarity, a “Subscriber /participant” for the purpose of this Offer shall mean and include an individual/person, who is the rightful owner/user of the pre-paid or post-paid mobile connection of Idea, registered in any telecom circle in India and in whose name the mobile connection is active and registered as per the records maintained by Idea Cellular Ltd (and which shall be conclusive).

In case a participating Subscriber is an employee of a company and the mobile connection used by him is registered in the name of an employing company, the employee /user can participate in the Offer provided that the employing company issues a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and authorization of the employer duly permitting the employee to use the number for participation in the Offer, receive the Gratification and accept the terms applicable for the Offer.

2. The employees of Idea & UNISYS and their group companies affiliate or associate companies; are not eligible to participate in this Offer.
3. Any postpaid Subscriber with any outstanding amount as dues against the monthly bills generated by Idea, shall not be eligible to participate in this Offer.

4. In order to be eligible for this Offer, a Subscriber/participant must fulfill the following criteria-
** He/She should be above 18 years of age.
** He/She must be citizen of India.
** He/She must not have any criminal record nor should be of an unsound mind.
** He/She must not be restrained by any law of the land (e.g. – any court order(s) etc.).
** He/She must be either an active existing or new subscriber of Service during the Offer Period.
** This Offer Is valid only for Haryana !dea Subscriber.

Participation, Charges & Selection of the Highest Scorer(s) :
The Subscriber/s who has/have already subscribed to Idea DialerTone service and who will subscribe to this service during the Offer Period will be eligible to participate in this Offer. However, to participate in the Offer & Idea subscriber can play this using Idea Dialer Tone Short Code 56789103.

A Subscriber is required to dial the short code/IVR and Need to Select Songs as max as he/she can during the offer period & who has downloaded the maximum songs at the end of the week will win gratification and this process will continue for six week.
The Offer will be in Hindi, Punjabi & Haryanvi language.

Applicable Charges :
(i) No entry/browsing fee to the Toll free number is payable by a participant for participating in this Offer.
(ii) Subscription charges Rs 39 per month & Song Selection Charges Rs 15 for Idea Dialer Tone.
(iii) There can be some promotional Segmentation Also in the Price Point as per Business Needs.

Selection of the Highest Scorer(s) :
(i) A customer can win the gratification only once during the offer period, after which Subscriber will NOT be considered eligible. In case of a tie between the two or more participants i.e. if two or more participants have equal Downloads then the participant who has consumed the maximum download within minimum days on 56789103, shall be selected by Idea/UNISYS for Gratification as mentioned below.

It is also specifically agreed by the participants / Subscribers that the decision of UNISYS and/or Idea with regards to the Offer including the process for selection of the highest scorer shall be final and binding upon them and the participants agree not to dispute, or seek any clarification for the same from either UNISYS or Idea or both. © 2020

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