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Win 504 GB SanDisk Festival Bonanza Winner List 2016 : 504GB

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Organization : SanDisk International Limited (
Competition Name : SanDisk Festival Bonanza Contest 2016 (Win 504 GB, 504GB )
Announcement : SanDisk Festival Bonanza Winner List
Competition Deadline : 31st of January, 2017

Website :

SanDisk Festival Bonanza Winner List:

The Promotion begins on 1st of September, 2016 and ends on 31st of January, 2017 (“Promotion Period”).

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SanDisk Festival Bonanza Contest 2016 :

Winners :

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Date Name City
09/01/2016 Vyom Agrawal NOIDA
09/02/2016 Prabhu Chennai
09/03/2016 Kruti Devani Rajkot
09/04/2016 Sivam Singh Rajput Lucknow
09/05/2016 Akshay Indore
09/06/2016 Naveen Chennai
09/07/2016 Gaurav Paul Patna
09/08/2016 Arnob Dey Bangalore
09/09/2016 Swarup Dhar Kolkata
09/10/2016 Faiz Ahmad Hashmi Muzaffarpur
09/11/2016 Jaypal Rathod Hyderabad
09/12/2016 Aandita Kanpur
09/13/2016 Kislay Kumar Gomoh
09/14/2016 Amol Mumbai
09/15/2016 Arvind Pune
09/16/2016 Sonamani Irengbam Imphal
09/17/2016 Nikhil Gupta Amritsar
09/18/2016 Himanshu Sharma Delhi
09/19/2016 Ayush Kumar Verma Agra

Winner Notification:
** Administrator will contact the Daily Winner via SMS or via a phone call to the mobile number associated with the Entry. Winner details will also be available on and will be published on SanDisk India Facebook page on a weekly basis.
** The Administrator will not be liable in the event that such message does not reach such potential winner on any account whatsoever.
** Further, any complaints/grievance/claims, whether legal or commercial with regard to the said SMS message or phone call shall not be entertained by the Sponsor or the Administrator.

In the event that any potential winner :
(i) cannot be contacted directly by Sponsor within 72 hours from initial attempted phone call or SMS or email;
(ii) declines to accept the Prize; or
(iii) is otherwise determined to be ineligible, the Sponsor in its sole discretion may disqualify that individual and notify the participant whose slogan entries have been judged as the next best. Alternate winners are subject to all eligibility requirements and restrictions of these Official Rules.

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  1. I always see that type of advertisement in market but I believe in san disk. I hope I will win. My promo code is XGML6652.

  2. I have got a promo code after buying a san disk product but after I filled in the details at and submitted it said promo code already used. I have the product with the scratch sticker on it and the invoice receipt. Please help so that I can win a prize. My promo code is DEO4018U.

  3. Sandisk Pen drives are superior than any other pen drives in the market as you can protect data stored in it by password protection for its connection to any device. I am using it since last 10 years and they do not become hot during use. There is no corruption of data stored in it. Where can I fill the promo code (D99Z97GJ)?

  4. My birthday is on 5th Jan and my brothers birthday is on 7th Jan. Please show us on TV. My name is Bhavya on 5. My brothers name is Animesh on 7.

  5. San Disk memory card is very much required in daily life. I think that I got an amazing products from san disk. The transfer speed is too fast than other memory cards. I am really awesome.
    My promo code is L21EY88X.

  6. This type of pen drive is more useful to modern world and it is very compact and well designed. In future it will be changed for that time use.

  7. I have purchased 32gb pen drive & with that I have got a code for winning the 504gb pen drive or something else. And with that I have registered the code on your Official site. So when are you going to declare the winners name?
    My code is Z89RJ46S.
    Please reply fast.

  8. I have taken part in this contest but don’t know when winner will be announced lets hope for the best and see what happens next. I must say there is lots to be won.

  9. My code is UPMT5544. How can I register for the contest? When we are registering it is displaying webpage can not be displayed.
    So please guide me to register.

  10. How can we fill the blanks without any side captions? I’m trying to register from one week. But I can’t. Those who already registered please help me.

  11. I have purchased 32gb pen drive & with that I have got a code for winning the 504gb pen drive or something else. And with that I have registered the code on your Official site. So when are you going to declare the winners name?

  12. I see that all the winners are from main cites only so that other small cities not improved because you are not giving any chance.

  13. Why all the winners are from main cities?
    Whether contestants from other cities are not eligible for winning prizes?
    I can’t get the reason behind this.

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