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Ignited Mind Lab Mental Maths Competition 2015 – Results (Update)

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Organisation : Ignited Mind Lab
Announcement : Mental Maths Competition – 2015

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Application Form :
Home Page :

Mental Maths Competition :

Registration for Mental Maths Competition – 2015 will start from 1st June, 2015.

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Rules & Regulations:
1. This Mental Maths Competition is for students studying in Std. I to Std. VII.

2. The main objectives of this competitive examination are:-
a. To promote interest in mental maths
b. to test speed & accuracy of arithmetic calculations
c. to inspire confidence in students that they can solve challenging problems themselves.

3. After enrolment, 3 books and a model paper will be provided to prepare for the examination. The study material / worksheets are designed in such a way that students can study and practice on their own – without much support from parents or teachers. Learning on their own makes a great experience to them and gives them confidence.

4. Last date for submission of application form without late fees is 15th October, 2015. Thereafter, forms may be accepted till 30th October, 2015 with late fees of Rs. 100 /-.

5. First round examination details:-
a. The examination will be held on 29th November, 2015. Examination venue will be decided in due course and communicated to all students.
b. Time duration will be 1 ½ hours.
c. No negative marking for first round of examination.

6. Management reserves right to change date and/or venue due to unforeseen events.
7. Successful students will get certificate. Students scoring greater than or equal to cut-off marks will be selected for “Grand Finale”.
8. Grand Finale will be held on 31st January, 2016.

9. Cut-off marks for Grand Finale :-
a. Std. I : 295 and above (out of 300)
b. Std. II – IV : 180 and above (out of 200)
c. Std. V – VII : 160 and above (out of 200)

10. Grand Finale key points:- a. Time duration is 1 hour. Total marks will be same as first round.
b. Negative marking system – Half mark will be reduced for every wrong answer.
c. Syllabus will be same as first round but with increased level of difficulty

11. Top three positionsin Grand Finale will be awarded cash prizes –
a. 1st prize – Rs. 10,000 /-
b. 2nd prize – Rs. 5,000 /-
c. 3rd prize – Rs. 3,000 /-
d. Other meritorious students will be awarded Medals and Certificates of Merit.

If there is a tie, first round marks will be considered to resolve the tie. If a tie for any position remains unresolved, prize money will be distributed / shared as per the method explained on website.

12. Fees once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances. Admission is not transferrable.

Contact us :
Ignited Mind Lab
Office No. 29, Shoppe-Link, 1st Floor,
Dosti Acres, Wadala (E),
Mumbai – 400037
Tel. No.: 022-24143077

1. Examination will be held on . Sunday, 29th November, 2015 . (Grand Finale on 31st January, 2016)
2. Fees for Examination is Rs. 400 /- (incl. study materials cost).
3. Cheque / Pay Order should be drawn in favour of IGNITED MIND LAB .
4. Please write Student’s Name, School’s Name, Standard, Division & Telephone No. behind cheque.

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  1. Can you tell me, how many students were there in 1 std? Can you give me the list of top 50 students name & school with marks?

  2. Mrs.Sayanti Bhattacharjee

    I need to know from where I can download maths question paper(both latest and previous year)for class IV and V. Please help.

  3. Jadhav Gaurav Subhashchandra

    My child seat number is 2817006. Please give me his result.

  4. My child’s roll number is 2836016. Please give result.

  5. Please check my marks. My seat no is 4176005. It is showing as verify your seat no.

  6. There is a spelling mistake in my child’s name. How should I rectify it?

  7. I want reprint of hall ticket. How will I get it?

  8. I want to know about result 2016. My no is 1514001.

  9. Chirag Girish Mehta

    I want to know the result of sear number 2533025. I appeared mental exam for 3rd std.

  10. What is the criteria for reaching second level for class 6?

  11. My daughter participated in this exam. So please tell me from where I can get the practice module paper for extra practice. She is in 2nd std.

  12. Please let me know from where we can download past year question papers.

  13. Can I get practice paper for mental maths exams ,class 2?

  14. Is there any sample or previous year question for class 4 in any site?

    1. Let me know from where I can get 4th std question paper of all group A, B, C, D of this year.

  15. My son Antik Choudhury award gold medal and Rs. 200/- A/C payee cheque for outstanding performance of Mental Math Competition 2015 Class-2. There is no A/C in Bank due to minor age. The check should be issue in favour of Fathers name or bearer check. At that time how to cash this A/C payee cheque.

  16. Sakshi Mahendra Kumar DArda

    I have not received the results of 2015 and grand finale 2016. Please can you help me? My seat no of 2015 is 3665003 and of 2016 is 5055027.

  17. Please let me know the marks of 1st, 2nd and 3rd rankers of fourth class in grand finale.

  18. My daughter got 131 rank at grand finale. Is she eligible for any certificate?

    1. My son scored 180 marks in the Grand Finale. I feel he has scored more than this. I would like to verify the mark sheet. What is the procedure? Is only 1/2 mark cut for the wrong answer? If it is so he has definitely scored more.

  19. I have appeared for grand finale. I got 178 marks.Can I apply for rechecking? What is the highest mark scored in class four?

    1. Please login with your registration number and password to download Mark sheet for Grand Finale.

  20. Please let me know the marks for the first, second and third ranker of standard 3rd in Grand Finale 2015.

  21. How many students from class 2 and class 6 appear? How much of them will get selected for grand finale?

    1. There is a spelling mistake in my child’s name. How should I rectify it?

  22. I want to know whether the question pattern of grand finale for class 1 will be same as that of first round. Will the candidates be provided OMR sheet for answering?

  23. Where can I find the study material or practice paper for grand finale?

  24. My child Sahil Deo from Wisdom high international school selected for grand finale. Please tell what is time and venue for grand finale because he is also select NSTSE and UCO second level which held on 31st January.

    1. From the Website :

      Venue, date & time :
      1. The Grand Finale examination will be held on Sunday, 31st January, 2016.
      2. The duration of examination for all Standards (Grades) will be ONE hour.
      3. Hall tickets will have all details of venue, date & time of examination.
      4. Students do NOT have choice of examination centre or date.


  26. Where will the grand finale be held?

  27. How can I get my new hall ticket for the final round of ignited mind maths lab exam for class7?

  28. I am selected for grand finale. How will I get my new hall ticket?

  29. Seat number : 1065035. Show my marks please.

    1. Seat No: 1065035
      Student Name: SURBHI MAHESH LAD
      Standard: 5
      Division: A
      School Name: Auxilium Convent High School, Wadala, Mumbai
      Examination : Mental Maths Competition 2015
      Marks obtained : 68.00
      Total Marks : 200
      Grade : D

  30. Where can I get previous years papers for class 4?

  31. Where it will be held?

    1. From the Website :

      Hall tickets will have all details of venue, date & time of examination.

  32. How can we get sample question papers for class 1 for grand finale?

    1. From the Website :

      The syllabus remains the same as it was for the first round of examination. We do not provide any additional study material / question papers for preparation. There is no additional model paper for Grand Finale. Students are advised to refer to earlier study materials and model paper for practice.

  33. I am Charchitaa and my seat number is 201010139. Please check my result and give it here. Please do it as fast as you can. I study in class seven.

    1. It is showing as “Please verify seat number you have entered..!”

  34. Is there any study material available for grand finale of 5 class? How to get it?

  35. Priyanka
    My son Pratyush Nandy is selected for the final round , which will be held on 31st January. Shall I get the hall ticket from the school? Will you please inform me about the proper procedure?

  36. My seat no is 3873057. Please tell me my school rank.

    1. Seat No: 3873057
      Student Name: WAKE VEDANT VAIBHAV
      Standard: 3 Division: C
      School Name: Wisdom High International School, Nashik
      Examination : Mental Maths Competition 2015
      Marks obtained : 188.00
      Total Marks : 200
      Grade : A
      *You have qualified for Grand Finale.

  37. My child name is vedant vaibhav wake. His seat number is 3873057. He got 188 score. What is his school rank? Can you tell me?

  38. My son got 178 marks and the cut off is 180. He is in 3rd std. Can I recheck? If yes, then please send me the link.

    1. You want to recheck the marks?
      You can enter your seat number and get your marks again in the results page.
      You will most certainly get the same marks again.

      Why do you think rechecking is necessary?

  39. Those who are selected for finale, will they get new Hall ticket? What about venue and time? Also will they get a sample question paper of finale exam?

    1. 1) Yes, they will get a new hall ticket.
      2) Venue and time will be indicated in the hall ticket.
      3) No.

  40. What is the method of grand final?


    1. Are you sure it is made available in Ignited Mind Labs website?

  42. my son’s name is abhishek desai .he scored 160\200 and selected for the next level. could you tell me his rank in the overall result and his position in orchid school pune

    1. The information you asked for could not be retrieved with the details you provided.
      Did you login with your registration number and password?
      Did your marksheet reveal these details?
      If not, the details are not made available to you by Ignited Minds Lab.

      Seat No: 3436002
      Standard: 6 Division: PURPLE
      School Name: The Orchid School, Pune
      Examination : Mental Maths Competition 2015
      Marks obtained : 160.00
      Total Marks : 200
      Grade : A
      *You have qualified for Grand Finale.

  43. omkar nageshwar margam

    A day which can change our life.

  44. My child’s name is Neev Nitin Patil.
    His seat number is 2122015. Please check the result and reply me.

  45. If a child did not get his hall ticket during the exam how will he see his result?

    1. If you have your seat number, you can see the marks.
      To get marksheet, you have to login using registration number and password.
      If you lost your password, you can retrieve it using “Lost Password” link.

  46. My daughter’s name is wrongly entered. Her original name is Tanisi Das, Seat no 2514009, registration number 201037691.

    1. You have to contact Ignited Minds Lab office.

  47. I am in 2nd std. I get D grade in ignited mind. What is meant by pass or fail? I will get certificate or not?

  48. Result of seat no 2972008 is not displayed. Please assist.

  49. Please give us this person’s result:
    Aritra Chakraborty, registation number : 201029155.

  50. Which grade is required to qualify in grand finale? What is the cutoff mark list?

    1. Are these details not available when you login?
      Not logged in, I could not find the details.

  51. From where can I get practice paper for grand finale?

  52. As such, the results will be declared on 7th January 2016. I am not able to find my results. Can you guide me and tell the correct location?

    1. Read the article again and tell exactly what problem you are having, so that we can help.
      Or leave your seat number and I can tell you your marks. You need your username and password to login and get your marksheet for Ignited Mind Lab Exam.

    2. I also can not find. If you get knew how to find, then please tell me.

  53. Have been trying since long, but the server just doesn’t connect. I have filled up all the details so many times. Please help.

    1. There is only one solution to this problem. You have to wait till server is available. Right now the server is banged with too much of requests.

  54. Why is it not opening? I am waiting eagerly for my result. Please reply.

    1. The server might be busy right now. Please try a little later.

  55. swarnabha sengupta

    Where can I find result of math competition of 2015?

    1. You can find the result in the link given. You have to login using your username and password, to get your marksheet.

  56. I cannot see the result yet. It is showing some error.

  57. Dnyaneshwar Dagadaji Hivrale

    When my result will be declared for 1st round? I am from 7th standard.

    1. You can see results by logging into the link provided.

  58. Please show my result. Its not visible to me.

    1. The results can be seen by logging in here :

  59. For 1st Std, does ‘A’ grade mean I am selected for 2nd level?

  60. The results are not declared until now. The ignited minds website still shows this announcement:

    Result of Mental Maths Competition – 2015 will be declared on 7th January, 2016 at 6:00 pm

  61. When is the finale round going to held?

    1. Successful students will get certificate. Students scoring greater than or equal to cut-off marks will be selected for “Grand Finale” which will be held on 31st January, 2016.

  62. Where is my result? I can’t find my result. Please show my results. I’m waiting for the results. Please inform me.

  63. My daughter is selected for final exam. How will I get the final sample paper?

    1. Congratulations.

      I did not find any sample paper in the website.
      However, you can buy the books prescribed in the ignited minds website.

  64. Why is the result of mental maths exam 2015 not declared yet? It was supposed to be declared on 7th January 2016 at 6 pm.

    1. The website of ‘ignited minds’ is not responding due to too much load.
      Please wait until the traffic to the site dampens.

  65. Dear administrator,
    Result is not display till now.
    Please provide link if it is already displayed.

    1. This is the error message I get while trying to access results.

      A Database Error Occurred.
      Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

  66. How we will practice if practice papers are not there? Please give me question papers of ignited mind lab for practice for getting good marks. CLASS VII-G.

    1. There is no free practice papers.
      You have to buy it from their website.

      Curriculum / Syllabus and Study materials:-
      The curriculum covers the fundamental concepts of Mathematics. Every Grade has a separate curriculum, appropriate for its level (Grade I to VII).

      Study material is our strength. A lot of thinking and efforts have gone into evolving the study material over the years. We approach the subject in a step-wise and scientific manner, begin with simple sums and gradually move to complex problems.

      The worksheets are colourful, attractive and full of pictures. Children instantly like them. The worksheets are designed in such a way that it involves working of left brain and right brain together. This improves Mind power of the child.­

    2. Smitesh Suhas Chikode

      What is the venue for grand finale of Ignited Mind Lab Exam?

  67. How Will I get practice Paper ?

  68. I have enrolled for this exam, but my name has been mistaken in your hall ticket.
    instead of HEET.SANJAY.JAIN it is written as HEEL.SANJAY.JAIN.
    So will you please rectify it in your registers? My seat no. is 1131049, i am in std 1.

  69. How will I get math practice papers?

  70. I like to have few practice papers. How will I get it?

  71. I want question papers of ignited mind for practice.
    Where and how should I get?

  72. From where can I get other practice paper for mental maths exams?

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