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NFDC India Swachh Bharat Short Film Festival 2016 : nfdcindia.com

Organization : NFDC India
Competition Name : Swachh Bharat Short Film Festival 2016
Applicable For : All Interested Applicants
Submission Last Date : Sept 10, 2016

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Website : https://www.nfdcindia.com/
Download Form : https://www.contest.net.in/uploads/15400-Form.pdf

Swachh Bharat Short Film Festival

Swachh Bharat Campaign was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Oct 2, 2014 at Rajghat New Delhi with the aim to make India clean.

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Festival Regulations:
1. To the best of the applicant’s Knowledge, all of the statements below must be accurate.
2. This short film festival is being organized by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India.
3. The Festival shall be a competition of short films & shall be held on 2nd October 2016 in Siri Fort Auditorium.
4. The applicant is duly authorized, on his/her behalf and on the behalf of any person or entity that has ownership rights in the work, to submit to the Festival and the applicant declares that this submission is not in violation of any law nor violates any right of said person or entity or that of any third party in any manner whatsoever.
5. The Swachh Bharat short film festival, its officers, as well as any of its fiscal sponsors and affiliated entities is not responsible, for any damage to, or loss of, any materials submitted by the applicant, whether that damage occurs en route to or from the Festival or during the course of the Festival’s possession, any loss caused to the film material or otherwise, in or during the Festival or of said materials.
6. Read the guidelines and rules and regulation for applying for the Swachh Bharat short film festival.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Entries open only for short film with duration of not more than 3 min (180 secs). To be shot in HD format.
2. Submission Last Date Sept 10, 2016.
3. No entry fee for submissions.

Rules and Regulations:
1. Open to all interested applicants.
2. The films can be made in any of the listed official languages of India and must be subtitled in English.
3. The film must be produced in the last 1 year preceding the Festival, i.e. with effect from 1 October 2015.
4. The film must be submitted to NFDC not later than 10th September 2016.

5. The festival shall carry the following awards :
** Best film – shall carry a cash prize of INR Ten (10) Lakhs and a certificate.
** Three (3) films falling in Second Best Category – each shall be awarded a cash prize INR Five (5) Lakhs.
** Six films (6) falling in Third Best Category – each shall be awarded a cash prize of INR Two (2) Lakhs.

6. Application form must be submitted ONLINE at sbsff@nfdcindia.com and send a hard copy with the screener (DVD/ USB Drive only).

Please send in your DVD /USB Drive to the following address:
Swachh Bharat short film festival
National Film Development Corporation Ltd
6th Floor, Discovery of India Bldg, Nehru Center
Dr A.B. Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400018
Maharashtra, India

Email your completed form to sbsff@nfdcindia.com

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  1. Could I get to know how many films were sent from Karnataka? More precisely from Udupi and Mangalore.

  2. S.Anjaneyulu Director

    First of all congratulations to top 20 films contestants. I am waiting to see 20 film names and video. I can not see those list of 20 films in any news papers or other social media.

  3. Please share with us those top 20 films. We all are waiting.

  4. The Festival received 4346 entries from across the country. Can it be physically possible? Only three jury to watch all films and give the right judgment. Impossible !!!
    Why you don’t disclose all entries participants name along with his or her film title,every contestant want to know are you received his or her film Yes or No be transparent !!
    Sorry friends I forgot. It is the same old INDIA (Corrupted)

    1. I don’t know whether my film get reached them or not. I can’t even think of trying next time. I don’t know what happened to my pen drive and film.

    2. They should declare all participants names.

  5. “Murga” wins best film award 2016.

  6. How can I see result for the function held on 2nd Oct in Siri fort auditorium?


    Today is 3rd Oct. But still the results are not declared. Please tell what will be next date for declaration.

    1. Result is out on 2nd October.

  8. I have submitted my short film – Satyagrah Swachhta Ka. Awaiting for the result as the result has to be declared on 2nd October 2016.

  9. Today is 03rd October.
    I want to know final results.
    Please send details when will it be declared.

  10. Satyavir Singh (Assistant Commandant ),CRPF, Rtc-1 ,Neemuch.

    To my surprise everyone including me is waiting for the results and I congratulate the entire team of nfdc and other co-coordinator of swachh bharat mission and of course the dynamic and charismatic personalities of the country those who have boosted and propagated the mission.


    Where we can see the result of short film documentary on SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN??

  12. Which are the winner films? How can I show result?

  13. The results are out. Although only the 1st and 2nd prize winners have been named. Evidently if one was shortlisted they would have been contacted.

  14. You told us result will be declared on 1st October but today is 2nd October. When result will be declared?

  15. Will you please post the list of the winners of this SBSFF?

  16. When the result will come and how do we know it?

  17. At what time results will be out? Today is already October 2nd. Please just inform us.

  18. I forgot that this contest organized by sarkar and nothing happen on time by bhartiye sarkar except hike in petrol price.

  19. If NFDC finalised 20 short film, why they are not showing their names? If they do not want to show their name, at least they can update in nfdc website that, “all the selected winners of swachh bharat abhiyaan short film have been mailed”. Why they mentioned their website “announce our winners by 1st October 2016”.
    All participant are confused as whether they are selected or not.

  20. How can I upload my video to this site?

  21. How would the results be communicated to the participants?

  22. It is 1st of October. I do not find the results being announced yet. Has the results been announced?

  23. Has the results announced? Can I know Who are the winners?

  24. Hey friends,anyone get any letter or email or message from nfdc swachh bharat short film festival?

  25. Hey friends,anyone get any letter or email from nfdc short film festival?

  26. May I know when are you going to declare the results of short film festival?

  27. Tell me one thing that in which time we need to start presentation ceremony?

  28. Where are the results for swatch Bharat short film festival? There is no update anywhere.

  29. It’s 1st September today ,but I didn’t get any email regarding Selection? May I know when will be the result out?

  30. It seems the winners have been informed and are probably already on their way to Delhi.
    All those along with me who did not make the cut, please do not despair. We have to try harder next time.

  31. If anyone got selected how they are able to come from far away from there home this is foolishness. You have to declare the winner before 25th so they can prepare them self. So please give the result today or send mail and don’t do this kind of late.

  32. At what time will the results be announced today?
    I believe the felicitation is in Delhi tomorrow at 9:30am

  33. Will the names of the winners and the names of the films be publicly announced? If so, when and where?
    Will the winners be intimated by email or phone?

  34. Results are out. 20 Films selected out of 4346 entries. M. Venkaiah Naidu to felicitate the winners on Oct 2. I guess we didn’t make the cut or else we would have been informed by now.

  35. Dilip k. Verma (Mallawan)

    I send my short movie DVD “A Dream Of Narendra Modi ” on 9th September. This is the 1st short movie of my life and I have nowknown my talent. -Dilip k. Verma (Mallawan)

  36. I already summit my sbm contest video but I forgot to submit the form. Can I submit now?

  37. When the result will be declared? How we will know whether our short film is selected or not?

    1. The Result is declared already.

    2. The winners were felicitated in a function at New Delhi. There was no transparency in this competition. Not publishing of the results til now also suspicious.

  38. When will the SBSFF results be revealed and whether visiting the ceremony is compulsory? or only the selected participants should go there?

  39. I want to know when will be short film festival result declared? It was mentioned it will be declared Sept of last week. Please let me know and how we will come to know?

  40. When will I come to know the Final result?

  41. Rule 9 states that the theme of the films is on involvement of children in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. However I see lot of submissions uploaded on Youtube which have absolutely no children oriented theme. How will those films be reviewed? When are the results? Will the participants get any email intimation?

    1. When and how the winners shall know about to reach Delhi to attend the felicitation programme?

    2. You should be very truthful and sincere in public dealings.

  42. If you have really received 7 lac entries, it will take @ 12 hours / day, 2916 days or 7 years to see them all !!

    1. It’s all fraud dude. The awarding JURY is purely corrupted and biased. If you know someone from the Jury, you’ll get the award. Lobbying works out. There is a regional and language discrimination. Modi’s intention is good but the people involved in the selection process of best movies are evil minded. They are the blockers for the best outcome of “SWACHH BHARATH ABHIYAN”.

  43. When the award ceremony will be held?

  44. When and where result will be announced?

    1. Results will be announced on 1st October 2016.

  45. Please tell about how many entries are there in Swachh Bharat mission 2016 in your dept.

    1. 1356 short films
      100 selected films
      Winner is not selected.
      Selection date is 1st October.

  46. When will we get our results of film?

  47. I don’t receive any message about the submission of my film and documents from NFDC Mumbai, which I submitted by hand on 10th September in the office. Please guide me.

  48. I didn’t send my application through online. I send only through post along with dvd. Is it acceptable or not?

  49. I submitted my short film on 10th Sept. There is a small mistake that I could not mention the names of the cast of the film due to the duration of the film which was going more then 3 mins.
    I want to know that is it a mistake?

  50. On 9th Sept we got the message that out project ‘Thankyou uncle’ has been delivered but it’s been so many days that we have not received any letter.
    May I know till when we should wait?

  51. Sanket Prakash Shinde

    Will you please send me the contact number of NFDC office in Mumbai?
    I want to ask some information regarding the festival.

  52. How can I know if my film is selected or prized? If so when will I have to be there(Delhi)?
    What is the time that the presentation starts on OCTOBER 2.

  53. My short film title is JAI SWACHH BHARAT. Its duration is 2minutes 42seconds. Due to my editor’s fault along with titles its duration became 3mnts 6seconds. I made this short movie just before one week of 10th Sep. I don’t have time & I am in a hurry to send copy to NFDC before 10th Sep. And its gone mistake. So please kindly accept my short film for contest. It is very useful to society specially for children. I have sent application in both online & along with DVD in courier with all conditions.

  54. Prime minister Modiji launched a mission Swachh Bharat Abhiyan . But some people are yet not fully aware or thy are not serious on this event.

  55. I send my short film DVD on 7th September. This is the 1st short film of my life and I have now known my talent.

  56. I send my entry online but could not send DVD. I live in rural area.

  57. I read short film ad in Times of India. It was written that send short film online or In DVD format. So I sent it online. After that I come to know about DVD. Is it compulsory to send DVD? I stay in a very small village. It is very difficult for me to download the film on DVD& etc. It is the biggest problem for me. Will you please give me a chance to participate in contest without DVD?

  58. I am sending my short film DVD on 9th September. How can I know my short film dvd get reached?

    1. I don’t receive any message about the submission of my film and documents from NFDC Mumbai. How can I know my film (dvd)gte reached? Please guide me.

  59. Is there any extension of deadline to submit?

    1. No there is no any extension of deadline. 10th Sept was the last and final date for submission of your short film.

  60. That’s important usb for you.
    Can I send video by e-mail?

  61. How can I send my film?

  62. Is there any chance that the deadline be postponed because, in Karnataka due to bandh many candidates couldn’t send their films via courier including me.

  63. How can I load my video?

  64. Can I upload my video on the website? If yes then let me know the website?

  65. Sreenwass Payyavula

    I want to send two shot films at a time. Is it allowed or one person can apply one shot film at a time? Please give me clarification.

  66. Is subtitle necessary?

  67. Can we can send this short film through email?

  68. What is the deadline to submit short film? Has it been extended to 15 Sep 2016? Is it true? Kindly inform.

  69. Is there a way to submit the film online?

  70. How will we send this film?

  71. How can I submit video online of swach bharat and my movie of only between. 1&2min? Can you accept this?

  72. How can I send my movie there?
    I Have to upload movie in your website.
    Or can I make a CD and post it your postal address?

  73. How can I upload my video to this site?

  74. How can I submit application form online?

  75. Anand Mukund Jagirdar

    I compose swatch bharat abhiyan song. Can I send my video song?

  76. I send my film to nfdc but I can send form online because I don’t know the website of online submission.

  77. Can I send my movie to you by your website instead of sending by pen drive or DVD? and can I send more than one film?

  78. Let me know about script of short film on swakshta abhiyan. Whether script will be narrative form or divided in to sound effect and visuals in two separate columns?

  79. Madan Mohan Shukla Lucknow

    If some body make three short films on different subject related to swachh Bharat & sent each film on separate form,Can he send these three short film in one usb drive/pen drive or send separately?

  80. On which address we have to send hard copy of movie?

  81. Whether the dvd /usb should reach to nfdc Mumbai before 10 Sept or online application before 10 pest and usb/dvd after that?



  83. Sunil Kumar Dhankhar

    How can I send my short film to nfdc?

  84. How can I get hard copy?

  85. How can I send the video?
    Please advice as I am a OK film maker but worst in graphics.

  86. Can I send my movie to you by your website?

  87. How can I participate in this competition?

  88. I want ideal method video regarding form procedures.

  89. I want to know that can we upload video directly on site or we have to fill any form?

  90. Kishor Panchariya Sangamner Maharashtra

    Very good. Competition will give stimulation and enthusiasm to the people.

  91. How many persons could involve in movie?

    1. I want to know hard copy of a short film would be in a paper form and written script in Hindi or English?

  92. How to participate in this competition?

  93. How can I send my video?

  94. Can participants get participation certificate at least?

  95. Parswa Jyoti Duwarah

    How can I participate in this film festival?

    1. Is there any age bar?


  97. How we should apply to this short film festival?

  98. Can I send my short film to your website instead of DVD post?


  100. Can we make a short movie in group of 3?

  101. How to apply a form or no need to apply?
    Can we send the movie to your email directly?

  102. Can a children below age participate?

  103. How to make film on clean India?

  104. Can I make short film this week? Is it eligible for competition?

  105. How can we send short film to nfdc?

  106. Which license we need? I want to send a short film. But I don’t know about that license.

  107. What is the theme of short flim?

  108. Can I make this short movie using my regional language or Hindi? Please reply me.

  109. Do you need application form?

  110. Whether any license is necessary for swachh bharat short film makers?


  112. What is Swachh Bharat Abiyane?

  113. Can I send my movie to you by your website instead of sending by pen drive or DVD?

    1. Dvd and usb. These are the ways for sending short film.

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