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Ignited Mind Lab Mental Maths Competition 2016 :

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Organization : Ignited Mind Lab
Competition Name : Mental Maths Competition 2016
Applicable For : Students studying in Class I to VII.
Exam Date : 27th November, 2016
Website :
Download Application Form :

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Ignited Mind Lab Mental Maths Competition

Registrations for Mental Maths Competition – 2016 have started from 1st June, 2016.

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Exam Fee:
Fees for Examination is Rs. 400 /- (incl. study materials cost).

Application Procedure

** Application Form can be downloaded from Dowload option in Menu or Quick Links section (see at bottom right corner of this page).
** Students may register online. Click “Buy online” option of main Menu.


** Henceforth, there will not be Grand Finale round for Class 1 & 2 students. Also, there will not be cash prizes for those students. However, outperformers will be awarded medals.
** Total marks will be 100 for all classes.
** For class 1, there will be 100 questions of 1 mark each.
** For class 2 to 7, there will be 2 sections – A & B. Section A will have 50 questions of 1 mark each. Section B will have 25 questions of 2 marks each. This section will have Higher Order Thinking questions.
** For class 1, format of question paper has changed. Now, it will be MCQ format (Multiple Choice Questions) and children will have to tick the correct answer.
** Time duration of examination : First round – 60 minutes, Grand Finale – 45 minutes
** Cut-off marks for Grand Finale: Class 1 & 2 – No Grand Finale, Class 3 & 4 – 90 / 100, Class 5, 6 & 7 – 80 / 100
** Students (Class 1 to 7) scoring full marks in first round will be awarded Gift Vouchers of Rs. 200 each.


1. Mental Maths Competition is for students studying in Class I to VII.
2. Students should register through their schools only. However, students residing in Mumbai Metropolitan Region can apply directly.

3. After enrolment, 3 workbooks and a model paper will be provided to prepare for the examination. The study material / worksheets are designed in such a way that students can study and practice on their own – without much support from parents or teachers. Learning on their own makes a great experience for them. Early success in problem solving enhances their self esteem and encourages them to solve even more challenging problems.

4. First round examination details:-
a. The examination will be held in the month of November / December.
b. Time duration will be 1 hour. Total Marks 100 for all classes.
c. No negative marking for first round of examination.

5. Management reserves right to change date and/or venue due to unforeseen events.
6. Successful students will get certificate. Students scoring cut-off marks and above will be selected for “Grand Finale” which will be held on 5th February, 2017.

7. Cut-off marks for Grand Finale :-
a. Class 1 & 2 : No Grand Finale
b. Class 3 & 4 : 90 / 100
c. Class 5 – 7 : 80 / 100

8. Grand Finale key points:-
a. Time duration is 45 minutes. Total marks will be same as first round.
b. Negative marking system:- Half mark will be reduced for every wrong answer.
c. Syllabus will be same as first round but with increased level of difficulty

9. Top three positions in Grand Finale will be awarded cash prizes :
a. 1st prize – Rs. 10,000 /-
b. 2nd prize – Rs. 5,000 /-
c. 3rd prize – Rs. 3,000 /-
d. Other meritorious students (Rank 4 – 25) will be awarded Medals and Certificates of Merit.

If there is a tie, first round marks will be considered to resolve the tie. If a tie for any position remains unresolved, ALL prizes for that Class will be recomputed and distributed as per the method described on website. Please note that there will not be any cash prizes for Class I & II, top 50 students will be awarded medals.

10. Fees once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances. Admission is not transferrable.

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  1. can I get worksheets for the national level for class 6

  2. I want question papers of 3rd standard for grand finale exam.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      You can purchase past question papers of Grand Finale (2014-17) in downloadable pdf format after 5th January, 2018. Login to your account to buy it.

  3. Please give me the previous exam paper.

  4. I need more Patrice book for 2nd standard.

  5. What will I got if my rank is 41st rank?

  6. Can you please let me know when the award ceremony is going to be held for 2016?

  7. My son took Rank 1 as per your the result shown on your website. Can you tell me when the award ceremony is going to be held?

  8. My child is in 1st std. She got 79th rank. Can you please tell me out of how many students she got 79th rank?

  9. My roll no. is 1271022. I want to know my results.

  10. I have scored 90 in first round. Am I eligible for grand final? I am studying class 4.

  11. I am studying in class 6th ‘a’. In these list there is no my name. I am in semi final. You can search and reply on e-mail I’d. My seat number is 3406003.

  12. Mohammed Kaif Mohammed Yunus

    My seat number is 1102008. I need my result.

  13. What is my result? My seat number is 1273030 and password is 9867132483.

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  15. He scored 93 out of 100. What is the rank in standard 2?

  16. Who will get prize in class 1?

  17. Please give me my hall ticket for grand finale standard 6. My password is 9890711409.

  18. I want to know my result of standard 7th.

  19. I want to know my result of mental maths competition 2016 held on-29-11-16. My registration number is 201026539 & password is ZEUW1234.

  20. Who will get certificate in class 1?

  21. Kole Harshit Pravin

    Registration Number :107000127
    Password : MZPQ1234
    Please tell me my result.

  22. Anirudh Somanath Sadaphule

    Exam date : 08.12.2016
    Seat Number : 1112054
    I am studying in 2nd standard. Please show result.

  23. Nimrah Ishtiyaq Shaikh

    My registration number is 101115410 & password is 9594843414 and seat no is 1665030. Can I know my result?

  24. Adv. Krishna Nikam Jalgaon

    Please upload all student result of mental maths competition 2016.

  25. I need to know whether the child who got 99 will get medal or not.

  26. Please show my result. My seat number is 4265007 and my registration number is 201041002. I read in class 6.

  27. Chirag Girish Mehta

    Can we get the copy of the answer paper of our kid?

  28. Please tell my result. My seat number is 4231037. My registration number is 201017230 and password is UIRD1234.

  29. Please show result for 1394077.

    1. Nimrah Ishtiyaq Shaikh

      Please show result for seat number 1665030.

  30. Shaurya Ravindra Belvankar

    My child seat no is 1633015 and registration no is 101045943. Please reply the result.

  31. Aryan Ravindra Bhoir

    Please show my result. My seat no is 1234006.

  32. He scored 93/100. What is the rank in standard 2?

  33. My child Seat no is 2836025 and registration no is 112003815. Please let me know the result.

  34. My child’s seat number is 1041015 and registration number 101006657. Please let me know the results. (STD 1)

  35. Please show me the result of my child.
    Reg number : 114001429
    Seat number : 3242011

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  37. My son’s seat no is 2781002. He got 98 marks out of 100. What is his rank?

  38. My seat no is 4112022 and registration no is 201000913.
    School name : Agrasain boys school Likha, Kolkata std 2
    Please send my result.

  39. My seat No is 4147049 and registration no is 201014380. Please tell me the result of class VII.

    1. MARKS OBTAINED : 88
      TOTAL MARKS : 100
      PERCENTAGE : 88%

  40. Is there any prize for class topper?

  41. Prathamesh C. Borane

    My seat no is 3176001 and password is 8149208948. Please give me result.

  42. My Registration no is 201000668, password 9903704988 and seat no is 4111034. Kindly update my result.

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  46. My seat number is 2647025 & is 118003945. Please tell me my result.

  47. Mangesh RAJAN Korgaonkar

    My child’s seat no is 1572030 for std 2. I want to see the result test held on 26-11-16.

    1. Seat No: 1572030
      Student Name: Mangesh Rajan Korgaonkar
      Standard: 2 Division: B
      School Name: SIES Primary School, Matunga, Mumbai
      Examination Marks obtained Total Marks % Marks
      Mental Maths Competition 2016 20.00 100 20%

  48. My registration no is 110003754 & seat no is 3141010. I want to know the result.

  49. Ayaan Mukhtar Qureshi

    My registration no is 101084789 & password is 9619777151. Please let me know my result.

  50. My registration no is 203000256 and my seat no is 4035001.

    1. Parth Sharadrao Ambhure

      Exam date : 8-12-16
      Seat number : 3082021
      Please check my son result.

  51. Tanishk Manish Thadani

    I want result of first round.

  52. How can I get my marks when I don’t know my password and registration no?

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    My registration no is 101062039. My password is 8879548609 and my seat no is 1156005. Please let me know the result of std 6th.

  63. I am student from model English school from 7B. My seat no is 2397008, registration no is 119006610 & password is 8976618192. When will I get the result?

  64. My seat no is 1573053. Please let me know the results of std 3.

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    I want to know my result of 4th standard. My registration no is 119006191.

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    My registration no is 101079856 and password is 9821237090. I need my result 2016. My seat no is 1403004

  74. Chirag Girish Mehta

    I want to know result. My registration no is 108010546.

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  82. I want to know the result of 1st round.
    Reg No : 201037642
    Password : SUUN1234
    Std : 4

  83. I want Std-I Ignited Mental Maths Result. My Registration number is 101143983 and password is 9820017020.

  84. My registration no is 2010293358 and my password is VFAH1234. Please let me know my results.

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  88. Kalyan Bhimrao Kunde

    I need second round model question paper & answer key of 6th std set c.

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    Please let me know my result.

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  94. What about hall ticket? My son don’t have yet. So can I get it from your site?

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    When will you give me result.?
    I want to know from when I can get.

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  101. When will we get Hall ticket?

  102. When will I get hall ticket and center for std 3?

  103. What is the syllabus for class 3?

  104. Does ignited mind lab conduct competition for science also?

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