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Sunfeast Glucose ‘Housie Khelo, Bumper Diwali Manao’ Offer 2016 :

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Organization : ITC Limited
Competition Name : Sunfeast Glucose ‘Housie Khelo, Bumper Diwali Manao’ Offer 2016
Applicable For : Indian citizens residing in states mentioned below
Applicable States/UTs : Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat
Competition Last Date : 30th November, 2016

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The Promo is valid in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat from 15th July 2016, 12 A.M. to 30th November, 2016, 11:59 P.M. (herein after referred to as “Promo Period”).

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** This Promo will be open to all Indian citizens residing in India above 18 years of age with the exception of employees, their immediate family members, distributors, retailers and any other channel partners of ITC Ltd. And Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (“hereinafter referred to as the Organiser”)
** In order to be eligible for the prizes, all shortlisted winners will be required to furnish valid address and identity proof, and are liable to be disqualified if they are unable to provide the same.
** ITC Ltd. or the Organiser will not be responsible for any NDNC (National Do Not Call) Registry regulation that will come into play.
** All Participants who participate will agree as per the terms and conditions that even if they are registered under NDNC, DND (Do Not Disturb), ITC Ltd. or the Organiser will have all the authority to call any participant by virtue of them having voluntarily participated in the Promo.

Promo Period & Promo Timings & SKUs:
** The Promo will commence from 15th July, 2016 12 A.M. till 30th November 2016 11:59 P.M (‘the Promo Period’).
** Participants shall send in their entries before the end of the Promo Period for their entires to be eligible. Entries received after the promo period shall not be considered.
** ITC Ltd. reserve the right to amend the Promo Period and/or Promo Timing without giving any notice. The decision of ITC Ltd. on the Promo shall be final and no communication in this regard shall be entertained.

How to Apply:
** To participate in the Promo, the Participant shall call on the toll free number 180030105001 and follow the instructions mentioned therein.
** The Participant shall be required to answer the question ‘How Much Do You Love Sunfeast Glucose biscuits?’, and send their answers along with contact details and the housie ticket to ITC Limited and/or the Organiser.
** The Participant will be informed of the address where they can send in their entries along with the relevant documents.
** The mailing address to which the entries need to be submitted will be sent to the Participants via SMS.
** All the entries coming from calls made from mobile numbers to the toll free number will be validated. Consumers calling from landline numbers will be requested to call from a mobile number

Winner Selection and Prizes:

** The winners will be chosen based on the creativity of their answers by ITC Ltd. and/or the Organiser appointed by ITC Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Winners”) The answers must be original and must not be plagiarised. The answers must be in English.
** ITC Ltd. and/or the Organiser will select ten Winners who shall each receive one gold biscuit worth Rs. 22000, and shall select 125 Winners who shall each receive one gold coin worth Rs. 8800 (the gold biscuits and/or gold coins shall be referred to as ‘Prizes’).
** There is no warranty or assurance as to the merchantability or fitness of the Prizes to be given. The selected winners will be announced on or before three months from the end date of the promo.
** Incomplete/invalid entries will not be considered.
** No query/claim regarding the Prizes shall be entertained. The Decision of ITC Ltd. / the Organiser with respect to the selection of the Winners shall be final and binding
** Prizes will be given subject to the winner satisfying the verification process of ITC Ltd. and furnishing of documents as may be required.
** The Prize cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash. In the event that the Winner does not collect the prize in the time and in the manner stipulated, then the Winner shall forfeit the Prize. Prizes must be taken as offered and cannot be varied.
** A Participant shall be eligible to receive only one prize – either one gold coin or one gold biscuit. Any Participant who wins a Prize during the Promo Period shall not be eligible to win any further Prizes. Decision of ITC Ltd. on this shall be final and binding.

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  1. My ticket number is 06c895a84f1d. When will the result be declared?

  2. My ticket number are 65A44BA273, FDFA4854A807 and EA191C3D041D. When will the results be declared? Please let me know.

  3. I have participated in this contest. I have won gold coin. My name is in the winners list. 3 months have already passed but I didn’t get my prize. Last month I called to your customer care to ask about my prize. That person, who talked with me told that I will receive my prize in 1 week. Till now I didn’t receive it. When will I receive my prize?


    MY NO IS 6EBE78E54830.

  5. My no is B9B3A373720D.

  6. Ad.Manoj Kumar Gupta

    I like sun feast biscuits. My children are very stubborn. They like sun feast biscuits. Every morning they will eat.

  7. How can I check my lottery ticket number?

  8. I love sunfeast glucose biscuits.
    My ticket nos are
    1. D776B403BE61

  9. My ticket no is 91a1b8d099d5 & I have couriered the same.
    I need to know if it is received at your end.

  10. I Like Sunfeast biscuit because it contains tasted milky and gives me energy to do my work. My ticket no is DF624710A375.

  11. My ticket no is BEC4D8AFD9A4.

  12. I have more tickets.

  13. My ticket nos are 8F552EE846DA 95C88DCC53E3
    BF0CAFFC37F5 DFEC0232CB35 4E5FFE459853 06C60AA1F961
    A224087B491 0EE3A5794D80 6835405AEED
    7F9946D20C0F 54C8DA67DE81 B7DEE087DEA1
    2A39CD7B7236 F5196F52B9BE 90C0E6077DF7
    660452DFB5E0 061B99A8FB93 03ED45829A43
    C07C6D470861 DA5D62CDD123 69BE83273A95
    8670360F72BA 89E443055CCA 346DD71CB3EF

  14. My no is 4D589A4563.

  15. MY NO IS 558E90B48C61.

  16. My Ticket no is 51BC83F40FF2.

  17. My ticket no is 406BE2E46890.

  18. My ticket no is f3157B9A4EEB.

  19. 3C19c0a44c74 is my coupon no.

    1. How can I see the ticket no? Is it given in addition to the packet or printed in the wrapper?

  20. My ticket no. is C6506A21D453, 9D2DFDFED432, 5F14D1C3F70D, E67155223BE1.

  21. My Ticket Nos. are C94EA13FDE5F, FB208844C888, AB17983C2A, E9E017115A24, 46514F88E752, AF2FFF582132, 1D73C9CD2308, 4F2DCD54A499, 5B61E0626E11, 16338A5C275A, 025165549891, D292FA932400, 37594433D252, 2DE55BB0AC92, 7067B7FA0729, C4FB62514290, 913FFA8D2AD9, FFF5F8840C52, 53051A9D0D84, 033D563B0C2D, A17A2576F799, CC73910EE6CB, 83A57EA3A5BB, D5AEA4C4668B

  22. My ticket nos. are 1740401FE0CA, 31D9D34BE870, CBD666A47F8B, A2ED99FEA450, CDAD6E10E649, 1F1812BD8CD5, 099E8C662EEF, 4C77FF8E9F75, 29AC45221070, 4CE4B5F067FO, 8326CA57724E, B5567D1D54B6, OF6F8BA81EE9, C8FA3E705182, C7FD75A6806E.

  23. Dinesh Kumar Kumawat

    My ticket nos. are 31D409358EE2, C26BB70A2643, 78B098849EF1, E091835CE70E, 2D834CD83C14, F6A56FB94C94, 842F143B3504, 1FB24FE29061, FD3DA0C3911D, 2D4CA03C8A62, 889638D85E0F, C79A0652BA, 951F1C122522, 7E46F211D562, FA4FD4CBADC7, F8032C096477, 9AB0E53790AB, A46832BF2BAC, 91333059ADA4, F2EA1A60FB67, 27D3D70F35, F1F179A404AC, D43D6FE4E912, D7FAD4B6693D, 929796D8B4AD, 00B98B499946, F06DC2EC32E7, C131BCF44026, 6FF0079119EC, 1CC86BC845A1, 98FFF691DBD4, 45503379E26C, DE23C990E951, 191F2223129A, 31CA9F959493, C374AE67A00F, FDCEA76EDDCC, 1C2575C5DA37, 51C945A06DE3, DBFC1D6A3EBA, C1FDC2AEA76C, 7E030C947A7A, 6D19ECE62A27, 8773B97ED7E3, 566F6D33F4CF, EFE7A0AD0544, 504F44B0A4A0, 6456562EF410, 935A2C72DF2F, E28E6B443F95, 235C8988A151, A77F9CA7DC3B, 927F4270062C, 0E2539B3D999, 21FE4C010E0B, ED5C3592E8A1, 1E514DE780B4, 5EBFFF9707D2, D1DC80F0E72F, 2829F9D3C12C, A79343BED319, 1BB112C0D1F5, 84D4CDF93107, 0350F19F3FAA, 9655E0EC79E3, 5E6F60C6BE21, 6D4ED286701C, 1CB2709A6863, 332394DAF63F, 2A43B2EAE58B, 17A37B8F56FE, 4644A1F201B3.

  24. My ticket numbers are 8D012D2CBF04, 57B65BE1D298, 82E8B3A4F87A, 904926A691E7, 854124473336, E4E2BFB8DCCA, 603F9506D9A6, A3F6609B4557, 85FC55069E33, 3324477DE5AB, ED75ED97E0C6, 41EE1F948D9B, EAE136D2E427, 5650D0FC628C.

  25. MY TICKET NUMBERS ARE B92F778326BE, 49B7C39C5888, 1A191F066D78, C14A3F3B14BA, B2C6A97DA555, 56E340DFCB57, BA19E7B0073E, 8ACD8B78BDF8, 47962727BF21, D250D0BF6AEB, 870E7525C062, C667B363428C, 450B695E849E, DD81EA668B0C, 99AACF264356, BB45ECB3DE0D, 0B9B2DAEAC8F, 036C32001746, B95A853E31D0, D2B27006A342, 42FB7F19EB36, 87ED3B41BEBD, E734DC912DD9, 47369CD85A1C.

  26. My ticket no. is 47AA6CE87F72.

  27. My tickets numbers are 197A5BEF50B1, 1526C3B8332B, F5561C34C6D2, 268D21AE1E9F, 93A60A95396E, C105D2C487A7, D1F59F2BA1E7, 2COF40B903B2, 2875627CA9EO, 1C5098B31B6B, EFC7AF9AF4DF, 49867D57E70B, 8A895D99522C, 49AE7B91E8D1, 2CA31090A572, 8F2E3188F3F2, 1D364CAAF13D, B99779DD8854, 67BEA479E881, 1AC30A0FE173, AC4F779B5C98, 94678F3FCEAD, 2FC1D3CD8964, 610A0E242FD1, 4348E5BE6603, 675CEAD4A41B, 88E7248CB498, 6E27DC235EA9, 737425A4FA47, 35F469F47F48, C0DE87D98403, 96CE6E883FAE, CA7F0B49BAFA , 79A728BD1559, 3FB9926A2C32, 3C0F68A92BE8, CC4CE006D864, 2C539229BD36, 9456E07F4A16, 25457DC7CD70, 8AE31C557105, F556C45D383C, D35473F7B8A5, 839CE8D16334, A18E9ADE4714, 52662FFF4AB9, 2735FFECC286,

  28. My tickets numbers are 74752EACE167, 0816BADFA2D, 6884706294CD, A74F5AOB5F35, 8AF7E2035197, D565E251A45D, OA4CBAO883B8, 689D1DAA476, 9D3A8A838083, 0EB2185E89E8.

  29. My ticket no. is EF0E5E3B85B9.

  30. My ticket numbers are F5D66F0B09BD, 732963C307D1, CC0FDDF6589E, 719A6FEF2853, 5210B43832EB, 4486961C280E, A4A1AE65E6B3, F2BF4082BCFB, 0B9EB1AAB59C, 06F7F25A7ADB, 73972467B21A, CC0FDDF6589E, B933AD6AFBE9, 11BAEF186F1B

  31. My question is ticket announcement date is 31st October 2016 but occasion of Diwali newspaper is not published on 31st October. So Where will we check the housie numbers and how can I play this game?

  32. Where is the list of winners ?

  33. When will you announce the result? I have many tickets.

  34. MY TICKETS NUMBERS ARE C5A5FFC1O25F, 219AAFDOE56E,FF1E84456V50, 3D8DF4C8488B, 18490088DE7B,B30DF06592CB, D2E124022ACE, 08A2D44715E1, AEC9A78BCB8B, 440F57FF0A17, 2871B04627C3, B1DB3B597AB0, C6A382B89CE7, 3D4C1227E49E, 3E5EAD89141A, C25AB0A5157F, 75AF319CBFAB, 53021176D8F5, 3FE50F93CB1D, 7D81BAEC8E40, 314D30A93174, 990FE768001D, 49ACF062B124, 015F19ACD53D, 8C883A513F94, EEB90D8B86C9, A0D2D65BBCE1, 0E6C0E376C56, 61FBE3414144, 14891400D55D, 74238DE45109, ABCA60483B0F, 74D2A926E054, 40FC5B947ACF, C3449EE3D035, 94241A7B58B7, 8AD9A76AC251, D746F57BB59F, AD3AC98187B9, 3672AFB1137A, 120381012593, 906AD883089F, 9517917D5DFF, 9B65AFCB4E76, FAA8BA594552, CD40982E70C3, 4CE52215F179, 6CB7AF1BE177

  35. I like sunfeast glucose biscuit. My ticket numbers are 2673649076a5, 0e73c9064bd6, af1e461aed05, 55872aa87e83.

  36. My tickets numbers are 0C9E9B31D553, D883CDEF3AE1, A97FBB29E1F0, A99D3387735D, BEF3B56FBB58, 42CB92FB9C4A, 75E3B38C3964, AAC6F6C8C6C2, A0DB3A869FE1, 854DA597D7B9, 778D1B36E971, 7658324B0169, CBAE6A516625, 5E559A66D3D5, 83046C912502, BE0A486F728C, F02FBD38238F, AFE833AD10B9.

  37. My ticket numbers are 91CE4709FBBB, 038E5021F790, 15407139A4DB, E659FE5CCC86, C5134B4987E6, 277FE4213210, 24517B905BDA, 10F629373AF7, 8DECDC839BD1, 1F3DA6DEAE9E, CC8B189E97E6, B2114A8930F4, B486194D7697, AAEE4AD3A73A, 271765D0CC44, 7393D2504C05, 9F11FC0C93E3, 7C5BDEDF09EE,100E7674E5E3, F03AC8BF3BCA, 1FB414A040AF, 980F0D9F4AB1, 5739249ACACC, E3626D3E8A8D

  38. My ticket numbers are 792BAE34AC61, 0C71778B5BBA, 4E763038B932, 9ECD7145164D

  39. My ticket numbers are 85D8CC1275E3, C955A944FCD, FBA01DA4FA11, DE952CB5D94

  40. My my ticket numbers are DD16B579C79A , 03FCD7A961A1 , 441ED25CE66D , D4731F7FE170 , 8072791530DA , B37B61C5BACF , A1DC6528011A , 6FE69329A7EB , C92E8CACEDD9 , E3BAF048F914 , 1D8B23659D51 , 6941ECB3E3FF , D55243F01FAA , 9E706E0145C7 , 3758575EB690 , F7B98565DBC7 , 3A9DFD5B45F6 , EE79A2DCEDC9 , 0A9C4CD85428 ,463544D34556 , 7A5ED3A412CB , EFE5C2F6ADFA , 6FF0D6A689B1 , A6E4B12C0802 , E15D9866C8A4 , E20D9FAA1239 , 6CD0EA3B8E35 , 9C5AAF79CECA , C857C9C7DE18 , 9AE5CD77B67B , 7BE551A52B21 , 9A5ACA057E76 , DE8458063AF0 , B7EA74442D08 , 026D720FC9DF , D959C43DCAEF , CAEE75E18831 , 465B954D4054 , AD2D7B107FF7 , B9F429AD8FEF , 7C1511F0E656 , 07552220EF06 , 62882595A6EF , 79EB5A4CB169 , CACF38D4AA33 , 67E86F9AFD35 , E389A53C3319 , 37440F53A580 , 4A8B09B60986 , AFFDB3D2EA96 , 8F27F108B780 , 8C72EE32397B , FA2FC4DEABD4 , B544C7820DCE , 385878FC1169 , 8FA0DBE8A778 , 55283532F493 , 0A864E2E3D5C , 5B709ABACBFB , 629A9A4479F7 , 5541F47311F5 , CBC4881352FB , F8B6FA30021D , A230853CC4E8 , CF59194DBBD5 , E27025D13156 , E2307B810475 ,427C804214AF , A56A8FE891FB , CE99708A9D08 , 64E58750FF20 , E8D6B7E18C1F , 1CA0D0C6F8B4 , CFC2E8AFF183

  41. My ticket No.s are D2FD1ACE4454, 7066207CB98A, 9D917D0826E5, 6BAF1570BC81, AE3C6466EABA, 0D91489D60BF, F8A831DBCDE0, D11260DB0174, FAOB1F4258FF, 2167A5D79D87, 5F92AC359BF9, 24F3EA74F736, C60B7DF74861, C9AB2CBA3CD2, 1ADD15F803E, EF634E894562, 372C1ACDF4A1, C413551FF07C, AF32D6B55A23, 94E1E93C8D39, 0D598AB38080, 9D5E162DD051, 19AE5848524F, 9B98C0E65C0E, 389386FC264B, 9519AB043FD8, 2FA28E65A119

  42. My ticket number is 3A474DDAF937, 934C43C4D585, BC45D21197B9, C5EA00270C4C, E758CBE1E215, 4F6D75C395E4, 01FOB510FA31, B2D261A84841, 410FDAE13A3E, F4DDE23FE930, 7BD 98D8F62,55D17B450A45, EA030B42B9A2, 9A130187AC0D, FFF217EC6605, 9EFE9DAAA0FF, 004BEBE405E6, 6FD8AD9AA9C1, 2B17D8D9BD69, CBDD510BC209, B55246D87 03, 39FA9F1D0313,1FE111AAD062, 95F55E807B96.

    Well, sunfeast is a very popular and famous grand of my country there are lots of flavour of sunfeast and I like it very much because of lots of reason first of all it is very yummy and Delicious and suitable for all the each group and its is very tasty

  43. MY TICKET NOS ARE CE80CDC49940, 5A9D4E896C02, 31BADCC3BA77, 5AEF24F8A206,
    CCD97678193B, 8239B784423F, A350B7290D6C, CA08C463C4D7,
    4FDC30380A7E, EA5E7FBC06AC, AC65852B882F, FC18A6E73813,
    B0165A54BFA7, A8AD759FB3F8, F733704C6FD8, 8E77D2B60CD5, 7C552C786597,
    5356F6D4A356, 81F80C68F2CE, 39799E205B44, CA628E862915, 348FDFFA4B79, C7307DEBA1F8, E573C47028D6 , 39607C1A003E, 356847D15943, 44CB69D08291, DOEE2513611B, 7323A2B442D9, 31EDA7794705,
    E05D0C95645D, EAFC671DO252, F0AD28B0275B, E694B6BD5E70, AEB8AE3B4618, 95D596F7A5B0,
    7AD158847A9F, 5B469COFD78F, E4B096721453, 34FBF50887F8, 0EA6C8E004F3, 2460986F76BA, 7297AD8751FC,

  44. My ticket no is DC20586345E8.

  45. My ticket no is 80F9721734EC.

  46. Sun feast biscuits are healthy for children. My ticket nos are 0411C6E23C2B ; 0411C6E23C2B; 97EAF723EAB6; 34EF44EEFC10; 1C33634F2CEE; DF81F8B4AF65; D41C2965730B; D761ECA88E88; 55C18FDO7776; 13D5D5CB8769; 8EAO94F2CF44; F23F1E98CAC2; A6B31C8A9980; ADE2FD9E0786; 652E74F06EEA; F802F27866AC; 0059D153DFBD; OB6DAB8AE5B5; 4E2364A8283D; DC6CB3AB2675; BB86D58956A3; 921C022E2A78; 5F32F9460E04.

  47. MY TICKET NO IS 727B7D2F590F.

  48. MY NO IS BE2B5DB27A5C.

  49. My ticket no is 83CC7EECD454.

  50. I need to know whether we should send the ticket no or other document via post or can we send you a mail also.

  51. Abhishek Chaurasiya

    My ticket no is B5443B3AC284.

  52. I am from Modinagar. My ticket no is D882DE84EE3A.

  53. My ticket no is 2F926B28A4EA.

  54. My ticket no is D233AEE56D67.

  55. I love sunfeast because they are so tasty and milky and we are eating since 5 years.
    I am from Jaipur.
    My no is 82623cd65ee5.

  56. My ticket no is 866ddb09b00f.

  57. My ticket no is 0E4ACF8832FA.

  58. My ticket number is 389CC77C2CAE.

  59. i love Sunfeast biscuits. These are so tasty and milky.
    My ticket nos. are E193C5F7F24F, 8CDDD85362B0, 1BE19BD2494E, 53A9899C5D7F, 5EACF99E95C0, DD4C8644A039, DCF3BB32E822, 1907D0642F8D, 8B1AB52A4600, 3A5E9E557230, 8619531B8D11, E13D5D8052A3, A094AE02E384, 0547004AA826

  60. My ticket no is 552DA2B51997.
    I am From Buldana (MH).
    My pin code is 443403.

  61. My ticket no. Is D48B58CCB2AC
    Sunfeast biscuits are the best friend for each and every travel and an energy given to kids and whole family.

  62. My ticket no is 7EEEABFFA6AE.

  63. My ticket no is A8FD719B35CB.
    I’m from Aligarh Uttar Pradesh.

  64. My Ticket no294AE82026A7, 8D706914C80F

    My Area pin243601


  66. My ticket no is 229B4F2D829F.
    All my family members like sunfeast glucose biscuits.

  67. My ticket no is D906FACA6947.
    I am from Nainital and the pin code is 26001.

  68. I love sunfeast biscuits.
    My ticket no. is B5926ACA56B2 and pin code is 140301.

  69. Can I send more than one ticket at a time?

  70. My ticket no is FA6BD366AFC2.
    I am from up Farrukhabad.
    My pin code is 209621.

  71. My code no is D2D855F1B8DB.
    My pin code is 202001(Aligarh) U.P.
    I like sunfeast biscuit because it is very healthy for us in hungry time and tasty also.

  72. My ticket no is 994FF18A6F74.

  73. My ticket no is 45692DBAFEB7.

    CE80CDC49940, 5A9D4E896C02, 31BADCC3BA77, 5AEF24F8A206, CCD97678193B, 8239B784423F, A350B7290D6C, CA08C463C4D7, 4FDC30380A7E, EA5E7FBC06AC, AC65852B882F, FC18A6E73813, B0165A54BFA7, A8AD759FB3F8, F733704C6FD8, 8E77D2B60CD5, 7C552C786597, 5356F6D4A356, 81F80C68F2CE, 39799E205B44, CA628E862915, 348FDFFA4B79, C7307DEBA1F8, E573C47028D6, 39607C1A003E, 356847D15943, 44CB69D08291, DOEE2513611B, 7323A2B442D9, 31EDA7794705, E05D0C95645D, EAFC671DO252, F0AD28B0275B, E694B6BD5E70, AEB8AE3B4618, 95D596F7A5B0, 7AD158847A9F, 5B469COFD78F, E4B096721453, 34FBF50887F8, 0EA6C8E004F3, 2460986F76BA, 7297AD8751FC, 9C2140A2A47F.THE SUNFEAST BISCUIT IS VERY TASTE.

  75. My ticket no is C016486797C8.
    My family is like sunfeast glucose biscuits and I’m from mzp.

  76. My ticket no is D3CA6EAC9957.
    I’m from utter Pradesh in mzp.
    Me and my family likes sunfeast.

  77. My ticket no is CF8927C7191D.
    Me and my family likes all sunfeast Glucose biscuits.

  78. My ticket no is 9C98A2A2F364.
    I’m from utter Pradesh in Mirzapur.
    Pin code : 231001
    Me and my family like Sunfeast glucose biscuits.

  79. My ticket no is 93D2FB993B42.
    How can I play &what can I do for more details?

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