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Organization : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Competition Name : CBSE Science Exhibition 2016-17
Registration Last Date : 20th October, 2016

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CBSE Science Exhibition

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been taking many initiatives to provide interactive, participatory, hands-on, innovative and creative learning experiences to students studying in its affiliated schools.

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CBSE National Level Science Exhibition 2016-17

Taking into consideration the enthusiastic response from participating schools in the past, it has again been decided to organize Science exhibitions for the academic year 2016-17. These exhibitions are likely to be organized in different parts of the country at REGIONAL LEVEL in the month of November/ December in 2016 and at NATIONAL LEVEL in the month of January/February in 2017.


Science, Technology and Mathematics for Nation Building

1. Health
2. Industry
3. Transport and Communication
4. Innovations in renewable resources for sustainable environment
5. Innovations in food production and food security
6. Mathematical solutions in everyday life

How To Register

(i) All schools willing to participate may fill up the on-line registration before closing date.
(ii) The last date for filling the on-line registration form is 20thOctober, 2016.

(iii) The registration fee of Rs. 650/- must be submitted through NEFT to the account of the Board as given below:
The Unique Transaction Reference Number after submitting fee through NEFT, must be mentioned in the online registration form.
Name of the A/C holder Secretary, CBSE
Account No. 24172010004103
Name of the Bank & Branch Syndicate Bank, CBSE Extn. Counter, New Delhi – 110002
IFSC Code SYNB0002417

(iv) The complete application including typed brief write-up (not more than 1000 words) for each exhibit and printed copy of the online registration form duly signed and forwarded by the Principal is to be sent to the following address super scribed ‘SCIENCE EXHIBITION 2016–17’ by 25THOCTOBER, 2016.

Rules For Participation

(i) Number of exhibits/projects/models- A participating school can put up a maximum of two exhibits/projects/models.
(ii) School Team -A school team may be represented by a maximum of two students per exhibit and one escort Science Teacher.
(iii) School team participating at Regional Level and National Level must remain the same.
(iv) Students studying in Grade VI to XI in the current academic year i.e. 2016–17are eligible to participate.
(v) The exhibit/ project displayed and selected at regional level should be based on the theme and sub-theme selected.
(vi) The sub – theme once selected cannot be changed.

(vii) The exhibit/model may include :
** Working model to explain a concept, principle or a process
** An indigenous design of a machine/device
** An innovative/inexpensive design or technique
** Application of basic principles of Science/Technology
** Scheme/design of a device or machine to reduce production cost
** Investigation based study
** New and innovative ideas to the form of presentations

(viii) The participating school/team will have to bear all expenses related to participation in the event.
(ix) The participating teams will have to make their own lodging/boarding arrangements at the venue city of exhibition.
(x) A few exemplar ideas pertaining to the sub – themes listed in the context of the theme for the development of exhibits are enclosed as Annexure – I.
(xi) It is mandatory to submit a neatly typed brief write up (not more than 1000 words) about the exhibit / ideas for presentation at regional as well as national level at the time of registration as per the given performa enclosed at Annexure – II.

(xii) The exhibits will be assessed by the experts as per the following criteria:
Mrs. Archana Thakur
Assistant Professor And Deputy Director
Central Board Of Secondary Education
“Shikshasadan”, 17, Rouse Avenue
New Delhi – 110002.

General Guidelines

(i) The first stage of exhibition will be held at different venues in every region. The information regarding the venues will be circulated / notified later on.
(ii) The selected best eighteen (the numbers may increase or decrease depending on the quality of the exhibit) exhibits at every regional level venue will be eligible to participate in the National level exhibition.
(iii) The actual dates for the regional level will be communicated to every school and details will also be available on CBSE website by the mid of November, 2016.
(iv) Schools are advised to follow CBSE’s guidelines available on CBSE website.
(v) Each participant of the Regional Level Science Exhibition would be awarded a ‘Certificate of Participation’. Each winner of Regional and National Level Science Exhibition would be awarded a ‘Certificate of Merit’.
(vi) Attractive awards/cash prizes will be given to exhibits/students who are among the best twenty one models at the national level.
(vii) The names of the winners of the National Level Science Exhibition will be forwarded to NCERT for their consideration for participation in 44thJawaharlal Nehru National Science Mathematics and Environmental Exhibition for Children in 2017 to be organised by NCERT. The winners of National level science exhibition may also get an opportunity to attend a mentoring camp and National Fair (2017) to be organized by Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science (IRIS). The confirmation for the participation in the aforementioned programmes is subjected to their selection for the same.

For any other information in this regard, you may contact at Tel. No.-011-23230328 or email at with a copy to undersigned.

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  1. I need dates for 2017-18 Delhi regional science exhibition.

    1. Exhibition are going to happen from 28th December 2017 to 25th January 2018 on various dates.

  2. When are regional level science exhibition dates declared?

    1. 29th, 30th , 31th of December. The members should register their names on 28th of December.


  4. What is the prize of science exhibition of 2017-2018?

  5. I am studying in grade 12. Am I able to participate?

    1. No I believe it is from 6th to 12th only.

    2. No, you are not eligible for participating in this competition. Competition is for 6th to 11th class.

  6. It has been a long time since CBSE 2016 National and the regional level science exhibition was conducted. Till now no certificate is been provided to the participants. I don’t know why it is taking so long for it. Please look towards this issue.

  7. I need the topics of 17 and 18. Please provide me.

  8. Why are we not provided with any participation certificate for reaching the nationals in CBSE national science exhibition?

  9. Will the themes be the same as 2016-2017 or will the themes change this year?

  10. What are the topics for Science Exhibition 2017-18. When they will be declared?

  11. How can I get my participation certificate?

  12. When will the results be declared?

    1. Is any one having details of regional level date sheet?

  13. I have not got my participation certificate till now.

  14. What are the Topics for quiz?

  15. When will national science exhibition be held?

    1. It will be on 8th 9th 10th February 2017.

  16. The national level science fair is from 9th to 11th Feb in New Delhi. They mentioned that they will send mail the selected projects. We got merit certificate in regional level but we haven’t got any mail till now. I would like to know whether any one got mail.

  17. What is the topic for quiz competitions and when it gonna be held?

  18. When will the nationals be held at Delhi this year?

  19. What is the date of national level CBSE science exhibition?

  20. Kindly inform the date and venue for national level science exhibition 2016-2017.

  21. What is the date of national level science exhibition 2016-17?

  22. What is the date for nationals?

  23. What is the Date and venue of the national level of science exhibition 2016-2017?

  24. It will be held in 5th January to 8th January.

    1. I would like to know if you are you sure that they are the national level dates as our school has received no info about this.

  25. When will be the national level science exhibition for the year 2016-17?

    1. The date of CBSE science exhibition national is 18th and 19th.

  26. Where will the fair be held?

  27. When is the national level exhibition?

  28. When will the exhibition be held?

  29. What are renewable resources?

    1. Renewable resources are the resources which get replenished by natural process.

    2. What are the resources which can be used again and again by the process of recycling?

  30. When and where is it going to be held?

  31. When will school level science exhibition be held?

    1. It will be on 19th,20th and 21st of December.

  32. Please tell the dates of exhibition in Delhi.

  33. Can we change the name of the participant if one of the participant is ill??

  34. If any participants present science working model of other student then what action will you take?

  35. When will the CBSE science exhibition be held of regional level?

  36. I need details of regional level exhibition 2016-17. It would be a great help if you help me for the same.

  37. When is the regional fair for Gujarat?

    1. It was from 15th December to 17th December 2016 at Navrachana School.

  38. I am working as a teacher in Bangalore. My students got selected for the national level science exhibition. Kindly let me know the date for the same.

  39. How do I get the link of registration form?

  40. I need to know whether 18 models will be selected from each topic or only total 18 models.

  41. When will be the dates for exhibition releasing?

  42. What is the date and venue for science exhibition in Hyderabad?

  43. When is the regional level science exhibition for Tamil Nadu?

  44. What is the date and venue of CBSE science exhibitions?

  45. Out of 2 participants one of the participants name has been given incorrect. The participants names have been submitted. Is there any way to change name? It will be a huge help if the name could be corrected.

  46. What is the date and venue for cbse regional level science exhibition 2016-2017?

  47. Which is the allotted school for Bhubaneswar region?

    1. It will be on 16th, 17th, 18th of December.

  48. What is the date of exhibition in Punjab?

  49. What is the date of exhibition in Chennai?

  50. Student from Trichy

    When is the exhibition for Tamil Nadu region?

  51. What are the dates of regional level science exhibition for Delhi?

  52. Please confirm the date of the exhibition. Our school had registered but not got any mail as yet.

  53. When do we have to submit the model? What is the winning prize?

  54. When is the date of exhibition regional level for M.P?

  55. When will the date for Shimla region come and where will it be held?

  56. I would like to know whether we will have exhibition at Chennai region on tomorrow onwards.

  57. Let me know if the date of exhibition will be rescheduled or at the same date as Tamil Nadu CM expired in Chennai.

  58. According to me, it can not be an individual. Some one must be with them.

  59. When and where will the science exhibition be held?

  60. What is the prize?

  61. What is the date for Patna region?


  63. Dates are not announced for science exhibition. Its going to be held on mid of December or end December.

  64. What are the dates for CBSE science exhibition 2016-17?

  65. Please confirm us with the dates of CBSE regional exhibition 2016-2017.

  66. What is the winning prize?

  67. When will be the science exhibition? We need to alter the model according to it.

  68. What is the date for CBSE science exhibition 2016-2017?

    1. It is on 7th, 8th and 9th November.

  69. When will this exhibition be held?

  70. We have already done the registration in two sub themes but now we want to change the sub theme. Can we do this thing now? Please tell us.

    1. Yes you can change just talk to CBSE and the call should be from school side.

  71. What are the tentative date for CBSE science exhibition and where is the venue?

    1. What is the date and venue for exhibition?

    2. Regional are normally held in December and national in January nationals are fixed always in Delhi but regional are held in particular state.

  72. What is the expected date for science exhibition regional level Raipur region?

  73. When will the science exhibition be conducted?

  74. Is there any way to remove or change partner name?

    1. You just speak to CBSE by your school.

  75. When will results come?

    1. It will be on the last day of exhibition.

  76. You can make projects like on electricity,water etc.

  77. I need procedure of selection and number of students selected from one region.

  78. When is the exhibition and please post the details about venue.

  79. What is the date of 2016 regional level exhibition?

  80. What are the dates for science exhibition 2016-17?

    1. I need venue and date of regional CBSE science exhibition 2016-17.

  81. Devi Gayatri Prasanna

    When will the results of regional level of Odisha be out of 2016?

  82. What is the date of exhibition?

  83. Let me know on which date it is going to be held in Gurugram. When will result be declared?

  84. What is the date of Patna region science exhibition 2016-17? Please answer.

  85. I would like to know on which date model exhibition will come.

    1. It will be most probably between 16th and 23rd of December.
      I am Physics teacher working in Apeejay school.

  86. Pranshu Ojha (S.V.M Rambagh)

    What is the venue of this exhibition? I need other information related to place where we have to reach.


  88. When will be Guwahati region CBSE science exhibition 2016-2017?

  89. Please tell the dates for exhibition in Maharashtra. So that we can prepare our models.

  90. Please tell the exact date so that we can prepare our models.

  91. What is the exhibition date?

  92. Kindly declare the date of exhibition.

  93. The venue and date of exhibition is not yet given on website.

  94. Where will the examination be held?

  95. What is the venue for exhibition?

  96. Can I know venue for the science CBSE fair?

  97. Kindly extend the date for science exhibition.

  98. What are the themes of report that is going to be prepared on project?

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