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VKP VISTO 2016 Model Question Paper : Velammal Inter School Talent Olympiad

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Organisation : Velammal Knowledge Park VKP
Announcement : Model Question Paper
Olympiad Name : VISTO 16 Velammal Inter School Talent Olympiad 2016

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Download Model Question Paper here :
Website :

Model Question Paper :

Duration: 2hrs.
Max. Marks: 100

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Download Class-VI :
Download Class-VII :
Download Class-VIII :
Download Class-IX :

1. a) Write your NAME and CLASS in the space provided on OMR Response sheet.
b) You have to mark the answers on the OMR Response sheet only.
c) You have to handle the OMR Response sheet with utmost care.
d) Do not fold/mutilate or make any unnecessary markings on the OMR Response sheet.
e) Use BLUE or BLACK BALL POINT PEN only to darken the appropriate circles in OMR Response sheet.

2. Answers marked with PENCIL will not be considered for evaluation.
3. This Question Paper consists of 100 QUESTIONS, under four subject heads, MATHEMATICS (40 Questions), PHYSICS (20 Questions), CHEMISTRY (20 Questions) and BIOLOGY (20 Questions).
4. Each question has four alternative responses marked a, b, c, d. You have to darken the appropriate circle provided in the OMR Response sheet against each question.
5. 1 MARK will be awarded for every correct response for all the questions in ALL THE FOUR SUBJECTS.
6. NO mark will be deducted for incorrect response.
7. Usage of Calculators, Log tables and Electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited in the examination hall.
8. Return the OMR Response sheet to the Invigilator at the end of Examination, before leaving the examination hall.

Class-VI Mathematics :
1. The number of positive integers between -5 and 0 is ………….
a) 5 b) 0
c) 10 d) 7

2. Identify the correct descending order of 0, 7, -3, -9, -132, 36 among the following:
a) 36, 7, 0, -3, -9, -132 b) 36, 7, 0, -132, -9, -3
c) -3, -9, -132, 0, 7, 36 d) -132, -9, -3, 0, 7, 36

3. Three cans contain 23.261ml, 60.5ml and 71.486ml of kerosene respectively. What should be the minimum capacity of a can that can hold the total quantity of kerosene?
a) 160l b) 155l
c) 150l d) 170l

4. The total cost of flooring a room at Rs.8.50 per sq. meter is Rs.510. If the length of the room is 8m then the breadth is ……….
a) 5.7m b) 7.5m
c) 6.7m d) 7.6m

5. Its denominator and numerator add up to 91. What is the difference between the denominator and numerator of this fraction?
a) 21 b) 33
c) 13 d) 19

6. The length of a rectangle is 4 times as long as its breadth. If the length is 8cm shorter and breadth is 4cm longer, a square will be formed, then the area of the rectangle is ………
a) 16cm2 b) 32cm2
c) 64cm2 d) 80cm2

7. The ratio of 250ml to 2 litres is ………
a) 250 : 2 b) 250 : 200
c) 1 : 8 d) 125 : 1

8. The ratio of two numbers is 3 : 4 and their H.C.F is 4 then their LCM is ………
a) 12 b) 16
c) 24 d) 48

9. Sumeet purchased a book costing Rs.24.75 and a pencil box. He got back Rs.32.75 when he gave a Rs.100 note. The cost of the pencil box is ………
a) Rs.24.75 b) Rs.42.75
c) Rs.42.50 d) Rs.45.20

10. If Rs.66666 is divided in the ratio 1 : 2 then the smaller amount is ………
a) Rs.11111 b) Rs.22222
c) Rs.33333 d) Rs. 44444

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