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Win 504 GB SanDisk Festival Bonanza Winner List 2016 : 504GB win504gb.sandisk.in/ win504gb.com

Organization : SanDisk International Limited (www.win504gb.com)
Competition Name : SanDisk Festival Bonanza Contest 2016 (Win 504 GB, 504GB )
Announcement : SanDisk Festival Bonanza Winner List
Competition Last Date : 31st of January, 2017

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Website : https://win504gb.sandisk.in/winner_list.aspx

SanDisk Festival Bonanza Winner List

The Promotion begins on 1st of September, 2016 and ends on 31st of January, 2017 (“Promotion Period”).

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List of Winners

09/01/2016Vyom AgrawalNOIDA
09/03/2016Kruti DevaniRajkot
09/04/2016Sivam Singh RajputLucknow
09/07/2016Gaurav PaulPatna
09/08/2016Arnob DeyBangalore
09/09/2016Swarup DharKolkata
09/10/2016Faiz Ahmad HashmiMuzaffarpur
09/11/2016Jaypal RathodHyderabad
09/13/2016Kislay KumarGomoh
09/16/2016Sonamani IrengbamImphal
09/17/2016Nikhil GuptaAmritsar
09/18/2016Himanshu SharmaDelhi
09/19/2016Ayush Kumar VermaAgra

Winner Notification

** Administrator will contact the Daily Winner via SMS or via a phone call to the mobile number associated with the Entry. Winner details will also be available on www.win504gb.com and will be published on SanDisk India Facebook page on a weekly basis.
** The Administrator will not be liable in the event that such message does not reach such potential winner on any account whatsoever.
** Further, any complaints/grievance/claims, whether legal or commercial with regard to the said SMS message or phone call shall not be entertained by the Sponsor or the Administrator.

In the event that any potential winner :
(i) cannot be contacted directly by Sponsor within 72 hours from initial attempted phone call or SMS or email;
(ii) declines to accept the Prize; or
(iii) is otherwise determined to be ineligible, the Sponsor in its sole discretion may disqualify that individual and notify the participant whose slogan entries have been judged as the next best. Alternate winners are subject to all eligibility requirements and restrictions of these Official Rules.

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    No further update of the winners after the 19th Sept 2016.

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    1. It is the same case happened with me on 04.10.21016. What should I do?

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    Whether contestants from other cities are not eligible for winning prizes?
    I can’t get the reason behind this.

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