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Star Pravah Vikta Ka Uttar Facebook Live Contest 2016 :

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Organization : Star India Private Limited
Competition Name : Star Pravah Vikta Ka Uttar Facebook Live Contest 2016
Competition Last Date : 7th October, 2016

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Website :

Vikta Ka Uttar Facebook Live Contest :

The following are the terms and conditions which shall be binding on each and every participant  who voluntarily agree to participate in the contest titled “VikTA KA UTTAR – fACEBOOK LIVE”  hosted by Star India Private Limited on the Facebook page of Star Pravah i.e. as a part of the promotion and viewer engagement of its upcoming reality show – VIKTA KA UTTAR which will be telecasted on Star India’s channel named “Star Pravah”.

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Principal Rules:

1. STAR INDIA shall announce and market the Contest on the social media platforms/pages of STAR INDIA/Star Pravah viz. Pravah Facebook page, Star Pravah Twitter handle being [@StarPravah] and ‘Star Pravah’ Instagram page and Google Display Network from 5th October, 2016 to 7th October, 2016 (“Promotion Period”). It may be clarified that although the Contest will be promoted on various platforms, it will be conducted for participation only on the Pravah Facebook Page.

2. The Contest shall be open for participation only on 7th October, 2016 from IST 7 PM up to IST 7:30 PM (“Contest Period”) and any extensions /modifications as notified by Star India from time to time. STAR reserves all rights to make amendments to the Contest Period or such other terms and conditions stated herein, without giving prior notice. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Participant (s) to check the Terms and Conditions for the Contest on the Website from time to time.

Star also reserves the right to (i) cancel and/or postpone the Contest without any prior intimation to the Participants or (ii) modify the process for participation or process of selecting Winners (as defined below) (iii) extend or curtail the Contest Period or suspend or abandon the same at any time, and the Participant shall have no objection to the same whatsoever, nor shall the Participant make any claims /disputes in respect of the same.

3. The Contest will be hosted by celebrity Riteish Deshmukh (“Contest Host”) and the same will be shot LIVE and hosted on Pravah Facebook Page. Members of the Pravah Facebook Page will be able to view and participate in the Contest which will be streamed as a LIVE video during the Contest Period.

The Contest will comprise of 3 (three) players chosen by Star at its own discretion (“Contest Players”) who will be asked 5 (five) questions each by the Contest Host based on general knowledge (without giving multi choice answers) (“Contest Questions”).

The Contest Players will get 30 (thirty) seconds each to answer each Contest Question. If the Contest Player knows the correct answer, he may give out the same to the Contest Host and will stand a chance to win a Prize (defined later) if such answer submitted is the correct answer.

If the answer submitted is a wrong answer, then the Contest for the Contest Player shall come to end and he shall not be allowed to proceed to answer the remaining Contest Questions, if any. However, if he does not know the answer to any particular Contest Question, he shall be given the option to seek help of the participants viewing the Contest LIVE on Pravah Facebook Page.

Such participants (referred as “Contest Traders” or “Participants” for the purpose of this Contest) will be required to submit their answers by sharing the same in the ‘comments’ section to the LIVE Contest on Pravah Facebook Page on 7th October, 2016 (“LIVE Video Post”). The Contest Players while playing the Contest will be given a chance to view comments being submitted by each of the Contest Traders.

4. To participate in the Contest and to be eligible for Prize, the Contest Traders interested in participating and /or Participants interested in participating may optionally follow the Pravah Twitter Handle and/or Pravah Instagram Page for information and promotion posts regarding the Contest.

However they shall be mandatorily required to do the following during the Promotion Period /Contest Period:
i. log in to his Facebook account and search for the Pravah Facebook Page and ‘follow’ or ‘like’ the same;
ii. For the purpose of participating in this Contest, it is mandatory that the interested Participant(s) mandatorily have a valid Facebook account and must be 18 (eighteen) years of age or above as on 7th October, 2016;
iii. Allow access to the Facebook profile of the respective Participants to STAR INDIA;
iv. Review Pravah Facebook Page for promotion creatives of the Contest shall contain (i) dates of the Contest Period (ii) brief rules of participation (iii) weblink for the terms and conditions governing participation in the Contest;
v. Ensure a good data/WIFI connectivity to follow and view without interruptions the LIVE Video Post on 7th October, 2016 between IST __7__ PM up to IST __7:30___ PM that will be streamed by STAR INDIA;
vi. Understand the Contest Question asked by the Contest Host to the Contest Players and share a correct answer for the same in the manner provided below:
vii. Once the Contest Answers are uploaded by the Participant on the Platform, it shall appear in ‘comments’ of the Contest Post, failing which the Participant shall not have deemed to submit a valid answer for the purpose of the Contest.
viii. Selection of Contest Answers submitted by the Participants shall be entirely based on the sole discretion of the Contest Players viewing the same as ‘comments’ to the LIVE Video Post.
ix. (i) Mandatorily having a valid Facebook account (ii) Logging onto the same and following Pravah Facebook Page in the manner as stated hereinabove (iii) being of age eighteen (18) years or above during the Contest Period (iv) uploading a correct answers to the Contest Question(s) asked in ‘comments’ of the LIVE Video Post on 7th October, 2016, shall be considered as a complete and valid entry (“Entry”).

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  1. I am from Pune. I need to participate in this show.

  2. I want to participate in this show ‘vikta ka uttar’.

  3. Which ship was come first to India?

    1. British ship Red Dragon comes first in India.

  4. Dinesh Murekar Pune

    I want to participate in your show.

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