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SOF 1st ISKO 2016-17 Result International Sports Knowledge Olympiad : Science Olympiad Foundation

Organization : Science Olympiad Foundation
Competition Name : 1st ISKO International Sports Knowledge Olympiad 2016-17
Announcement : 1st ISKO 2016-17 Result
Exam Held On : 15th Sept & 4th Oct 2016

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Website :
Check Results Here :

1st ISKO Result:

The ISKO conducted on 2 dates i.e,. 15th Sept & 4th Oct 2016.


SOF IMO/NSO/NCO 2nd Level Admit Cards 2016-17 :

How To Check Results Online?:
To view or download the result of 1st ISKO 2016-17, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step-1: Select the Olympiad.
Step-2 : Enter Your Roll Number. Please enter the Roll No. in this format- YourSchoolCode-Class-Section-RollNo. eg,. (AN0006-11-D-005)
Step-3 : Click on the “View Results” button.

ISKO Awards:
For the academic year 2016-17, SOF will spend over Rs. Fourteen Crores on awards, Scholarships, gifts & felicitations etc. The following awards will be provided to the winners of International Sports Knowledge Olympiad being held during the academic year 2016-17.

International & State topper awards will be provided to 1st level winners. Each winner will be entitled to one award for an exam. The winners will be entitled to the higher level award only. For eg,. the international top 3 rank holders will be entitled to awards based on their International ranks. Awards accruing to them for State ranks will be given to the next rank holder. Similarly, school award accruing to a State award winner will be given to the next rank holder.

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  1. Pratham Kartik Shah

    My son got 1st rank in school but he did not got medal for 5th class 2016 year.

  2. My son had got 3rd rank in his school but he did not got his certificate and medal yet.

  3. I got first rank in school and city and third rank in in the zone. I received medal and Rs.1000.

  4. I have got 1st position in ISKO. Along with medal it was written that I’ll get a ₹1000 gift voucher. I have got the gift voucher but not the medal. When I will get it?

  5. My daughter has got 1st position in school, city, and zonal and 21st international rank. She has not got any prize till now. Please tell when the prize will be distributed.

  6. Please inform that my both child secure 2nd and 1st position but we did not received any medal. Please intimate us .
    Jimil pandit 6th std
    Himanshi Pandit 3rd std
    Bright Day School, Vadodara Gujarat

  7. I got 1st school rank in ISKO and 2nd zonal rank. In the website it showed that I will get 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal and a cash prize of Rupees.2500. Till now I didn’t get it.

  8. I had got 1st rank in ISKO for school level. Still I have not got any medal.

  9. I have got first rank in school level, but I have not received any medal.

  10. I got second rank in school level then why do I have not got the medal?

  11. I got 3rd zonal rank and till now I haven’t received any medal and not even that Rs.1000. When and where will it be given?


  13. Why there is no medals for ISKO Olympiad?

  14. I have got 1st international ranking in ISKO but I did not get any reward or medal. So will it going to be distributed or not?

    1. You have not got the first rank. One boy Harshit panjvani of st.Xavier’s school,RANCHI has got the first rank.

  15. How can I get my results without roll number?

  16. The roll no given by the school is given as x. The results are not showing with this section. What should I do to get my results?

  17. My son has secured 1st rank in school and awarded but it shows only participation certificate. How? He is in 5th A.

  18. I have got 1st position in ISKO. But results are not announced nor the medals are distributed yet. Will the school toppers get their medals?

  19. Let me know if there is second level exam for ISKO.

    1. There is no 2nd level exam in ISKO.

    2. No, there is no second level for ISKO.

  20. Why our school is not giving result?

    1. There are no results yet. Can’t you even wait patiently? Only answer keys are available now.

  21. I need to know from where would we come to know about the results of ISKO.

  22. I have got 2nd rank in SOF ISKO. Will I get a medal or not?

  23. When will the participants get their medals?

  24. I have got 3rd rank in SOF but only 8 children have participated in it. May I get a medal? Please clarify.

  25. How can I see my SOF result?

  26. How can I get results of ISKO 2016 in web?

  27. How can I see result?

  28. When can I see the results on the website?

  29. We are trying to see ISKO result and the website shows under maintenance. Where can I get result?

  30. How can I see my ISKO result?

  31. Why SOF is not informing our schools?

  32. Why SOF is not informing our schools with message?

  33. I secured 2nd position with 29 marks. I should get a silver medal. But its only written as participation certificate. Please clarify.

    1. You haven’t scored minimum marks. So you’ll get only the certificate.

  34. I got second position in school with 29 marks but it is written as only participation certificate. I should also get a silver medal. Please clarify.

  35. How can I see results without roll no?
    Can I see by name?


  37. My son has secured 1st rank in school and won awards. But it shows as participation certificate only. How is this possible? He should get gold medal. Please clarify.

    1. What is the roll number? How many students got registered for exam in his class/section?

  38. I am searching for results of sports Olympiad 2016 appeared from MKNS school,Pune.

  39. I am rewarded Rs.1000.
    How will I get it?

    1. SOF will give you a gift worth Rs 1000.

  40. Why are we not getting our results till now? Let me know whether the OMR sheets are not checked yet.

  41. My daughter has secured 1st rank in school and won awards. But it shows as participation certificate only. How is this possible? She should get gold medal know? Please clarify.

  42. Why does the result not coming?

  43. How can I write the roll number?

  44. Why there is nothing written? I am a school topper. So I should get gold medal but it is written that I only got participating certificate.


  46. Let me know which site we should go to check the results of ISKO.

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