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cbseacademic.in 2015-16 CBSE Science Exhibition : Central Board of Secondary Education

Organization : Central Board of Secondary Education
Competition Name : CBSE Science Exhibition 2015-16
Applicable For : Grade VI to XI CBSE Students
Applicable States/UT : All India
Online Registration Last Date : 20th October, 2015

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Website : http://cbseacademic.in/circulars.html
Apply Online :
Notification : https://www.contest.net.in/uploads/1937-Circular.pdf

Science Exhibition :

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been taking many initiatives to provide interactive, participatory, hands-on, innovative and creative learning experiences to students studying in its affiliated schools. One such initiative refers to the organization of Science Exhibition at Regional and National levels every year.

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The activity aims at providing a common platform to schools, teachers and students to give shape to their innovative ideas and learn from each other’s experiences. These exhibitions also provide a medium for popularizing Science and increasing awareness among stakeholders about the close relationship between Science, Technology and Society.

Taking into consideration the enthusiastic response from participating schools in the past, it has again been decided to organize Science exhibitions for the academic year 2015-16. These exhibitions are likely to be organized in different parts of the country at REGIONAL LEVEL in the month of November/ December in 2015 and at NATIONAL LEVEL in the month of January/February in 2016.

Regional Level : 
The new dates along with venues for the Regional Level Science Exhibition 2015 – 16 in Chennai have been communicated to the registered schools at their registered e-mail ID.
The new dates and venue are :
Venue :
Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School,
124, Royapettah High Road Mylapore, Chennai-600004
Date 4th,5th,6th January, 2016
For More Updates : http://cbseacademic.in/scienceex2015.html

The main objectives of organizing Science Exhibition for 2015 – 16 can be summarized as:
** to provide a forum for children to pursue their natural curiosity, creativity, innovation and inventiveness;
** to make children feel that science and mathematics are all around us and we can gain knowledge as well as solve many problems by relating the learning process to the physical and social environment;
** to lay emphasis on the development of science and mathematics as a major instrument for achieving goals of self-reliance, socio-economic and socio-ecological development of the nation and the world;
** to analyze how science and mathematics have developed and are affected by many diverse individuals, cultures, societies and environment;
** to create awareness about environmental issues and concerns and inspire children to devise innovative ideas towards their prevention and mitigation.

Theme and sub-themes for the Science Exhibition :
Science and Mathematics for Inclusive Development

1. Health, Nutrition and Cleanliness
2. Resource Management
3. Industry
4. Agriculture and Food Safety
5. Disaster Management
6. Mathematics for a Quality Life

The students may prepare an exhibit/model on any sub–theme other than the above listed six sub–themes but it should be in the context of the main theme of the exhibition i.e. ‘Science and Mathematics for Inclusive Development’

Key aspects of the exhibition:
How To Register :
(i) All schools willing to participate may fill up the on-line registration form. The print out of the form duly signed and forwarded by the Principal along with the typed brief write-up (not more than 1000 words) for each exhibit and Demand Draft may be sent at the address mentioned below**.

(ii) The last date for filling the on-line registration form is 20th October, 2015.

(iii) Every participating school will pay a participation fee of Rs. 650/- in the form of Demand Draft in favour of ‘Secretary CBSE’ payable at New Delhi. It is to be noted that the following details should be written at the back of the Demand Draft –
1. Name of the School with complete address
2. Affiliation no.
3. Names of the participants
4. Contact number

(iv) The Demand Draft and typed brief write-up (not more than 1000 words) for each exhibit, along with the printed copy of the online registration form duly signed and forwarded by the Principal is to be sent to the following address super scribed ‘Science Exhibition 2015–16’ By 31st October, 2015
Mrs. Archana Thakur
Assistant Professor And Deputy Director
Central Board Of Secondary Education
“Shiksha Sadan”, 17, Rouse Avenue
New Delhi – 110 002.

Rules For Participation:

(i) Number of exhibits/projects/models – A participating school can put up a maximum of two exhibits/projects/models.
(ii) School Team – A school team may be represented by a maximum of two students per exhibit and one escort Science Teacher.
(iii) School team participating at Regional Level and National Level must remain the same.
(iv) Students studying in Grade VI to XI in the current academic year i.e. 2015–16 are eligible to participate.
(v) The exhibit/ project displayed and selected at regional level should be based on the theme and sub-theme selected.
(vi) The sub – theme once selected cannot be changed.

(vii) The exhibit/model may include :
** Working model to explain a concept, principle or a process
** An indigenous design of a machine/device
** An innovative/inexpensive design or technique
** Application of basic principles of Science/Technology
** Scheme/design of a device or machine to reduce production cost
** Investigation based study

(viii) The participating school/team will have to bear all expenses related to participation in the event.

(ix) The participating teams will have to make their own lodging/boarding arrangements at the venue city of exhibition.

(x) A few exemplar ideas pertaining to the sub – themes listed in the context of the theme for the development of exhibits are enclosed as Annexure – I.

(xi) It is mandatory to submit a neatly typed brief write up (not more than 1000 words) about the exhibit at regional as well as national level at the time of registration that may include –
** Introduction
** Materials required
** Scientific principle involved
** Construction and working
** Applications in different domains of life
** Advantages
** Any other point to be specified

The exhibits/projects will be assessed by the experts as per the following criteria:
a. Students’ own creativity and imagination
b. Originality and scientific and mathematical innovations in the exhibit/model
c. Scientific thought/principle/approach
d. Technical skill, workmanship and craftsmanship
e. Utility for Society, scalability/educational value
f. Economic (low cost), portability, durability etc.

General Guidelines:
(i) The first stage of exhibition will be held at different venues in every region. The information regarding the venues will be circulated/notified later on.
(ii) The selected best eighteen (the numbers may increase or decrease depending on the quality of the exhibit) exhibits at every regional level venue will be eligible to participate in the National level exhibition.
(iii) The actual dates for the regional level will be communicated to every school and details will also be available on CBSE website www.cbseacademic.in by the end of October, 2015.
(iv) Schools are advised to follow CBSE’s guidelines available on CBSE website.
(v) Each participant of the Regional and National Level Science Exhibition would be awarded a ‘Certificate of Participation’. Each winner of Regional and National Level Science Exhibition would be awarded a ‘Certificate of Merit’.
(vi) The names of the winners of the National Level Science Exhibition will be forwarded to NCERT for their consideration for participation in 43rd Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Mathematics and Environmental Exhibition for Children in 2016 to be organised by NCERT. The winners of National level science exhibition may also get an opportunity to attend a mentoring camp and National Fair (2016) to be organized by Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science (IRIS). The confirmation for the participation in the aforementioned programmes is subjected to their selection for the same.

The above information may be brought to the notice of all concerned, particularly the science faculty in the school and the students. For any other information in this regard, you may contact at Tel. No.-011-23230328 or email at scienceexhibition2015@gmail.com with a copy to undersigned.

You may also send any specific suggestions or observations in this regard to the undersigned at the above e-mail address.

Regional Level Science Exhibition for 2015-16:
The details regarding Dates and Venue have been communicated to the registered schools on their registered email id.

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  1. Dishant (participated in regional level science exhibition)

    Can I get the pics and list of students selected for national level CBSE exhibition?

  2. I hadn’t received the certificate of participation in CBSE national level exhibition 2015 – 16 and winning certificate for regional level science exhibition ,Allahabad.

  3. What is the date and venue of this CBSE science exhibition 2016-17 which is held in Mumbai?

  4. My school is discriminating and sending the student who are good at studies. The people who are going to see the exhibition are just book warm. They are not giving the opportunity to other students.

  5. I think it is necessary to inform all CBSE school regarding Science fair.

  6. Is it possible to register after 20th October?

  7. What can we do about saving industry?

  8. I have not got my participation certificate.

  9. We have not received our school participant certificate. How can we get it?

  10. Can we use plastics?

  11. When can we apply for jnnsmee?

  12. How can I participate in the exhibition? I cannot understand the procedure.

  13. Need for Recognition for winners of National / State level CBSE Science Competitions at Competitive exams like AIPMT / NEET/ JEE etc conducted for admission to professional courses similar to those offered for NCC, Sports ..
    Presently it is not available at any of the National or state level examinations / admissions.
    CBSE may look in to this and do justice to all these bright aspirants.


    We do not get our cbse national level participation certificate and merit certificate of regional level.
    PPJSV ,Nanital UK

    1. Please send us the participation certificates for Nationals and qualifying to Nationals at regional.
      Nisha Sharma
      Delhi Public School
      HRIT Campus
      Still not received certificate. Why so much of delay?

  15. What are the dates for CBSE Level Science Exhibition? And where it will be organised? What are the benefits the participants who will secure first prize in That competition. Is there any next stage after the CBSE Level Science Exhibition?

    1. Shivani Mishra 2015-16 CBSE National level Science Exhibition winner

      Yes you get a chance to attend mentoring camp of IRIS. After national level there is one more level which you have to qualify for attending IRIS National Fair. I have been a part of both. Its a wonderful platform.

  16. What is the date for 43rd national level Jawaharlal Nehru science exhibition to be held at Hyderabad?

  17. The National level science exbhition held at Vivekanand school New Delhi on 8th Feb to 10th Feb . The Judge4ment was not fair. The projects which was selected for Resource management. Are they come under Resource management really? CBSE has to be responsible for this unfair judgement.

  18. How can schools get photographs of the winners at national level CBSE science exhibition at Vivekanand school Delhi?

  19. The Aditya Birla Public School Veraval

    We didn’t receive CBSE National Level science exhibition 2016 was held from 8th Feb to 10th Feb 2016 at Vivekananda School Delhi
    With regards,
    ABPS Veraval

  20. The exhibition was too competitive and interesting. Only 21 projects were selected out of 448 projects in which one is mine. Thanks to CBSE National Level Science Exhibition for giving me such platform.

    1. Great man. What prizes did you get ?

  21. Our school participated in national level exhibition in February on 8,9,and 10. What puzzled us is the complete secrecy of criteria by CBSE science fair organizers, except in INDIA all the other countries declare the expectations and also present a report after the exhibition is over as to which of the criteria were not met by those who were not selected. This transparency is completely missing in CBSE. Why? This will enable schools to remedy next time or are there going to be no next time and only a few are favored? It is as sickening as research status in India. It is time CBSE understands that every school has put its utmost effort. Why we even selected the highly problematic area not a fancy and found experimental solution. The open mindedness about judgement is what we all want. Will our cries reach the right persons in CBSE?

  22. You have cheated everybody. You not fair with anyone. Please take this seriously. Many models are better than the one you chose because you are not taking decisions properly.

    1. This comment is not fox calling grapes sour but a serious issue faced by majority of schools affiliated to CBSE. I agree with you. It is a highly sickening condition. There is no transparency and a report about each model is important as to how it has been judged. Fair or unfair we have only one national level competition. It could have been better if regional wise they recognize talent and stop short with that. The judges should be science maths and technical teachers of schools and not colleges or universities. Many simply make a tour for namesake not knowing what is really expected. This is the reason why talented learners leave India. Saying that the untapped potentials are far better than exposed is true with regard to CBSE. Every time we have to console ourselves and revive our spirits believing there is next time. How far this belief can be honoured, only CBSE has to reply.

  23. We are in national level science Exhibition but haven’t received certificates for qualifying regional level!

    1. Our team has also qualified for national level but we also didn’t received any certificate.

  24. We were 3 in regional level science exhibition, due to some medical c causes, I was an extra. I wanted to ask if I could come if not as a participant but just as an audience with our selected team for the national level?

  25. When are we going to receive the certificate of CBSE regional level science exhibition held on 29,30,&31 DEC 2015 ?

  26. I have developed an android app which will help us to conserve water. Will our group be provided a projector in school or we have to bring our own?
    Will there be only one winner or many winners?

    1. You will have to arrange your own projector or any other gadgets like extension cord,laptop,flex etc. The venue, school will only provide you a table to present your model and a chair to sit. Nothing else!! Another thing is that if you have developed an android apps,why don’t you just upload it on play store? AND during your presentation,try to show your app with GOOGLE CARDBOARD. It is a very new concept developed by google which enabled you to see the full surround view of a modal or anything by just connecting your smartphone with the cardboard. It is available on ebay,and shopclues for just Rs 250-350. Hope my post might help you in sorting out your problem.

  27. I am from Odhisha and I got selected for national science exhibition but I did not get any information about date or venue. I asked even school about it but they told that they did not get any information. Please tell me the date. Its very serious. I will be very grateful to you.

    1. The venue and place of the exhibition is updated in the post. Please have a look again.

  28. Can you please tell me that our school (Udaiya public school Faizabad) is selected for the national level going to be held on 8th,9th and 10th of Feb. 2016?

  29. The National Level CBSE Science Exhibition, 2015 – 16 will be held on 08th, 09th and 10th February, 2016 at the following Venue: VIVEKANAND SCHOOL, D – BLOCK, ANAND VIHAR, DELHI – 110 092.
    The schools with selected exhibits are also being informed individually through e-mail at their registered e-mail ids.

  30. Our school authorities have not yet received the date and venue details for the national level of the Science Exhibition in Delhi. It’ll be really helpful if you kindly let us know the dates because we need to make the necessary bookings.

    1. The details regarding Dates and Venue have been communicated to the registered schools on their registered email id.

  31. Participation certificates of national level of science exhibition which was held in april 2015 at blue bells school Gurgoan not yet received. I am from Indore MP.

  32. There isn’t any information in the CBSEacademic website on the national level science exhibition dates.

  33. When is the national level CBSE science exhibition going to be held for the academic year 2015-16? Also we did not get certificates of merit. According to the details, we have to get a post consisting of certificates of merit. Please kindly consider our message and reply as soon as possible.

    Yours kindly,

  34. Tapas K. Chakraborti

    Dear Ma’am/Sir,

    When national level science exhibition 2015-16 will commence in Delhi?

  35. When is the national level science exhibition?
    Please tell me, so that necessary arrangement can be done.

  36. The dates and venue are not given on our school email id .why?

  37. Want to know about participants travel and boarding charges if is taken by CBSE.

    1. The participating school/team will have to bear all expenses related to participation in the event.
      The participating teams will have to make their own lodging/boarding arrangements at the venue city of exhibition

  38. Why are the date and venue of national level science exhibition 2015 are not given on your official website? Our model got selected and I want to know the dates and venue.

  39. Is the science exhibition going to be held in Hyderabad?
    Does Hyderabad come under Chennai venue?

  40. Our project got selected for national level. Do we need to present the same topic for national also or we need to change?

  41. The details regarding Dates and Venue have been communicated to the registered schools on their registered email id.

  42. shibendra & avineet

    where is the venue & date for the national CBSE science exhibition 2016?

    1. The information is already communicated to your school in their registered e-mail id. You have to be in touch with your school authorities concerned.

  43. I want to know about one of the exhibit which is selected on Dec 13 2015 in cbse regional level science competition which was presented by summer field international school at Dwarka

  44. My project is not evaluated. Because it was not announced and clear as to only 3 projects to be selected under particular sub theme. But I saw 5 projects in particular and 2 in other. So it seems evaluation as not done properly.

  45. The Regional Level Science Exhibition 2015 – 16 for the Chennai Venue is postponed.
    The fresh dates along with venue will be communicated to the registered participants shortly

  46. May we get to know , who is responsible for funding and transport charges involved to ensure student participation in exhibition (student / school / CBSE )?

  47. CBSE Science exhibition in Patna is 11 Dec. to 13 Dec. 2015
    Event place -Baldwin Academy patna

  48. You will disqalify from exibhition. Only two studentds will participate.

  49. Please tell me fast , when the CBSE science exhibition in Patna region.
    I inquiry from school (Patna Cental School, Patna)
    But no any e-mail id from CBSE about science exhibition.

  50. If we have two models from our school then there should be two escort sci teachers are required?

  51. We were said to make the project but there they have not said anything about online draft. Now how can we take part?

  52. Is it mandatory to prepare a model? Project means to say hard copy and ppt? Does the project also require a model ?

  53. When is the science exhibition for chennai region?

    1. Regional Level Science Exhibition for 2015-16:
      The details regarding Dates and Venue have been communicated to the registered schools on their registered email id.

  54. I want to know the venue for cbse regional science exhibition in Mumbai

  55. Please answer fast.
    I want to know the date of regional science exhibition in Odisha i.e. bhubaneswar region.

    1. Dates are as follows : 05-24 December 2015.

  56. I want to know about the dates of this exhibition.

    1. Probably on December 16,17 and 18 2015
      I am not confirmed about it.

  57. I want to know the exhibition date in Odhisa (bbsr region).

    1. Have you asked your school if they have any detail on the date?

  58. I want to know the date of the regional level science exhibition on Chennai.

  59. What is the science exhibition date for Chennai region?

  60. When is the cbse regional level science exhibition?

    1. You can ask your school. They should have some update by now.

      The actual dates for the regional level will be communicated to every school

  61. when is the state level competition in chennai?

    1. The actual dates for the regional level will be communicated to every school and details will
      also be available on CBSE website http://www.cbseacademic.in by the end of October, 2015.

      That is the official statement. However, there is no word in their website yet.

  62. 18,19,20 DECEMBER

  63. Only 2 members can be as a group

  64. We have taken DEMAND DRAFT for registration on September 20th 2015 but could not post the same along with the application form for participating in the regional level competition. Can we send the application by Monday by speed post? We belong to chennai region and our school located in Hyderabad. Kindly reply to our query as soon as possible.

  65. Please declare the of science exhibition as early possible along with venue. It is convenient for us to do train reservation and preparation of model. Our school is in Chennai region. Thank you.

  66. Can three students exhibit a model and let me know if this name of the students can change before exhibition but after registration

    1. I’m taking taking part in this type of exhibit for first time. I just wanna know about the atmosphere over there.

  67. Please tell me the date of cbse regional level science exhibition. I am in Allahabad region.

  68. Circular said that date and venue will be announced in October end but till now no declaration.

  69. I want to know the date and venue fot patna region schools

  70. Which topic is most easy to make models?

    1. The most easy topic could be resource management
      But it depends whether you want to make an easy model or you want to win the prize

  71. Please tell me last date of cbse science exhibition registration

    1. On 20 Nov 2015

  72. When is CBSE Board declared Science Exhibition 2015-16?
    Please inform.

    1. 18th Nov for Ajmer board

  73. How to get date and venues of regional level ?

  74. Can a participating school put up 5 models?

  75. How to get printed copy of online registration?

  76. When regional level going to be held?

  77. This site has helped me many ways to prepare my model.

  78. May we fill online registration on 21st October instead of 20th beacuse in Punjab dist faridkot school reopening today only.

  79. There is nothing in this participation. There works only money.

  80. Can we do correction in form submitted?

  81. I am a student of class IX of Campion School, Bhopal. I have developed a model of a ROVER with maneuverability in four directions with precision pick and place arm. I would like to participate in this event even without my School participating in it. Kindly allow me and help so that I can exhibit my model in the event. I am (my parents) ready to pay required fee and travel expenses on my own.

  82. meghraj deepak walkikar


  83. This site is very helpful. It provided me a ful information about science exhibition including sub themes and details for participation

  84. Is it compulsory to participate individually or groups can participate?

  85. The circular says an exhibit/model on any sub-theme. Here does it mean a working model or just a non working model i.e. exhibit only.

    1. Kushal nagwanshi kv2 raipur

      It is said that working model can also be made for understanding of the concept. If you want you can make a working model or a non-working .

  86. My school is discriminating and sending those students who are closer to teachers, and students having capability are ill-treated that they cannot go in the exhibition.

    1. I have a solution to your problem. Please do send an email to the concerned cbse authority with your school details and they will ensure your participation in the competition.

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