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Technoxian 2017 WRC Robowar Challenge Robot Competition

Competition Name : Technoxian 2017 WRC Robowar Challenge Robot Competition
Registration Deadline : 15th Feb 2017

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Robowar Challenge:

RoboWars is a sumo robot competition. The competition is carried out in a tournament format: competitors bring their robots ready to battle and are pitted against their competitors’ robots in one-on-one matches where the aim is to push the opponent’s robot off the arena. The robots can be Manual or autonomous: Human influence allowed during the battle.

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The Robot:
You must build and bring one pre-constructed, fully autonomous robot whose purpose is to push, throw, flip, drag or otherwise move your opponent out of a five-foot diameter circuit ring within three minutes. The following section details all rules and specifications regarding this robot; please be sure to read them carefully and refer to them as you design your robot.

Definition of a robot: Robots must meet a minimal definition of ‘robot’: they must have some mechanism of autonomous locomotion and be capable of a taking various actions (like turning, stopping, moving forward) toward the goal of the Battle. Unassembled components, a pile of bricks, or a robot that is incapable of powering on do not meet this definition.

Technical Inspection:-
** Robots must pass a technical inspection by the Referee and/or assigned Staff prior to being permitted to compete.
** If a Team makes any physical changes to their robot, except to replace a part with an identical part, the robot must be re-inspected.
** The robot belonging to the First, Second and Third place prize-winning Teams will be inspected immediately following their last match, and their ranking is conditional on passing this inspection.
** Robots that fail technical inspection may not compete until the Team rectifies identified problems and passes a re-inspection.
** There are no limits on the number of re-inspections; however, as soon as a team fails, inspecting Staff members will move to the next robot to be inspected. This rule does not extend or invalidate any time limits during the course of the Competition.

Size constraints:-
** The robots must fit within a box that is 75 cm wide by 75 cm long by 60 cm high at the beginning of a Battle. There are no size constraints once the Battle has begun.
** Nothing can intentionally detach from the robot. Robots will not be immediately penalized if pieces detach as a result of breakage. In the case of repeated breakage, the Referee may invalidate a Battle, request certain remedies be taken, or disqualify a Team.
** The robots must weigh minimum 3 kg or maximum 10kg. Extra weight (ballast) must be properly secured. Lead weights must be fully encapsulated.

Robot design:
** The robot must have a “front” side. This side has no special requirements, except that it must be visually identifiable during the Competition and cannot change.
** Robots may not attach or otherwise interact with any person or object outside the ring. For the purpose of this rule, any vertical face on the outside edge of the ring is considered outside and hence out of play.
** The Robot must not have switches, jumpers or other field-configurable elements (for example, a switch that changes from aggressive to passive strategy). Exception: The robot may have one (1) SPST or SPDT on-off switch.
** The robot must be completely autonomous. It cannot have any external source of control or of influence (e.g. wireless or otherwise, human or programmatic) except an on-off switch.
** The robot must not contain any combustible, corrosive, or other materials which may pose a hazard to any person, robot or object. These are considered safety hazards.

Competition Information:
Venue: Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi

Registration Fee:
** For Indian resident: INR 1000/- + ST per participant
** For Non India resident: USD 50 per participant

** Open entry for all.
** Minimum team size 4 and maximum 20 participants.

No. of teams participating: 300

** 15th Feb – Last day for registration
** 15th March – Hospitality registration. Bookings can be confirmed based on “First come, first served” and and subject to availability.
** Grand Finale – 28th to 30th April 2017.

For more information, please contact
Ms. Sapna Sagar
Mr. Raj Sharma

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