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FYI TV18 Small Budget Big Makeover Season 2 Registration 2017 :

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Organization : AETN18
Activity Name : Small Budget Big Makeover Season 2 Registration 2017
Activity Last Date : 7th February 2017
Website :

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FYI TV18 Small Budget Big Makeover

The following are the terms and conditions of the “Small Budget Big Makeover” activity (the “Activity”) to conducted/organized by AETN18 Media Private Limited  for its program/show titled “Small Budget Big Makeover” to be aired on its television channel “FYI TV18”

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By participating in the Activity and/or performing any act as required in relation thereto, you (the “Participant(s)”) declare that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and you unconditionally accept and agree to comply with and abide by these Terms and Conditions as stated herein or as may be modified at any time by AETN18.

Activity Period

This Activity will commence on 7th January 2017 and will expire on 7th February 2017 (the “Activity Period”).

Terms & Conditions

i.To participate in the Activity, a Participant needs to login to AETN18’s microsite (“Microsite”) and fill in the form with their details, photo of their family, photo of their home and/or a youtube link to a video of their home.
ii.Thereafter, a jury/panel nominated by AETN18 will evaluate the Entries of the Shortlisted Participants and select entries for participation in the next season of Small Budget Bog Makeover.
iii.The shortlisted entry/entries from this Activity shall be eligible for a makeover worth Rs.20,000 (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only) for his house (the “Makeover”) as per the sole discretion of AETEN18.

iv.Upon being declared a Shortlisted entry, the Shortlisted entry will be required to provide the following information/details:
** Furnishing his/her name, address, age, sex, contact number;
** A copy of his/her Photo identity card, PAN card;
** Any valid proof of address; and
** Any other information as sought for by AETN18.

v.In addition to the above, in case AETN18 requires any additional documents/ information, for confirmation, then AETN18 shall convey the same to the Shortlisted entry and the Shortlisted entry will be required to comply with requirements of AETN18. In case of non-compliance in submission of such documents/ additional documents/ information, HS18 may decide against giving the Makeover to the Shortlisted entry and the Shortlisted entry shall have no objection to the same.

vii. This Activity is open only to Indian citizens who are residing in India at the time of conducting this Activity and are above the age of eighteen (18) years. Persons who are not “competent to contract” within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors, un-discharged insolvents etc., are not eligible to participate in the Activity.

viii.Any and all incidental costs direct/indirect, in relation to the Participant’s participation in the Activity, shall be borne by the Participant and in no manner whatsoever, shall AETN18, be responsible or liable for the same.

ix.The makeover cannot be exchanged for cash or cheque or any other benefits. The Shortlisted entries will not be entitled to any compensation / benefits in any form whatsoever in lieu of the makeover. Further, no requests will be entertained for the exchange of one makeover for something else.

x.The outcome of the Activity/decisions made by AETN18 regarding the Shortlisted entry of a Activity shall be final and binding on the Participants and in no event shall the Participant or any other person dispute the decision made by AETN18. The decision of AETN18 cannot be challenged under any circumstance. By entering into the Activity, it shall be deemed that the Participant has waived his/her right to dispute any decision(s) made by AETN18.

xi.Participants, who have not been shortlisted by the Activity, will not be eligible for any makeover or any other gratification for participating in the Activity.

xii.AETN18 does not make any commitment, express or implied, to respond to any feedback, suggestion and, or, queries of the Participants or furnish any reason or explanation for inclusion and, or, exclusion of any particular submission of the Entry of a Participant at any stage of the Activity

xiii.It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure that he/she is entitled to participate in Activity as per the applicable laws of India. Participant shall not submit any Entry or perform any act which violates any applicable laws or causes harm to the public or animals, or cause any damage to the environment.

xiv.The Participant represents and warrants that (i) the use of his/her Entry, photograph, audio-video or any other material submitted by him/her does not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, contract rights, intellectual property rights or any other rights of any person and (ii) posting of his/her Entry, audio-video, photograph does not result in a breach of contract between Participant and a third party.

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  1. I request vishakha and mamninder to please visit my home as It badly need makeover from your team Please do visit my home

  2. Abhilasha Rangra

    I watched your show and me and my family loved every episode of yours show. My brother got married last year and me and my family expecting kid and my mother wants a makeover in our home as she loves to decorate home every-time she always has ideas what to do what not to do so I really want to surprise her please start your show so that with the help of you guys I can atleast make her happy.

  3. I am from Nagpur. I have been following your show, and your transformations are way beautiful than anyone ever could imagine. Well, it has been 25 years we have been living in a house, all the 12 people, and we are going to celebrate our house’s silver this year (or) the next year, however possible. My family would love to see all your love poured out with your beautiful work and making our silver celebration a grand success of living all together under a single roof. I would be gratefully waiting for the next season 2019.

  4. I am a big fan of small budget big makeover. I bought a house few years ago but I am not satisfied with its look and I want a makeover of my house with very talented Vishakha and Muninder. I really wants to know the procedure. Reply ASAP.

  5. My family is a big fan of your work. I want to do makeover of our house. Please tell, when and how to get in touch with you. My two daughters wants a change over of there room so, we are trying to contact from long time but don’t know the correct procedure. Please reply.

  6. I purchased a new flat for my mother-in-law and I want to give makeover and gift her with surprise so, i need your help to do it, my mother died so I want to make my mother-in-law happy. If possible please contact me. I am from Kolkata.

  7. I am from Varanasi. I am really a very very big fan of Vishakha and Muninderji. Can you notify me when the next season will start and how can I apply for this makeover?

  8. I am from Delhi and I am waiting for you guys to start a new season and the applications. I love your work and I want the magic in my house as well. You are great and the work which you all put together is amazing. Very creative and lively idea. I want you to makeover of my house. Please guide me with the procedure. Is there any facility to call and register?

  9. Hi Vishaka & Muninder, you guys are really too good and competent to take over such challenges and complete it in low budget & less time. I would like to surprise my hard working husband with a makeover of my dream home. I would like to tell you that my husband himself is a civil engineer who builds buildings and houses and malls and shopping complexes for others but the way he lives in his own house is very disastrous. He has how started thinking that he has become a person who is slogging day and night for nothing but I being his better half can understand his fight with himself as his so many years efforts and hardships and pain has given him no good returns. So I would like to surprise him and make him feel at home for TV shows but to please my husband for all his good deeds he has done for me. Hope you understand my inner feeling and fulfill my and my entire family’s dream. Hoping to see you soon dear.

  10. My family has five members. My husband is an International player and an Olympic Referee in Judo, my daughter is a National medalist in Judo, my son plays professional cricket, and I am a National medalist and Black Belt, plus a business women. My mother in law is 77 years of age. My kids room still has the look of school going, and there is no place to showcase their trophies (around 40). My bedroom has fixed furniture, and there is no seating available. Just the bed. My drawing room, despite my efforts, lacks something. Please help the sporting family of Lucknow.

  11. I am a business woman, actually I want to makeover my preschool. I want to meet Munninder and Vishakha. I love their work.

  12. I am from Bhopal and I am badly waiting for you guys to start a new season and the applications. I love your work and want the magic in my house as well. Your shows are great and the work which you all put together is amazing.

  13. I would like to give my makeover house as a gift for my very supported dad and my son. Could you please help?

  14. Hello Vishakha and Muninder, I am living in Bangalore. I want to gift a designer house to my parents. My house is very simple so please help for my house design. I cant speak and hear. I already sent a message to you by Instagram many times but I felt sad you didn’t reply me. Please inform me soon.

  15. You guys are doing awesome job and always prove “do what u love”. I really hope I will also get makeover for my kids room and open kitchen living room. Please guide me with participation procedure, loved and excited with the thought to be part of this beautiful show. I will be waiting.

  16. I want you to makeover of my house. Please guide me with the procedure. Very creative and lively ideas and that too at such a low cost. Please help me to makeover my home. Is there any facility to call and register?

  17. I want to decorate my new house. So please say, how I can register for that. I show all episodes of the show. I am big fan of Vishakha and Muninder.

  18. I am a big fan of SBBM. Vishakha and Muninder are magicians who transform houses superb, big fan of both of them. How can I register for show and get magic happen in my home.

  19. I am a big fan of SBBM. I watch all the episodes. I got married last year and shifted to Mumbai. I have a dream that one day Muninder and Vishakha will come and transform my home. Please make my dream come true.

  20. I really want to make over my house. We have 2 Bed rooms, Drawing hall, Dinning room. My family belong to army background and my dad wants dream home. I want to fulfill my Dad and Mom dream.

  21. Archana Shrivastava

    I think my dream comes true by watching you guys. Please let me know, how I can contact you to renovate my house.

  22. I am from Pune. I am interested in this scheme. I want to renovate my 2BHK house. Please let me know, what is the process.


  24. Vishakha & Muninder. You guys doing fabulous job. Dreams coming true through you guys. Please let me know the procedure to contact you.

  25. I live in Mumbai. I want makeover of my house. I am trying constantly to contact small budget big makeover team for makeover of my house. Muninder and Vishakha are the best in doing makeover of house.

  26. My house is in Dehradun. My husband is an army officer and I am a physiotherapist. Being in army, my husband and I use to meet each other after very long time. My husband has always dreamt about a beautiful house which I want you to help us in completing it. As he is doing so much for nation, I hope you can do this for both of us.

  27. Excellent team. I would like to renovate my dream house. Let me know the process.

  28. I requested SBBM team to make over my parents house who have spent all they have on us siblings. It would be great if you guide me the process to get my parents home renovated at Kolkata.

  29. I have recently bought a house of my own in Mumbai and being a single working woman, its an achievement for me. I would really appreciate if you can help make it a home with your expertise and touch.

  30. I am from Pune. I wanted to do makeover of my 2bhk house for my 2 little kids. I am big fan of SBBM and would like to be part of this program. I would be grateful to you people, if you can help me in this makeover.

  31. I have been following all your episodes, you guys have done a brilliant job. It would be a dream come true if I could get a chance to get my house to turn it into a home by the magicians the Celebrity designer also. I like Sabrina a lot the cute chirpy girl whose like my age. This will be a gift to my mom and dad from me and my brother and sister. Still if I won’t get a chance, I keep following the show unless and until my house is turned into a home by the magicians (designers).

  32. My father is a service man. He works in paramilitary force. My mother always wants a beautifully designed and decorated home. I love Vishakha and Munindar. They are superb. I love small budget big makeover. I want them to decorate our home. If it will happen my mother’s dream will be fulfilled. So I really want to contact them to transform our home into a dream home.

  33. I am from Mohali, Punjab. We are a big fan of the show, way makeover is done in an elegant way without over the top work making a minimalist yet sophisticated look, I would like to get makeover for our parents and sitting room. How can we contact Muninder and Vishaka for transformation of our abode.

  34. I am from Bangalore. Me and my family are a huge fan of your show. Very much more fan of Vishaka and Muninder and their endless magic makeovers. My 12 years daughter is very much impressed of your DIY ideas and she will be trying some of it. I request you to makeover my house’s living area and kids room. Can you please guide me to participate in this show?


  36. I want to gift a make overed kitchen and living area to my mother. Do let me know when the new season will start. You Guys do a wonderful job.

  37. I want to renovate my home but I don’t know, what is the process to register my home for small budget big make over so.

  38. Gurmeet Kaur Sekhon

    I am a big fan of your show. I want my house to be my dream house. I want your help to make it my dream house. So please tell me the way to renovate my house.

  39. I am from Indore, My marriage date is around 10th February 2019. I want to makeover my tiny flat. So please contact me.

  40. Lovely couple, glad to see both as normal husband wife with work done with arguing, convincing and agreeing with each other and then appreciating both ideas.Great work and great imagination power you both have. And I want to make my home from home to super transferable and out of imagination sweet home.

  41. I want to gift my parents a makeover for their 50Th anniversary. They are in pink city Jaipur and my father is a retired Air Force officer.

  42. I want to renovate my father’s clinic and give him as a gift. I am a die hard fan of Vishakha and Muninder. I want to contact small budget big makeover and would request Vishakha and Muninder to please come and make my dream come true.

  43. I don’t know, what is the process to register my home for small budget big make over so. We are eagerly waiting for Mr.Muninder and Mam Vishakha. Please come my home and make over my home and give my wife and son a big surprise. We have been through lot of difficult times in life.

  44. I am a die hard fan of both of you. Please tell me the way that how can I contact you asap because I need urgent renovation. It is a residence cum institute. Institute for Mathematics & Science (Delhi).

  45. I don’t know, what is the process to register my home for small budget big make over so, Please help us. We are eagerly waiting for Mr.Muninder and Mam Vishakha.Please come my home and make over my home by your ideas.

  46. Me and My daughter are regularly watching your programmer and we both are fan of Vishakha and Muninder. My daughter is exceptionally wanted to do makeover of our house through Vishakha and Muninder. Please guide us for further procedure.

  47. I want to interchange my kitchen and kids bedroom due to vastu problems. Because of this we are facing health and money issues. We are located in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. Hope you will help us. Thanks for your time and cooperation.

  48. I also want to makeover my house, please Vishakha and Muninder do something for my house which is 17 years old building. I want to remold my kitchen and hall in small budget. Now I am pregnant with 7 months and I want to make over before my baby comes.

  49. I am living in Dubai UAE from past 12 years. Just now for the first time, I saw Vishakha and Muninder SBBM on you tube and I am sure these two angles can make my dream come true. I would like request Vishakha and Muninder to complete my dream house which I left 12 years back in Hyderabad. The city of NIZAM and also called pearl city.

    I had build my house with lot of dreams, in February 2006 and with in 3 months I had to come to Dubai for job in May 2006.
    I was not able to complete my dream house and I got married and settled in Dubai. Never got a chance to complete my dream house due to kids and work in Dubai.

    Since past 3 years, I did not visit India. I miss my house. I will be coming to India in December 13th 2018. I wanted to have a big makeover of my house with help of Vishakha and Muninder SBBM team. Request you to kindly help me out how to proceed to go ahead.

  50. FYI TV18, Thanks for giving a great show like small budget, big make over. I love this show. I watch all. I want to apply for the same. Please reply for it.

  51. I am a student of ninth grade, I and my big brother want to gift a renovated house to my mom on her birthday. We live in Vadodara and I would be very happy if Vishaka and Muninder would transform my house.

  52. I am a very big fan of yours. I want to do some makeover to my home. As I am class ninth student, I need my own space also, I have a room but its not so attractive and I could never study in my room. So please come to my and show your magic and I would be glad to have you here. Please come.

  53. I am from Tamilnadu. I am watching your program regularly. My house is a new one with full furnished. I need a small makeover in the hall and bedroom. Please let me know, how should I contact you.

  54. My son is 10 years old. From the day we saw your home makeover, he is eager to meet you and also interested to see the change in my home so please let me know how can we meet.

  55. I recently came across your show on YouTube and I was amazed at the way you deliver more than the client’s expectations in the limited number of days along with a tight budget. Being myself an Architect, your series are indeed addictive as they are full of innovative and creative ideas. I am currently pursuing my Masters in the UK and soon to get married practically leaving me with no time to design a space for my parents when I come back. It would be really great if you could help me in giving back my parents a much needed ‘their personalized space’. Awaiting your positive response.

  56. I want to renovate my mother’s house. My mother stays alone after my father passed away. Please let me know, how to register. It will gift from her young grand kids.

  57. I really want to get my house and boutique renovated by you both as I am very choosy and seen many interior decorators but won’t trust completely by I like your taste as you read minds of the client and create magic. Hope to get this makeover.

  58. I wish to see Vishakha mamdam and Muninder sir in Nagpur to renovate my parents home on their 25th anniversary which is in May because I am only girl of my parents, this year I am getting married so, I don’t want they can feel alone at all and the magic of SBBM must make them feel young.

  59. Guys, your works are fabulous. I want to make over of our newly constructed home I am not actually sure about how to contact and not sure whether you design for newly constructed home. I wish you guys can make our home look even more better. I am waiting for your reply.

  60. Archana Sandip Dhara

    I watched all your episode and always think my house will be renovated by both of u as my dream comes true. I want to renovate my home. I stay in Navi Mumbai Kamothe. I want to participate in the show. Its my big dream to renovate my small home and give surprise gift to my two lovely daughters.

  61. I am a great fan of this show and hoping to see my house get renovation, it will be like a dream come true for me if I get shortlist. Thanks for the show to help people for their dream come true.

  62. I and my family lives in Kirkatwadi, Pune. I have 3 rooms Bedroom, Hall & Kitchen and my rooms are too small but I have many things in my home so that is very challenging for you. How can I contact you?

  63. I am from Gujarat. My grand parents want to live in my great grand parents’ home. The house need a makeover and my grand father is a fan of small budget big makeover. So I want to give them a makeover as a gift.

  64. My home is totally messed up. So please come and help us to solve the problems of our house. I am a child who is talking to you about my house to see my parents happy. I will be the happiest person. So please requesting to makeover our house.

  65. I am a single parent child. I have only mother. My mother is a private teacher and her salary is low. I am a biggest fan of you.

  66. Me and my family live in a Chawl in a slum like area but I myself had tried to make my home look beautiful from inside so that, I can invite my friends to my house without hesitation. I had thought to register but I suppose the deadline is over for registration.

  67. I live in Coimbatore. I have two rooms to make over. Can you please help me? I always watch your program in FYI 18 channel. I am so much impressed. I don’t know how to contact you.

  68. We recently got our house renovated but due to short budget I didn’t get my own study room. Now I want my room to get renovated. So please tell me how can I contact you.

  69. We have bought a 2BHK house with all our savings and hence can’t spend too much to redo our home. Hence if this small budget makeover can help us to redo our home before we move in then it will be awesome.

  70. Anwaar Israr Ansari

    I am from Murtizapur small town located at district Akola. I have a huge old house atleast eighty years old made my stone. I want to make over for my late lovely papa. So I need your help.

  71. I live in baddi. I have a flat. Due to my busy schedule I am not able to decorate it the way I imagined. So I need your help to surprise my husband.

  72. Kids enjoy your show so much. We want to meet you people and experience a change in our house or office. We might need your help for that. We would love a chance to meet you guys.

  73. Sakshi Bindal From Kashipur Uttrakhand

    You guys are amazing and I want to renovate my house and gift to my father in law. Please tell me the procedure to contact you for that so that my small house is looking amazing and spacious.

  74. Gurvinder Singh Mann

    I have small house in Jalandhar in Punjab. I am very huge fan of your work and due to that I want to gift my mom her bedroom and kitchen makeover. Please consider my request.

  75. I want to renovate the house for my mom, dad and brother. I live so far from India. So just want to give them gift. I know my father will love that. I watched your show on YouTube. Please give me all information about registration.

  76. I just got graduated as an architect and I am a huge fan of this show.I wonder how you transform with such low budget! My marriage is coming up next year.I am planning to renovate my 3bhk apartment. I am getting inspirations from this show. Hope I too get a chance. When will the next registration start?

  77. I’m from Hyderabad. We have small home and it is so uncomfortable for my mom and dad. I request you to renovate my home.

  78. I want to makeover my home for my son. I love him. He is in Melbourne. I want to give him surprise when he comes India.

  79. I am from Belgaum karnataka. I want to make my home makeover. I want to surprise my mom. She just asked only one thing in the home. There should be a beautiful place to worship God which I couldn’t do as per her wish. Please help me.

  80. You guys are awesome. I am in 8th class. I just love your work. I want you to come to our house and makeover it. How can I register?

  81. I have a 1BHK flat in Malad west near to Infinity mall. We are going to have a baby and the due date is 18th February 2018. We want to renovate the bedroom and balcony. Kindly consider us for the show.

  82. My family is a big fan of your show SBBM & we want to renovate our house. Please guide me how & when I can participate in SBBM as the “Activity period” is expired on 7th February 2017 & I’m interested for further period. Please intimate further period of Activity and guidance for participation.

  83. Dear Muninder and Vishakha,
    We have been watching your creativity in so many peoples Life.
    Even we want to experience your Magical touch for our home which would really renovate our present living style.
    Crossing my fingers hard and making a strong wish to see my renovated house on “Small Budget Big Make Over Show”!

  84. I have seen the Show on YouTube and it is creditable as how you guys do the wonderful job of creating beautiful homes for families. I write to you as I am really interested in getting my mom’s house renovated.. She is a hard working woman and has no time to get her home organized after my dad. This would be a small way to say Thank you to her for all that she has done for us.

  85. I want to participate in this contest. You guys are fantastic and your idea also loving. I live in Kota Rajasthan. I changed my home. I am a big fan of your show. Please renovate my home.

  86. I’m from Delhi. I’m living in 1bhk apartment with my family. I’m 42 and my husband is 42. My son is 17 and my daughter is 12. It is very difficult for my family to manage in this small house. Our’s is in very posh area. I will be glad if you guide us. I love your job guys.

  87. Kamlesh K Jadav - Bharuch Gujarat

    I have purchased a new 3 BHK in Bharuch city (Gujarat)recently. So I want to new color furniture and other works in my house.

  88. Your team is doing mind-blowing job. I want to participate in this contest. What is the procedure for registration? I want to make over my house. I hope you will reply as soon as possible. I am living in Jaipur.

  89. I am from Nasik and I want to renovate my home. I saw your show many times and I loved it and I am inspired by ypur show very much. You show has awakened our hopes. I want my dream home to renovate in my budget. I tried to call you but I came to know that registration date has gone. So what is the next date for registration?

  90. I have seen your few episodes and you guys are doing fantastic. I also want to participate in this show as my home is really messed up with lots of confusion. Please help us to get registered in your show. You guys are really making dream come true.

  91. I recently bumped into the episodes of your Show and appreciate your zeal to help people get their dreams come true. I made my parents watch it too. We all loved it. As in one episode you said IT ALL STARTS WITH A DREAM. So here I am 27 years old, dreaming that you could help me out with My new flat that I bought for my parents in KOLKATA as a return gift as they had to loose out and sell off their dream house because of me (some sad phase of our life). We have been through quiet a phase and I just wish to make them happy. I have seen you bring colors in lives of many with your magic touch. I earnestly hope as the only child, I can make my parents finally get some happiness in their lives with your help and some pixie dust. Please let me know how I can enroll for the makeover.

  92. You are so innovative and creative. I will wait for renovation of my house. Please tell how I can register.

  93. I want to make my home pretty. Now this is like a store room. You need to make my wish come true.

  94. Kamlesh K Jadav - Bharuch Gujarat

    Recently I have purchased 3BHK from G.H.Board in Bharuch and I want my home fully furnished with decorated by you.

  95. Hey Muninder and Vishakha, You guys are fabulous and doing a great job. I seriously want a makeover for my little house. Please do me a favour and make my home a paradise for my children.

  96. Neha Bhushan Bhoir

    I want to participate in this show. I am from Nashik. I want to makeover our home which was built in 1961. You are doing wonderful job. Please do come to our home. I have tried your number many times but it is not in service. Please can you give me another contact number?

  97. Amardeep Kaur ,Gurdaspur punjab

    Muninder G, You are really amazing in your field and Vishakha G, you are husband’s completer. What you have in your creativity, it completes you both. I love the way you work together. Its great. May god bless you guys. I am really keen to see your new episode. When will your new 2017 episode be coming?

  98. Chandrima Mukherjee

    You guys are rocking. I love your show. There are so much things to learn. I think you never did this makeover thing in KOLKATA. I really need your help for my flat as we confused how to use our space. WE WANT TO BE THE FIRST ONE IN KOLKATA.

  99. I am from Pune. Today first time I saw small budget episode. Believe me, tears are rolling from my eyes after seeing few episodes. You guys are doing great job. So congrats to both of you and your team. Recently I shifted to my dream house and wanted to renovate or can say decorate but we don’t have big budget for that. Even don’t know that I am that lucky or not but still fingers crossed n hoping you guys come and decorate our sweet world.

  100. I want my room to be renovated. Me along with my two kids will sleep in the same bed. The house is relatively big but not organized. I loved your season 1 and now I would love to be apart of it.

  101. I want to get a makeover done for my brother. He is goingto get married. I want to surprise my brother by giving him a beautiful flat done by great people like you.

  102. Mohinder Raj Singh

    I want you to makeover my Home. Pleased do visit my Home.

  103. I am from Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat. I have already made a call and they said that they would call me back within a month. But now two months have passed and no answer has been given. We need urgent renovation. Please help me.

  104. I want to makeover my small house. Please help me.

  105. I want you to makeover of my house. Please guide me with the procedure.

  106. Kindly visit my home and makeover my home. Your ideas and creative thoughts are appreciable.

  107. I want you to makeover my flat. Pleased do visit my flat.

  108. I want to makeover my home. My budget is low. Is it possible to do in low budget?

  109. What is the prize for this competition? Can you please tell me?

    1. The shortlisted entry/entries from this Activity shall be eligible for a makeover worth Rs.20,000 (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only) for his house (the “Makeover”) as per the sole discretion of AETEN18.

      Information as provided in the official website of AETN18.


  111. Is there any facility to call and register?

    1. Yes you can call the below mentioned number to register :
      022 6191 5777

  112. Its a wonderful show and I want your magic wand over my little flat to convert it to a dream home.

  113. I am big fan of your show from my childhood I wanted to have a perfect home but we cannot afford that budget so please help me to fulfill my dream I am 36 years old I live in Patanjali Yogpeeth phase 2 Haridwar your deadline is over I know but u can help me I will be very grateful to you. Kindly help me.

  114. I want to participate in this show. Please tell me how should I contact you. Kindly provide you number.

  115. I want to renovate the house to make home and gift to my father because mother is no more. So, please tell me what is the process to contact you because my budget is low.

  116. I want to participate in this contest. How can I register myself?

  117. I want to nominate my parent’s place for a makeover. Please let me know what is the process.

  118. You guys do a wonderful job of house makeover want to experience the same.

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