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Britannia Marie Gold iPhone6 Contest 2015 : Winners List

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Organisation : Britannia Marie Gold
Announcement : Winners List Britannia Marie Gold iPhone6 Contest 2015

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Britannia Marie Gold iPhone6 Contest Winners List :

*Please Note – The below winners list has been declared on the basis of the scanned copies of verification documents submitted. All winners are also required to submit physical copies of these documents.

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Britannia Marie Gold iPhone6 Contest 2015 :

Day Name City State Status :
15-Aug-15 Kalyan Sarkar Parganas West Bengal Confirmed
16-Aug-15 Suresh Varma Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh Confirmed
17-Aug-15 TBD
18-Aug-15 TBD
19-Aug-15 Krishnendu Kundu Kolkata West Bengal Confirmed
20-Aug-15 Subhas Chandra Sahu Kolkata West Bengal Confirmed
21-Aug-15 Aloke Senapati Kolkata West Bengal Confirmed
22-Aug-15 V. Arivazhagan Tiruvarur Tamil Nadu Confirmed
23-Aug-15 Riya Kar Chittaranjan West Bengal Confirmed
24-Aug-15 Debashree Biswas Delhi New Delhi Confirmed
25-Aug-15 Ashish Tolgate Mumbai Maharashtra Confirmed
26-Aug-15 TBD
27-Aug-15 Sanjay Kumar Gupta Cuttack Orissa Confirmed
28-Aug-15 Maheshwara Rao Vijaywada Andhra Pradesh Confirmed
29-Aug-15 TBD
30-Aug-15 Mohammed Abdul Bari Hyderabad Telangana Confirmed
31-Aug-15 TBD
01-Sep-15 TBD
02-Sep-15 Jonaki Mukherjee Kolkata West Bengal Confirmed
03-Sep-15 Krupa Sampat Amreli Gujarat Confirmed
04-Sep-15 Pankaj Kumar Kushwaha Saran Bihar Confirmed
05-Sep-15 Ashish Chotaliya Surat Gujarat Confirmed
06-Sep-15 Bala Tripura Sundari Hyderabad Telangana Confirmed
07-Sep-15 RDV Prasad Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh Confirmed
08-Sep-15 TBD
09-Sep-15 Govind Jain Delhi New Delhi Confirmed
10-Sep-15 Sippora Pegha Tokal Bermiok South Sikkim Confirmed
11-Sep-15 TBD
12-Sep-15 TBD
13-Sep-15 TBD
14-Sep-15 Jainal Shah Mumbai Maharashtra Confirmed
15-Sep-15 TBD
16-Sep-15 TBD
17-Sep-15 TBD
18-Sep-15 TBD
19-Sep-15 TBD
20-Sep-15 TBD

Daily Prize Winner Announcement Procedure :

1. The shortlisted participants will be called and asked to send the following documents and collateral: The Britannia Marie Gold wrapper with the lot number clearly visible that was entered by the consumer in the entry via any of the two modes of participation. Address proof (Electricity bill, Mobile bill, Valid Indian Passport) Copy of PAN card is mandatory.

Via Email to

The complete Participation Package needs to be sent by registered post with Acknowledgement Due to the address mentioned below or by courier so as to reach within 7 days of the call made by Agency to the selected winner:

Britannia Marie Gold
BigCity Promotions Pvt Ltd
4th Floor, Mitra Towers
10/4 Kasturba Road
Bangalore – 560001

2. Upon receipt of the Participation Package, BIL or its Partner Agency shall scrutinize all documents. If all the documents and the wrapper submitted are in order and valid then be treated as a Confirmed Winner.

3. The prize will be dispatched to the Confirmed Winners after the above formalities are successfully completed within 45 business days from the date of completion of formalities of the confirmed winner.

4. For detailed terms & conditions, please check the Terms and Conditions page.

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  1. I am a winner but, I have not received the iPhone.

  2. When will you give an iphone6?

  3. This is very bad. Marie gold is not at all giving the iphone6 for winners.

  4. I am the winner of 10th September 2015,but i have not received my prize (i phone) till now. I had fulfilled all the criteria and had sent my address mentioning the nearest courier hub. Still waiting.

  5. My lot No. B0715C4

  6. What is meant by forfeited? When are you giving me an IPHONE6?
    What are you doing? Will you give an IPHONE6 or not?

  7. LOT NO: A0915C4

  8. My lot no. B09159B

  9. We received call during last week of October saying we have won the prize and I have sent the documents too but no response till date. Even updation of winners list in the website is not showing our name.

  10. Lot no:B091519

  11. prasad yadav 9440300208

    My lot no B091519

  12. Village-Swetpolash, P.o-Chelyama, P.s-Raghunathpur, Dist-Purulia(W.B) Pincoad-723146 (Lot.No-A0815C4)

  13. Lot No : b0915h2

  14. Lot Number. A101516

  15. My lot no is A09159B

  16. My Lot number B0715C4

  17. My Mariegold lot no is B09159B

  18. MARIEGOLD A0915I6

  19. My lot no is A09159B

  20. A091516 , mariegold is good for health

  21. Mariegold A1015H0

  22. MARIEGOLD B0815H0

  23. Abhishek Namdeo Bhokate A/P Saidatta Appartment Flat No. 7 Near Water Tank Wada Road Rajgurunagar Tal Khed Dist pune 410505


  24. How I can won iphone 6?

  25. I am in tbd. What can I do after it? May I send my document or not? Please reply me. I am 28th Sept. Candidate.

  26. My score is 16400 in season8
    Who is the winner and where we can see the winner list?

  27. I had sent my document but still I have not any call and message. I sent every copy of document in 30th September and receipt from Amar …….
    If you were not aware of any of this type products then why did you do publicity?

  28. I don’t understand how to send lot number. Please help me and I am trying to call consumer care, but do not receive my phone. Consumer care reply always busy.

  29. My score 13850
    My prize?

  30. I Don’t have Android phone. When I phone 6 will reach me?

  31. What is TBD? Explain it because I am in TBD list.

    1. TBD means To be Declared

  32. Can we submit the registrations more than 5 times for same mobile/lot number through SMS or web?


  34. I have sent 2 times for the contest hoping to win IPHONE6 but all my desire is zero. How do I get positive result?

  35. Mariegold is a good product,but the Iphone 6 contest is a publicity stunt to buy the product. I think its all fake,even I too belived and Sent lot of messages,but no response.

  36. I filled up the registration 3 times but I found e mail only one time why

  37. TBD REGISTRATION NAME OF marie gold A0915i6

    1. Our family regularly using BRITANNIA MARIEGOLD
      I have 2 entries for the contest hoping that I will definitely get the gift

      My hope continues


  39. I am Amrit roy from siliguri-west bengal. I am totally upset because I am not winner in this competition

  40. I had received a call but couldn’t hear the voice clearly and hence couldn’t confirm. What should I do now? Will I get another call or message?

    1. Britania Marie Gold iPhone 6 Contest is now extended till 10th October 2015!

  41. I have filled lot number via your website and how to send my documents?

    1. In case of a positive response from the shortlisted winner, each such shortlisted winner will be required to send the following documents and collateral:

      The Britannia Marie Gold wrapper with the lot number clearly visible that was entered by the consumer in the entry via any of the two modes of participation. Address proof (Electricity bill, Mobile bill, Valid Indian Passport) Copy of PAN card is mandatory.

  42. Marie gold is a tasty food

  43. Mariegold is a healthy food

  44. I received error message from Blue dart asking for some input. But Message not clear.

    1. yes even i experienced the same i think its all lie

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