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Zee TV India’s Best Judwaah IBJ 2017 Audition Registration : register.ozee.com

Organisation : Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited
Contest Name : India’s Best Judwaah 2017 Audition Registration
Applicable For : Residents of India
Registration/Audition Last Date : June 24, 2017
Website : https://www.zee5.com/global
Audition T&C : http://register.ozee.com/ibj-audition/tnc/

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India’s Best Judwaah Audition :

1. These terms and condition govern the registration process for participating in the auditions to be conducted for the reality show “India’s Best Judwaa” (“Show”) to be produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (“ZEEL”) (“Audition Registration”).

2. Participation is restricted to residents of India and NRIs [non-resident Indians (as defined under Indian Income tax Act) only and who are above 18 years of age as on April 1, 2017 and upto 40 years of age only and for only those who are identical twins (Monozygotic).

3. Every person who fills the Registration Form (defined below) and uploads his entry on ZEEL’s Website (defined below)] is referred to as an ” Applicant”.

4. To participate in the Audition Registration, Applicant shall be required to upload their videos featuring both twins in same video, in MP4 format with file size not exceeding 100 MB, in accordance with instructions available in Website and communicated during Audition promotions on various media on https://www.zee5.com/global or such other webiste as instructed by ZEEL.

5. The timing for filing and submitting the Registration Form at the Audition shall be upto June 24, 2017 only or such extended dates, if any, as decided by ZEEL at its sole discretion (“Registration Period”).

6. In order to participate in the Auditions, Applicant(s) is required to fill the Registration Form and submit their vidoes during the Registration Period only. (“Application(s)”).

7. If the Applicant(s) does not submit the Registration Form and the audition video during the Registration Period, then such Application shall not be considered as valid for this purpose of the Audition Registration and such Applicant shall be disqualified.

8. If any Registration Form is not completely filled, then ZEEL shall consider such Application as invalid and such Applicant will be disqualified. ZEEL shall have no further liability towards such Applicant.

9. Submission of Registration Form does not guarantee, participation in the Audition and the admission for the same shall be the sole discretion of ZEEL.

10. The number of rounds, the criteria for selection to further rounds of Auditions shall be determined by ZEEL at its sole discretion and Applicant shall not raise any concerns regarding the same.

11. In the event an Applicant has submitted more than 1 (One) Application, then only the first Application submitted shall be considered for the purpose of evaluation by ZEEL.

12. Selection of an Applicant in one round of Audition does not imply selection of the Applicant to further rounds of Auditions that may be conducted by ZEEL in relation to the Show. Such selection of the Applicant(s) in the Auditions shall be the sole discretion of ZEEL.

13. ZEEL reserves the sole right to disqualify any Applicant at any time and the decision of ZEEL shall be final and binding on the Applicant and his/her legal guardian.

14. Documents Required :
To participate in the Auditions, Applicant shall compulsorily be required to carry provide the following documents, as and when required by ZEEL:

a) Aadhar Card/ Birth Certificate along with the Proof of identity cum permanent address of their major parents/guardian i.e Aadhar card / Election card/permanent Driver’s License/Passport for address proof
b) 2 passport size photographs.
c) Document evidencing NRI status (if applicable)

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  1. Sameera Ali

    Please help me with the link for Best Judwa Auditions 2018.

  2. Shiksha and Shakshi

    Please give me chance for India’s best Judwaah .

  3. Rakhi

    Please say if we can apply now. Because we don’t have any information before that about this reality show.

  4. Abhijeet Bundela

    I want to apply. We are twins.

    1. Admin

      Information available from the Official Website :

      The timing for filing and submitting the Registration Form at the Audition shall be upto June 24, 2017 only or such extended dates, if any, as decided by ZEEL at its sole discretion (“Registration Period”).

  5. Ajay

    Please give me a chance to participate.

    1. Admin

      Registration deadline for audition is over.

  6. Rakesh Kumar Batti

    I am 17 years old. Can I participate?

    1. Admin

      Information available from the Official Website :

      Applicant found to be below 18 years of age will be disqualified.

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