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marrsspellingbee.com : MaRRS Spelling Bee School/State/National/International Level Competition

Organization : MaRRS Intellectual Services (P) Ltd
Competition Name : Spelling Bee School/State/National/International Level Competition
Applicable For : Cclass 1 to 12th School Students
Applicable States : All India
Website : https://marrsspellingbee.in/site/index

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MaRRS Spelling Bee Competition

MaRRS Spelling Bee is the largest self-motivated spelling competition in Asia for school children. It helps students to improve their communicative skill by building an enhanced vocabulary, and through proper usage of it.

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The students go through the various rounds that asses their spelling, pronunciation and word usage skills. Being a self-motivated programme, the students learn on their own, without being compelled to excel.

The competition begins at the School Level and then progresses to the International Level through the Inter School, State and National championship. The students should succeed in each level in order to be eligible to participate in the next level.

Stages/ Level

The competition has five stages:
** School Competition
** Inter School Championship
** State Championship
** National Championship
** International Championship

The competition begins at the School and then progresses to the International Level through the Inter School, State and National Championships.

Only those who qualify in the School Competition would be eligible to participate in the Inter School Championship. The State and the National Championship would comprise of participants, who qualify from the Inter School and State Championships respectively. All those who qualify from the National Championship would participate in the MaRRS International Spelling Bee.

Who Can Participate?

MaRRS International Spelling Bee is accessible to all school students from class 1 to 12. The participants compete in six different categories depending on the class they study in.

Which are the different categories in the competition?:
CAT 1 – Class1
CAT 2 – Class 2
CAT 3 – Classes 3 & 4
CAT 4 – Classes 5 & 6
CAT 5 – Classes 7, 8, & 9
CAT 6 – Classes 10, 11 & 12

How To Participate In MaRRS Spelling Bee ?

To join MaRRS Spelling Bee, you have to join the competition at the School Level. Every child must be registered through the School. Every participant would require the parent/guardian’s consent on the registration form, which would be distributed through the school.

If the MaRRS spelling bee has not come to your school, send us the details of your school. Our team will contact your school.

Who would qualify for the Inter School, State and National Championship ?:
All those participants who enter into the Oral Round of the School competition would be eligible to participate in the Inter School Championship. All those who qualify from the Oral Round of the Inter School and State Championship may participate in the State and National championship respectively. Those who do not attend the Oral Round are disqualified from participating in the next level.

How are participants identified during the competition?:
Every participant on registration for the school level competition is given a unique Candidate Identification Number (CIN), which would be the identity of the participant at all, levels of the competition.

What is CIN and how is it different from the registration number?:
CIN stands for Candidate Identification Number. It is used to identify the student at all levels of our competition except the school level. The registration number on the other hand, is issued only to those students who have registered for a particular event. Unlike the registration number, the CIN number does not change even when the student reaches the state, national or international level.

You have to login on the website marrsspellingbee.com to check your results at all levels of the competitions.

How do I type in my CIN?:
Please type your CIN without providing spaces between the first two letters and the number given in you admit card.

My name is printed wrongly in the Admit Card. What should I do?:
Please report to the matter to the office next to you. We shall arrange to give you an alternate admit card.

When I try logging in, it shows invalid CIN. What should I do?:
Please type your CIN without providing spaces between the first two letters and the number given in you admit card.

If you still have problems, send a mail to enquiry [AT] marrs.in


India National Championship Prize Pool:
Best Performer — `Rs 1,00,000/-
1st Prize — `Rs 50,000/-
2nd Prize — ` Rs 30,000/-
3rd Prize — ` Rs 20,000/-
4th – 10th Ranks — Rs` 5000/-
11th – 20th Ranks — ` Rs 3000/-

International Championship Prize Pool:
1. Best Performer Of The Event wins `$ 22222
2. 1st Prize Winner wins `$ 4444
3. 2nd Prize Winner wins `$ 2222
4. 3rd Prize Winner wins ` $ 1111
5. 4th – 10th rank holders win ` $ 222
6. 11th – 20th rank holders win `$ 111

Please note:
1. The prizes are in the form of scholarships and NOT cash awards.
2. The amount is meant for the further education of the winners from the date of the competition up to a further period of ten years.

3. The amount will be paid over a period of ten years in four quarterly installments per year. The scholarship fund would be disbursed directly to the educational institution where the student is studying. The payment would be effected only after the institution certifies that the winner continues to be their student before every payment.

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  1. Bhakti

    My daughter receive merit certificate in category 1 so can she is going to next level

  2. Kavita

    Inter school championship exam dates of math MaRRS preschool bee 2019-2020

    1. Amruta mhadye

      When will be declared inter school championship results marrs pre school bee

  3. Kiaan

    My son is in Rustomjee Cambridge international school, Dahisar. He will be going to the 2nd grade now. Can you please guide me as I am interested in him giving the spelling bee exams?

  4. Anonymous

    I am unable to find my child’s CIN.

  5. Nandita

    I am unable to download my certificate, please help.

  6. Teena Nilesh

    Please tell me, which book should I refer for category 3 exam which is scheduled on 30th September.

  7. Nikhil Raj

    I have passed in the oral round of the school championship in category five but then I got a message showing two venues. Where should I go and what should I do.

    1. Monishini Agarwal

      Go to the first one. I am commenting you this because my child is in the International level.

  8. Anthariksh Banerjee

    Please let me know the timing of the 3 level spellbee championship.

  9. Kashish

    My daughter is in St.Helena’s School, Pune where these exams are not held. Please guide, how should I enroll my child.

  10. Satyam Tomar

    When do the forms of 2018-19 come?

  11. Priti

    How can I prepare my kid for UKG spell bee exam?



  13. Yashvi Ranjan

    When will they distribute our prizes for Marrs spelling bee inter school competition in Bihar?

  14. Kapil

    My son is studying in Vidyashilp academy in Bangalore. Please contact the school and ask them to participate in this competition.

  15. Zehra Shaikh

    My son appeared for the Spellbee Interschool Championship Cat 3 in April 2017. When are the results expected for the same?

  16. Deepa

    How can I get the study materials for class 1? Please let me know.

  17. Anshul

    My son is studying in 2nd class and he was selected at national level exam so kindly confirm me exam date and venue.

  18. Priyanka

    My son has received a message that ‘you are a qualifier to international oral -15/16’. Does this mean that there are other rounds too such as written in addition to oral?

  19. S.S. Salgankar


  20. Annu

    What if someone is selected for spellbee second level and he or she changes the school?

  21. Marrs

    How can I get practice papers for school level and also when I am registering there is no state where I am living?

    1. Sree Ram

      From where can I get the study material for inter school contest of Palakkad, Kerala.

  22. Leena

    I want to know my child result. He has appeared for grade 5. But I do not have her pin.

  23. Keerti

    How can I get study material for national?

  24. Shuchita

    I checked my child’s Result at the website and he has been selected for National level (2025-16).
    State : Haryana
    I wanted to know the competition schedule. It would be uploaded for the same as it’s still not reflecting..

  25. Mayank Pati

    When will the result of 2nd round 2015-16 be declared?

  26. Varenya Gupta

    When will the competition and registration start for the years 2016 and 2017?

  27. Krishiv

    How can I get level 3 material with answers?

  28. Vansh Singhi

    How can I get the study material for national level at Surat?

  29. Deversh Shetgaonkar

    What is the syllabus for inter school oral and state written? Where are the books available?

  30. Snow

    Where can I get the sample paper of category 4?

  31. Urvashi

    How can I get the sample paper for class 7th?

  32. Bhuvi.A.R.

    How can I get free practice materials for cat 2 inter school competition?

  33. Suraj Kumar

    How can I know my marks?

  34. Anonymous

    What is the syllabus for cat 4 first national assessment?

  35. Gargi Singh

    I have been selected for this inter school round but I have not received any message regarding this round. I also received the certificate of merit.

  36. Deversh Shetgaonkar

    When is the interschool oral and state written exam in Goa?

    1. Meghna Vijo

      I would like to know if there is any prize for school level winners.

  37. Agastish

    How can I get the material in Mumbai?

  38. Suresh Pal

    Where I have enter cin number?

  39. Shuchita

    Why is your site not working? 10 days left for exams and no one has any clue.

  40. Preyas

    I have played the first national assessment game. I want to know the results but I forgot my CIN no. What can I do?

  41. RkS

    Even I’m not able to launch the website for last 2-3 days to pay the fee for my child. The website is not responding. I tried from multiple machines but no luck.

  42. Sansita Pradeep

    I passed the emirates oral and national written exam. So now I want the website but it is not responding. So I wanted to know whether you changed the website.

  43. Anonymous

    My daughter appeared for the exam she qualified also but no certificate is given. Why?

  44. Maulik Desai

    I paid the fees for 2016 interstate level
    I got receipt also.
    But I didn’t get the details of exam venue and date.
    How can I know that?
    The website is not responding .
    Where I will get information?

  45. Jyoti

    Cat 3 first level mars international spelling syllabus?

  46. Sonal

    My child has passed the inter school championship and now from where we get the syllabus for next level?

  47. Parv V Kataria

    Please give my cin no.
    Bhartiya v idya bhavans
    Cat 3

  48. Parv Kataria

    School-Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans

  49. Rupiraj Bindra

    How can I practice online exercise?

  50. Ruchi

    Please share the syllabus of grade one for spelling bee exam.

    1. Shuchita

      Marrs spelling bee teams coordinator (Gurgaon)
      Why is your site permanently down? We have not been able to check our child’s result as to how he fared in interschool rounds. He has been selected for state level oral and written rounds. Can’t even do online practice from previous years question papers. Can you guys please tell when is your site coming back. Only 20 days left for exams!!!!!

  51. Priya

    What is the competition schedule for 2016-2017 for class 1? My son is in grade 1.

  52. Lakshmi Vivek

    My daughter is in senior kg(UKG). I want to know,what type of questions she may get and it their any oral or only writing? Please let me know the type of questions.

  53. JINANSHU Jain

    I have seen my results. What we have to do?

  54. Sreenivasulu

    The school in which my son studying is not participating in this competition. How can he participate?



  56. Vikas

    My son has qualified for inter school championship 2015-2016 held on June 5th(2016) at st.francis school,Koramangal.Bengaluru.
    Now for the next oral round I wanted to know the books to be referred. I also want to know where to get the script language book.

  57. Sudheera

    Can I get the syllabus for state level competition of mars spell bee cat III?

  58. Amit Singhi

    My child has passed the inter school championship now for next exam. From where I will get study material? What are further exam dates?

  59. Ebrahim

    How to login to inter school championship?

  60. Prithi Fernandes

    How to get the study materials online?

  61. Prithi Fernandes

    My daughter is qualified for the spelling bee competition to be held on 17th July but we have no yet received the study material. Please help. Also I would like to get a model question paper of category 3.
    I noticed her profile was wrongly done by the Axis Bank accountant. Now I want to do it correctly but cant. I just want to know why? Please reply.

  62. Dr. Sajida Khan

    My daughter has qualified for Inter School Spelling Competition to be held on 16th July. But she had qualified at school level from one school. Now she is studying in a different school. Your admit card carries the name of the old school. How do I update?

  63. Kunal Sharma

    I have successfully passed the inter school round. Now where will the trophy?

  64. Nishita Jagetiya

    What will be the day of the state level championship 2015-16?

  65. Pallam Reddy Yasodhara

    Our children are kindergarten(twin boys).
    What will be their exam pattern?

  66. Sabana Kapadiya

    My son win the national level by A+. So he go selected to next level?



  68. Uma Ramanuj

    How can we get cin no?
    My daughter cleared state level round with a grade at Ahmadabad. We called helpline also. Please reply fast because she wants to participate for national level.

  69. Binju

    When will the results of FNA for Mumbai be declared?

  70. Pratiksha

    Please tell me where the books are available.

    1. Anonymous

      You can go to Book shop and buy books there.

  71. Somdatta Dasgupta

    I qualified in the interschool level . If I qualify in the city level then where I have to go to give the exam? I participated in Vadodara .
    I have 1 query :
    1) Will you declare the result in the month of May ?

    1. Anonymous

      Yes sure , urgently they will declare.

  72. Somdatta Dasgupta

    I participated in the marrs spelling bee inter school level 2016. I want to know the result of it. So what should I do ?

  73. Somdatta Dasgupta

    When will they declare the result of MARRS spelling bee 2016?

    1. Nabila

      My daughter has appeared for the inter school round in April 2016, held at Shanti Asiatic school,Ahmadabad. When will the results be declared?

  74. Binsa Tvm

    When will be the inter school level competition for category 3?

  75. Jhanavi

    I am waiting for result of my daughter of inter school. She appeared in exam from Vadodara.

  76. Sam

    I’m currently in Kerala. Is there any scope for registration though my school does not conduct spell bee competitions?

  77. Anupama

    My son has cleared the first level. For the second level he was supposed to appear in Bangalore. We have moved to Pune. Is there any way that he can sit for the second level here in Pune?

  78. Janhavi

    When is second level exam 2016? Please send the date of second level exam.

  79. Kavita Jagtap

    My daughter is in 3rd std. I approach her school to register her for this exam but they told that they stop this conducting this exam. What shall I do?

    1. Anonymous

      Change the school Mam.

  80. Anie cyril

    How long will be the course? My daughter started Grade 1 in this April. Is she eligible for Kinder garden exam?

  81. bhuvi

    Can I get study materials without writing CIN Number?

  82. bhuvi

    How can we get the study materials without CIN Number?

  83. Sabika

    My child is in Sr.KG. So I just want to know the registration fees for school level and from when he is capable to enter the competition.

    1. Bhavika Rathi

      The registration fees is around RS 200. Your child can apply for spelling bee competition as soon as he reaches to standard 1 as this competition is applicable for standard 1-12. As soon as your child gets to the next level, the registration fees increases but the prizes are astonishing. It is a chance to win RS 1,00,000

  84. Purvi

    My daughter is winner in national level for category 2. Now she is going to give exam for international oral. How can I get study material for that?

  85. Maham Khan

    My daughter is going to take part in inter school competition.
    How will I get my CIN code? How and where do I pay the registration fee?

  86. Indurani

    Please be kind enough to arrange the date of international finals for 2014-15 competition which will not interrupt the children those who are writing entrance exams which are going to be conducted on 23,25,26,27,28 april 2016. Both the venue for spelling bee and entrance exams are in two different states without having a single day gap.

  87. Harshita

    My daughter is on grade1. Is it possible to know her result without CIN number but with her name and school name?

  88. Sai Priya

    Any school recognized by state govt is eligible for applying to spell bee?

  89. Sai Priya

    Any school is eligible to register in spelling bee?

  90. Mokshit Doshi

    How can I change my password?

  91. Hemangi Paranjape

    I want study material for inter school competition. How can I get?
    Date and registration fee for inter school competition?

  92. Jacob

    When will the inter school contest(Kottayam)dist?
    How will we get study material from internet?
    Kindly inform the links.

  93. Varun

    I am from Jaipur and I am selected for the first national assessment of the competition(Oral round).
    My queries are
    1) Where will the next level take place?
    2) What is the fee structure?

    1. Admin

      From the Website :

      The reg fee of Rs6100 can be paid at any of the UAE Exchange or Axis Bank branches

  94. Joel Sajeev

    What about the cost of study material for Marrs Spelling bee? Is it expensive?

  95. Gopika

    What about Trichy school level result that was held on Dec 26?

  96. Santosh

    My daughter’s exam conducted on 18 Dec. For 1st round of class 4 she is qualified. What would be next schedule?

    1. Admin

      For which level you are looking to get the schedule?

  97. Richa

    My daughter’s school round was conducted on 7th Jan 2016. She has qualified for the next level.
    What would be the next schedule?
    Also how can I get the study material. Please guide. The contact number given on your website is always engaged or no one picks up.


    1. Admin

      From the Website :

      International Prelims ( National Oral + International Written) 14/15 will be held at Rajagiri Sports and Cultural Centre, Kalamassery, Ernakulam , Kerala on 13th and 14th February 2016. The reg fee of Rs6100 can be paid at any of the UAE Exchange or Axis Bank branches.For details and category wise timings,click on COMPETITION SCHEDULE on HOME page and download the schedule.

  98. anand

    I want to participate in MaRRS and my school is not registered. What should I do?

    1. Administrator

      You have to talk to your school or the organizers of the Marrs spell bee contest.

    2. piyush patel a state level winner

      Directly go to our site http://www.marrsspellingbee.com and register yourself three


    Can’t you put up study material online?

    1. Anindya Rastogi

      There is study material online also. You can find it, if you search internet.

  100. Jiyah kacheria

    What is Deepika Padukone’s phone number?

    1. Administrator

      How is she related to this discussion?

  101. Balaji

    What should we do to login for marrs spelling bee?

    1. Admin

      State level results of Goa, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Haryana, Hyderabad, Maharashtra updated.Login using your CIN to check your results

  102. BHAVEN

    When I type my CIN it shows invalid CIN first. Then when i click again it shows the result for national written. When i wrote the exam for state written
    what do I do ?

  103. ankush

    How can I get study material online?

  104. Jumana Khan

    How will I get the study material online?

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