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My Cute Baby Contest August 2017 :

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Organisation :
Contest Name : My Cute Baby Contest August 2017
Contest Last Date : 31/8/2017
Applicable For : Kid’s Upto 12 years old
Prize : Free Gift hamper
Participate Here :
Contest Terms & Conditions :
Website :

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My Cute Baby Contest :

This Activity will be open to all Users (“Participants”) subject to the applicable terms and conditions of , or otherwise.

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Contest Guidelines :
The mycutebaby Contest is open to All users /Non Users of the platform. There no Any Fee for Participating the Contest.

Winner Criteria:
Cute baby Contest will be judged by an internal panel of judges identified by, Winners will be Selected on Basis of (Total count facebook Likes and share) + Votes.

Facebook link of your kid’s profile can be shared by anyone in your friends and family circle we’ll count total number of likes and shares received by a profile we will Also consider our pageview as additional parameter.

One more thing to note is , if a participant try to get fake likes to win those all will be disqualified from contest. to find out fake likes we will consider our page views,votes and GA report for that perticular profile

E.g. : if participant got 1000 likes but only receive 2-3 page views and on the other hand some other participant with 100 likes has 10-15 page view that will indicate us to investigate all likes for that participant.

We will consider average likes+ share count / page view ratio to find out all fake participants. and the same will be applied to votes they votes report will be matched with GA votes event report minor difference between both report will be ignored any participant with votes more then his Page view in GA report will be eliminated without any notice also votes from Any facebook profile created after contest join date will be capped this limit is to demotivate all those who tries to win contest by creating fake profile and vote their own entry multiple time .

Rules :
** It’s A free contest Entries Open for All , Kid’s Upto 12 years old are allowed.
** We will count facebook likes,facebook shares and votes
** Your friends and family members can vote for your kid every 30 minute
** Access to vote will be controlled by a countdown timer to the next opportunity to vote
** You can check your votes, facebook likes and shares in your profile any time.(login using your mobile to view your profile).
July Contest : At the end of contest final votes will be counted As
** Final Votes = Votes + (Facebook Likes & Shares)/5
** maximum votes from fb likes,shares can be : 1000. means we will count upto 5000 fb likes,shares

** however you can share your entry on facebook as many times you want to get more and more votes,there is no limit on votes(your friends and family members can vote for your kid every 30 minute).

** Winner will be selected on the basis of final votes.
** If we detect any suspicious activity like trying to win the contest using fake/spammed votes your entry will be blocked without any warning or any prior notice and will be removed from final result.
** If we find out you are sharing your entry on single facebook profile multiple times on regular basis your entry will be blocked without any warning or any prior notice.
** Voting for August contest will continue till 10th September 2017, results will be declared till 15th September 2017.
** Voting for July contest will continue till 10th Aug 2017, results will be declared till 15th Aug 2017.
** Your result will be display in your profile,click on my votes/login button to open your profile, we will also notify you using emails on your registered email id.
** Participation certificate soft copy will be available to download once results declared.

** Picture change is allowed only if something wrong with current pic like face is not showing correctly.if there is any problem with current pic then send a message with attached picture on our facebook page as follows

** Message- mobile no,email id,kid name,dob of your kid(details used in registration) and attached the new picture you want to update we will update your pic

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