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Godrej ONAM Buy & fly to Paris Consumer Promo Scheme Offer 2017

Organisation : Godrej
Competition Name : ONAM Buy & fly to Paris Consumer Promo Scheme Offer
Contest Last Date : 15-10-2017
Terms & Conditions : https://www.contest.net.in/uploads/26880-onam.pdf
Website : http://www.godrejsecureoffers.com/

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ONAM Buy & fly to Paris Consumer Promo Offer :

Godrej ONAM ‘Buy & fly to Paris Consumer Promo Scheme (Hereinafter “Scheme/Offer”) will be valid from 10th August 2017 to 15th October 2017 (both days inclusive) in the territory of Kerala on the terms and conditions stated hereunder:

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Products Eligible :
This Scheme will apply on Godrej Home Safes, Godrej Goldilocks and Electronic Home Security Products – VDP, Alarm system, CCTV (or any new products launched during the Scheme period) sold through Godrej outlets namely- Coco Stores, Modern Trade Outlets, General Trade and the participating Wholesale Distributor’s during this Scheme period. (valid only on Tertiary sales) .

**This offer is not valid on any products purchased from ecommerce portals. This offer is not valid on any accessories*, Motor Mate Safe & Mini coffer safe of Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd. – Godrej Security Solutions Division.

Basic Design of the Scheme :
i) On purchase of any Godrej Home Safe or Electronic Home Security Products mentioned under the scheme*, the customer will be eligible for a chance to win a trip to Paris.
ii) The chance to win the trip will be based on a lucky draw, done through random picking at HO, Mumbai
iii) This offer is only valid on the products mentioned in Consumer Terms & Conditions (Please refer Point 1 to Point 12 for the list of Valid and not valid products or accessories).
iv) The Scheme will be valid only in the state of Kerala and administered by Kochi branch under consultation from the Retail team (Product + IMC) at HO, Mumbai.

v) To participate in the lucky draw; the consumer has to upload the invoice** pertaining to purchase of any Godrej Home Safe or Electronic Home Security Product mentioned under the scheme on the festive portal (URL: godrejsecure.com/SecuritySolutions/FestiveOffers). On Successful completion of participation, a confirmation mail with a unique ticket code would be send to the participant. {If customer is participating through online portal and has uploaded the invoice on portal, he/she does not need to send in the hard copy of the invoice}.

vi) The customer, if not participating in the Scheme through the online portal he /she will need to send a Photo copy of the invoice by mentioning their Name, Contact Details, City and State to the below mentioned address:
Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited.
Godrej Security Solutions – Reception
Plant -17, Pirojshanagar,
Vikhroli, Mumbai – 400079
Please note participation entries received via postal mail would not be receiving any confirmation mail or ticket number.

vii) The customer shall be responsible to send the invoice via post or courier at the above mentioned address post purchase. No responsibility will be taken by Godrej Security Solutions, or any of its representatives, the distributor or the retailer in case the same has not been sent by the customer post the purchase. Last date to receive the entries would be 30th October, 2017

viii) The retailers should inform the customers about the process of participating in the lucky draw. (As per process mentioned in point (v/vi) of this clause). (Retailers shall be equipped with Scheme offer posters to promote & explain the offer to the consumer)
ix) Branches must provide the above-mentioned Offer poster to participating Coco Stores, Modern Trade Outlets, General Trade and the participating Wholesale Distributor’s before the Scheme starts. This must be done with the help of the TMM latest by 5th August.

x) The online entries of participating customers will be received by a backend programming center (GITL) and a report of the entries would be sent to the HO IMC Team on a daily Basis. Mystery calls would be done by the TMMs and the HO IMC team to ascertain the accuracy of the details captured in the customer entry form; through calls made to the customer from a central number.

xi) Incase of any queries regarding the status of the scheme/process to participate/ result; a central number has been provided for queries from customer. The working hours for the same will be Monday to Saturday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. The customers can contact on: 080 6792 8348
xii) All participation Entries received either on the portal or by hardcopy will be collected at HO, Mumbai for the consumer Scheme.

Lucky Draw Process :
i) In order for the lucky draw to take place, a minimum of 5000 entries should have been collected from across India (through other schemes launched during this period) with valid invoices through the festive portal & Physical Post.
ii) To participate in the lucky draw; the consumer must follow the process mentioned in point (v)(vi) of this clause.

iii) Kerala (Cochin Branch):
The winners for the trip to Paris will be decided based on random pick by a neutral panel at HO (Finance Team). There will be a random Selection from the data base of consumers who have participated in the lucky draw altogether by uploading their invoices on the festive scheme portal (godrejsecure.com/SecuritySolutions/FestiveOffers) or by sending in hard copies of invoice (as per procedure mentioned in point {(B) (vi)})

iv) HO IMC Team will get manual data entry done for entries received through post or courier

v) The winner will be contacted via e-mail/phone number provided by the participants informing them of the result of the lucky draw.

Godrej Security Solutions Representative will use their best efforts to contact the price winner, but will not be responsible or liable in any way whatsoever if the Price Winner cannot be reached on the e-mail ID or phone number provided by the winner or no response received from the Price winner within a reasonable period of 7 days from the date of intimation of winning prize to the winner.

Decision of Godrej Security Solutions shall be final in this regard and no correspondences shall be entertained thereafter

vi) There will be 3 lucky winners for the trip and the winners shall be decided by lucky draw to be held on December 1, 2017 and the winners shall be announced on December 15, 2017. The lucky Winners will be awarded with gift certificates for trip to Paris.
vii) The 3 lucky winners will have to present the actual invoice copy & the ticket number received in mail confirmation during participation (If registered through Online Portal) along with their identity proof to claim their prize
viii) Every winner must mandatorily provide their Pan Card or Aadhar Card Details for tax purposes. These proofs shall be maintained by HO marketing communication team for future audit purposes
ix) The company will bear the TDS for the “Fly to Paris” gift voucher. The customer will not bear any tax for the gift voucher.

Details of the trip to Paris:
1. Each Gift certificate awarded to the winners will be valid for 2 people (the winner + 1 person of his/her choice). The gift certificate will be valid for 6 months from December 20, 2017 to June 14, 2018.
2. The departures will take place only from Bangalore. The winner would have to make their own travel arrangements to Bangalore for departure.

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