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Navratri With VED Contest 2017

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Organisation : VED Infratech
Competition Name : #NavratriWithVED Navratri With VED Contest 2017
Contest Last Date : 29-09-2017
Terms & Conditions :
Website :

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Navratri With VED Contest :

1. To participate in the contest, the user has to ‘Like’ the Facebook page of VED Infratech from his/her Facebook account.

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2. Participants will have to answer all the question for 9 days correctly using the hashtag #NavratriWithVED. Lucky winners will be chosen by random selection.
3. The Contest is open from 21st September 2017; 6 pm to 29th September 2017; 8 p.m.
4. Gratification: Gift Vouchers
5. The contest will be open for residents in India

Terms & Conditions:
1. Any person above 18 years of age and a resident of India can participate in the contest during the period of 21st September 2017 to 29th September 2017.
2. The Contest is organized by VED Infratech herein after referred to as the Company. The Contest is valid only in India.
3. Contestants eligible to participate in the Contest in accordance to the eligibility criteria specified under procedure point no. 3 of these Terms and Conditions and participating in the Contest are hereinafter referred to as the “Participants”.

4. To be eligible to take part in the Contest, the Participants need to confirm to the following eligibility criteria:
a) an Individual;
b) an Indian citizen;
c) residing in India;
d) aged 18 years and above;
e) legally eligible to enter into a contract;
f) must have a valid Facebook ID.

5. Information as available on the official Contest page is the only authentic and valid information about the Contest.

VED Infratech shall not be responsible for any incorrect/misleading information relating to the Contest, presented/ displayed on any other source other than the Contest page of VED Infratech & will not be liable for any loss suffered by any Participant based on the representation, terms, conditions, information presented / displayed on any other source other than the Contest page.

6. Only the user of the Facebook page from where he/she ‘Likes’ the page of VED Infratech can participate in the contest.
7. Lucky winners will be selected by an independent third party agency appointed by the company through a random and automated selection process under their complete supervision.

8. The selection of winner(s) through automated process will be final and binding on all the Participant/s.

No correspondence, clarification, explanation in this regard will be entertained by VED Infratech. Any person or participant carrying out any correspondence or clarification or posting any negative comments about the selection of the winners shall liable to VED Infratech and shall be immediately disqualified by all future contests of VED Infratech.

9. VED Infratech has endeavored to make all reasonably practicable arrangements to minimize communication system difficulties but can make no guarantee therefore and shall not be liable for any failures in the same.

10. VED Infratech shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case the participant is unable to participate due to failure on part of the telecom operator, Internet provider, facility provider or his inability to access the contest links as provided on etc.

11. The Participants can post any number of times till end of the contest. However, shall not be using multiple IDs to participate in the same contest. Any single participant found using or participating through multiple IDs in the contest shall be disqualified immediately and shall not be entitled to win any prizes and shall be barred from participating in any future contests on the Contest Page.

12. This Contest is open for the participation of individuals only. Corporate, Agencies, and any non human legal entities are not entitled to participate in this Contest. The participation in this contest is not open to employees of BSH Home Appliances Group, and any Agencies or partners of the Company or their near relatives, business partners or employees of the business partners.

13. There is no entry fee or participation fee payable by the Participant/s for participating in this Contest. VED Infratech will not accept any form of payment from any of the Participant/s interested in participating in the Contest. Participation in the Contest will not in itself make the Participant eligible for the Prize.

14. Each winner of the Contest will be entitled to win the mentioned prize based on the automated selection process only.
15. Under the circumstances of unavailability of prize, a prize of a similar value shall be distributed to the winners for which he/she has been selected.

16. Any Participant taking part in the Contest and declared the winner of the Contest by VED Infratech and is unable to fulfill any one or more eligibility requirements, as specified in above mentioned clauses of these Terms and Conditions, on the date of closure of Contest, shall be disqualified from receiving any Contest Prize under this Contest.

Inability of the Participant to fulfill the eligibility requirement, shall be construed as violating the terms and conditions of the Contest by such Participant. Any status update, comments, made/submitted by such disqualified Participant during the Contest Period shall be invalid.

Any communication, clarification, query, dispute in this regard by the winner or any of the legal heirs/guardians of the winner in any manner will not be entertained by VED Infratech.

17. The Prize/s shall be subject to the laws of India, including all the tax laws. All applicable regulatory and statutory duties, cess, surcharges, taxes (including TDS), insurances, transfer fees, registration fees etc. that may be applicable to avail/use the Prize/s will be borne by winner.

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