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Droom B-Plan Competition 2017

Organisation : Droom
Competition Name : B-Plan Competition 2017
Contest Last Date : 25-10-2017
Terms & Conditions :
Website :

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B-Plan Competition :

Droom is India’s first and only online marketplace for buying and selling new and used automobiles. At over 65% of the automobile transactions market share online, Droom is the largest auto portal in India.

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With BPlan Competition, Droom provides the opportunity to the individuals with intelligent acumen to design a strategic solution for real life problems faced by Droom and the online automobile marketplace industry. B-Plan Competition would work as a propellant for young aspiring minds in their flights of professional careers.

As part of MTV Dropout, the contestants were given a task concerning Droom’s expansion into the C2C space. If you wanted to be part of Droom MTV Dropout and missed it, here’s your chance to test yourself. Can you better the Dropout contestants?

Currently, the majority of Droom’s business is B2C – auto dealers selling to consumers. The company’s now giving a major push to build the C2C side of the business as well. With this offering, individual sellers will be able to list their vehicles on the platform which can then be purchased directly by individual buyers/consumers.

As compared to other C2C players in this space, Droom’s offering will be strengthened by Full Circle Trust Score and Droom’s unique ecosystem services – Orange Book Value for fair market value of used vehicles, Droom History for used vehicle history report, ECO for used vehicle health check, Droom Credit for auto financing, and Droom Discovery for research & buying tools. Also, Droom is focused on transactions as compared to the classifieds model taken by many players. This expansion will reinforce Droom’s position as the trusted destination for serious buyers & sellers.

The participants need to submit a business plan for Droom to build up the C2C side of business. The submission should cover all aspects of a business plan, which should include:
1. Research (35% weightage)
(a) Competitive Research
(b) Consumer Research
(c) Product Research

2. Proposed Plan (65% weightage)
(a) Product Plan (i.e. features and functionality on website and app)
(b) Advertising Plan (overall communication)
(c) Customer Acquisition Plan (how to acquire C2C sellers/listings and buyers)
(d) Partnership Plan (what kind of partnerships can help fuel C2C business)
(e) Any other ideas and suggestions

1. Last date for submission of entries shall be 25th October, 2017 (“Submission Last Date”)
2. Participants can make their entries in their individual capacities or as part of a team
3. The number of members in a team should not exceed three (3)
4. A Participant cannot be a part of more than one team
5. In case a Participant make an entry in their individual capacity, they are barred from making an entry as part of a team as well
6. Multiple entries from a single team are not allowed
7. Only Team Lead needs to enter his/her details at the time of submission

1. The submission in the form of presentation (.ppt, .pptx, .pdf only) should not exceed 25 slides
2. Directions for submission entry
** Upload the entries on on or before the Submission Last Date
** File Naming Convention – Team Name_Member 1 Full Name
** No submissions beyond the stipulated time would be entertained

3. The analysis and calculations (Excel, SPSS, R files) included in the submission entry can be attached in a separate appendix
4. Plagiarism is strictly not acceptable. If short excerpts of copyrighted material are used, the original source and author must be cited
5. All entries made on or before the Submission Last Date will be presented before a jury appointed by Droom who will judge the entries
6. The decision taken by Droom’s jury will be final and binding on all Participants and all Participants agree to waive their right to challenge such decision
7. The selection process may be revised and shall be as per Droom’s discretion. The Participants or any third party shall have no right to question the process of selection
8. The participants must produce ID cards on request

** Follow our Facebook page for more updates
** Participating teams are requested to visit the website ( for any updates about the competition
** For any queries email us on bplan [AT]

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