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Star TV Superstar Audition 2017 :

Organisation : STAR India Private Limited
Competition Name : Superstar Audition 2017
Audition Period : 01-10-2017 to 01-11-2017
Terms & Conditions :
Website :

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Superstar Audition :

“Company/Star India/ STAR” means STAR India Private Limited, the owner and right holder of the Program.

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“Contestant(s)/Participant(s)”means any natural person who is between the age of 16 (sixteen)years and 30 (thirty) years, i.e. 16 (sixteen)years and above and below 30 (thirty) years as of November 1, 2017 and who is a citizen and /or resident of any of the jurisdiction of the Territory as per the respective applicable laws and enters the Auditions /Program individually in accordance with the terms detailed below.

“Program” shall mean reality Show(s) (defined below) which shall be tentatively titled “Superstar”. “Production House” means Endemol India Private Limited. “Show(s)” means each episode(s) of the Program including any Special Show(s). “Show Player(s)” means the selected Contestant(s) who are selected through the process of the Audition to participate in the Program.

“Special Show(s)” means any episode/s of the Show recorded with Contestant(s) who belong to a category other than that specified hereunder, which may include celebrities or children’s special, or any other category which may be decided upon by the Company in its sole discretion.

Such episodes may have additional rules (as amendments/attachments) to which the Contestants will have to comply with along with all the other rules of the Audition(s).

“Audition(s)” means different Levels of on-ground selection processes which the Contestant(s) need to qualify and clear for participating in the Program.

“Level(s)” shall mean collectively levels 1 and 2 of the Auditions. The term “Level” shall be construed accordingly to refer to any one (1) particular level of the Auditions as signified by the corresponding number.

“Audition Centres”
(i)means a location in any of the following cities where, at the discretion of the Company, the Contestants need to come for the Level 1 of the Audition process to be conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Pune and Kolkata or any other such city as the Company may nominate

(ii) means and is limited to locations in the city of Mumbai where, at the discretion of the Company, the Contestants need to come for the Level 2of the Audition process.

The Auditions will commence from October 1, 2017, and conclude on November 1, 2017 (“Period”) (both dates inclusive).

In case the Contestant(s) are below the age of majority as per applicable laws in the Territory of which the Participant(s) is a citizen of, then any 1 (one) natural/legal guardian of such Contestant(s) shall accompany the Contestant(s) for all the levels of the Auditions and shall stay with him/her till the elimination of the respective Contestant(s)from the Audition or Program, as the case may be, and /or completion of the Program.

Procedure to register :
The Company shall promote the registration for the Auditions through on-air astons, online and any other manner as the Company may deem fit, at its sole discretion, stating the mechanism in which the Contestant(s) can participate in the Program.

The Contestant(s) can get details of the Audition Centres in the following manner:
The Company shall promote participation in the Auditions/Program through on-air promotions (promos, astons, bugs etc.) on Channels, online and any other manner as the Company may deem fit, at its sole discretion, stating in brief the mechanism in which the Contestant(s) may participate in the Auditions and Program, Audition date, venue of Audition Centres and similar details.

As a part of the marketing strategy for promoting the Auditions and /or the Program on air, Company may also conduct various contests in respect of the Auditions/Program for the prospective Contestant(s) across the country.

The interested Participants and natural/legal guardian of the Participant(s) (below the age of majority as per applicable laws of the Territory of which the Participant(s) is a citizen of) may go through the details, eligibility criteria, date, venue and time of the Auditions in India, etc. and be present at the respective Audition Centre on the designated date and time.

Registration process will take place at the Audition Centre in Level 1 Auditions.

To register and to participate in the Auditions, the interested Contestant(s) shall
(a) have a unique registration code provided to him /her at the Audition Centre(“Registration Number”)
(b) fill and execute a registration form at the Audition Centre and duly submit all personal information as may be required to be submitted by them on the registration form in a manner and form, as requested and /or prescribed therein, (“Registration Form”),
(c) submit necessary identity proving documentation at the respective Audition Centre.

In case the said Contestant(s) is unable to furnish the original document(s) to verify the eligibility details and also submit self-affirmed photocopy of the same, the said Contestant(s) shall be disqualified by the Company from participation in the Auditions.

For the purpose of Auditions, the executed copy of these Terms and Conditions, documentation, Registration Number and the Registration Form bearing the signature of the Contestant(s) and in case the Contestant is a below the age of majority as per applicable laws of Territory of which the Participant(s) is a citizen of, signature of his/her parents/legal guardian duly submitted by the Contestant(s) at the Audition Centre shall be considered a complete entry (“Entry”).

Contestant(s) undertake that all personal information, documentation, contents of the Registration Form provided by them at the time of registration at the Audition Centre is true, correct, accurate and original.

Any incomplete Entry and /or Entries with incorrect format, additional and/or inadequate information will be considered invalid and will be disqualified from participating in The Channel /Company shall be free at any point of time to contact and /or communicate with the Contestant(s) and/or natural guardian/legal guardian (in case of Participant(s) below the age of majority as per applicable laws of Territory of which the Participant(s) is a citizen of) for availing any additional information and/or to verify any details as provided in relation to the Entry and the Contestant(s) shall unconditionally facilitate the same.

All entries at the Auditions at the respective Audition Centre(s) shall be on first cum first serve basis between 9am to 6pm or any other time as decided by the Company at its sole discretion. It is further clarified that the Company reserves the right to close the registration process at any of the Audition Centres, in any manner it may deem fit at its sole discretion.

The decision of the Company in such situations shall be considered final and binding and the Contestant(s) shall not challenge /dispute such decision. Any Entry made after the Period will not be considered for the Auditions and shall be deemed null and void. The Company shall not be responsible for any Entries submitted but not received due to any reason whatsoever.


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