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Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz Contest 2017 Caller of the Week : Colors Bigg Boss Season 11

Organisation : Parle Agro Private limited
Competition Name : Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz Contest 2017 Caller of the Week Colors Bigg Boss Season 11
Contest Deadline : 05-01-2018
Terms & Conditions :
Website :

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You can now ask your questions about this contest. Please go to the bottom of this page.

Feel The Fizz Contest :

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are applicable for the Contest (as defined below) that is organized and hosted by Parle Agro Private limited (hereinafter referred to as “Company”).

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The Company has approached Viacom 18 Media Private Limited (“Viacom18”) requesting Viacom18’s association in the Contest in relation to the Program “Bigg Boss- Season 11” (“Program”) primarily aired on Viacom18’s Channel namely ‘Colors’(“Channel”) and Viacom18 has agreed to host and promote the Contest on its Channel (to the limited extent mentioned herein) whereby Participants can participate in accordance with the Terms and Conditions contained hereinbelow.

1. The Contest is open for all individuals who are residents of India (“Participant(s)”). If the Participant is/are below 18 (eighteen) years of age (“Minor”), then in such event, the participation herein should be done with the prior consent and knowledge of such Participant’s parents/legal guardians and all obligations, responsibility and undertakings (as contained herein) should be complied by such Participant’s parent/legal guardian.

Viacom18 and/or Company shall have the unrestricted right and authority to disqualify any Participant, at any point of time, if it comes to Company and/or Viacom18’s knowledge that such Participants had participated without the due consent, knowledge and awareness of his/her/their parent or legal guardian and/or the Participant is in breach of any conditions or undertakings stated herein.

2. Mechanism for Participation :
a) Participant is required to log on to the Company website (, select the Contest weblink select one (1) name/photograph of any of his/her favorite housemate of the Program as provided on the Contest weblink, submit 1 (one) question which he/she would like to ask to their favorite housemate of the Program (“Question”) and then provide his/her name, phone number and email address as a part of the Contest registration process.

The Participant is entitled to submit as many Question(s) he/she may like and participate in the Contest unlimited number of times, during the Contest Period. Upon successful submission of the Question, Participant will receive an acknowledgement message which will be displayed on the Company website.

However, mere receipt of the acknowledgement message shall neither entitle the Participant to the Prize (as defined below) and /or any benefit nor shall put any obligation on Company and/or on Viacom 18.

b) Upon successful submission of the Question and adherence of all terms hereof, Viacom18 at its sole discretion shall select 1 Question each week during the Contest Period (“Caller of the Week”).

c) The Participant whose Question has been selected by Viacom18 i.e. Caller of the Week may get an opportunity to ask the Question vide an audio call/video call (as per the sole discretion of Viacom18) to his/her favorite housemate of the Program and also may get a chance to speak and interact with Program’s host i.e. Mr. Salman Khan in any episode of the Program during the Contest Period (“Prize”).

3. The Contest shall commence from 1st October, 2017 at 22:30 hours [ ‘Opening Hours’] and shall conclude on 5th January, 2018 at 23:59 hours [‘Closing Hours’] or the week before the finale week of the Program, whichever is later (“Contest Period”), which shall be subject to change as per the sole discretion of Viacom18.

4. By participating in the Contest, the Participant hereby represents and warrants that the Question submitted by the Participants are original, not in breach of any third party rights’ and are not defamatory/offensive/hurtful to any person/sect/caste/community, etc.

The Participant shall use decent language while communicating with the host and housemate/s and the Participant further undertakes to ensure that the language and Question should not be obscene, vulgar, defaming any housemate, denigrate women or children in any manner, hurt religious sentiments, depict violence or is against the public policy of India or/and contrary to the internal policies of Company and/or Viacom18.

In the event of any violation to the aforementioned, Participants shall stand disqualified from the Contest with immediate effect and the Company and/or Viacom18 shall have the right to reject the said Participant’s participation.

5. By participating in the Contest, the Participant hereby represents, undertakes and warrants that he/she shall solely be liable for any and all action (criminal/civil), consequences arising therefrom and shall also be liable to indemnify Viacom18 and Company, from and against any and all losses, claims, disputes, disruption, actions, demands, suits, proceedings arising from Participant’s actions and/or omissions, or arising from any misrepresentation, or concealment of material facts and/or breach by the Participant of any representations, warranties, obligations and / or any terms as stated herein and /or breach of applicable laws.

6. The Company and/or Viacom18 shall have the unrestricted right and authority to disqualify any Participant, at any point of time, if it comes to their knowledge that such Participant is in breach of any terms/ conditions and/or any of the obligations /undertakings stated herein including but not limited to entry / submission of any false, obscene or defamatory Question, inaccurate or misleading details and/or information, of any nature and/or have failed to abide by and/or breach of the rules, terms and conditions hereof.

7. The Participants shall be responsible to bear the cost charged by their respective network operator or the internet service provider (as deemed fit by the Participants) in relation to the Participants participation in the Contest.

Viacom18 and/or Company shall, in no circumstances, be responsible to reimburse any such cost incurred by the Participant on account of such participation in the Contest. Any dispute between the operator or service provider shall be settled directly between the Participant and the service provider/operator.

8. Viacom18/Company shall further not be responsible in case of any kind of network problem, technical failure whatsoever and/or any other problems which may occur due to the failure of the Mechanism or misuse of the Mechanism or any kind of problems in connection thereto and/or for any reason whatsoever.

9. The Participant understands and agrees that, the Participants shall have no right to raise any dispute or take any action against the Company and/or Viacom18 in connection with the participation in the Contest including but not limited to failure of receiving an acknowledgement message, failure of participation in the Contest on account of any technical errors on the website etc., at anytime whatsoever, however any such dispute shall be settled directly between the Participants and the Company only, without involving Viacom18, in any manner and at anytime whatsoever.

10. If, in any State and/or territory or part thereof, the running of this Contest is prohibited, the Participants from such State and/or territory or part thereof shall not be eligible to participate in the Contest. No further notice shall be given by Company or Viacom18, in this regard.

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  1. I like Sapna and I hate Priyank.

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