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Vodafone New Year Bonanza Contest 2017 : Onmobile Global

Organisation : Vodafone India Onmobile Global Ltd
Competition Name : New Year Bonanza Contest 2017
Contest Last Date : 17-02-2018
Terms & Conditions :
Website :

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Vodafone New Year Bonanza Contest


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“Active Subscriber” shall mean a Subscriber who uses the Subscriber Identity Module (“SIM”) of Vodafone India on a regular basis for purposes other than to participate in any offer or Contest offered by Vodafone India.


“Eligible Subscriber” shall mean an Active Subscriber of Vodafone India who has subscribed to the Contest. An Eligible Subscriber must also satisfy the following criteria at the time of participation and during continuation of Contest –
(i) Subscriber must be of at least 18 years of age;
(ii) Subscriber must be a resident of India;
(iii) Subscriber must be an Active Subscriber of Vodafone India;
(iv) Subscriber must be a Contest or Pack Member;
(v) Subscriber must belong to any of the telecom service circle/s mentioned below;

(vi) In case a Subscriber, who is a pre-paid Subscriber, has less than Rs. 1/daybalance, the Subscriber will not be able to play the Contest. Subscriber must not be of an unsound mind; and Subscriber must not be under any legal disability e.g. insolvency, restraint by court orders etc. and / or is prohibited from entering any contractual relationship.

(vii) Subscriber must not have been subject of any criminal proceeding;
(viii) Should not have ported out of Vodafone India during the Contest period.
(ix) Subscription will be open only in the herein mentioned Circles of Vodafone India and Subscribers roaming outside their home Circle will be barred from subscribing to the Contest and participating in any Contest thereunder.

(x) Further, the Subscriber who participate in the Contest and get selected as winners of each category of gratifications in accordance with the winner selection process under the Terms and Conditions of the Contest shall be required to be the registered Vodafone India Subscribers of the winning mobile phone number and not merely the players using such mobile number (“Winner(s)”).

If the Winner is not able to provide sufficient evidence to show that subscriber is the Subscriber of the winning mobile number, Organizer’s reserve the right to award the gratification to the next eligible Winner or to forfeit the gratification, at its sole discretion.

Contest Period

(a) This is a limited period Contest for Eligible Subscribers of Vodafone India, available from 20th November 2017 00:00:01 hrs. till 17th February 2018 23:59:59 hrs., both days inclusive (“Contest Period”);
(b) Organizer’s reserves the right to extend or shorten the Contest Period, as it deems fit.

Contest Details

Subscription to Contest

Subscribers can initiate participation in the Contest by sending the SMS keyword “ACT LAKH” to 199 or alternatively by calling the number 144 (toll free) or dialling the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (“USSD”) string *567*899# & *567*5# from a Vodafone number or on OBD You can subscribe on 51515 by Pressing “1”.


Subscribers can play competition by dialling- 5670330 (Toll-free) and on 56767 (Tollfree). To answer, press 1 or 2 on your phone keypad at Rs. 5 per day. For each right answer, you will get 1 point. There is no negative mark for wrong answer.

Un-Subscription from the Contest

If, Subscriber wish to discontinue participating in the Contest, Subscriber should send “CAN LAKH” as an SMS to the 199 or alternatively by calling the number 199 and pressing”1” from a Vodafone number.
NOTE: Applicable only for subscription Contest.

Total number of questions

There are total 630 numbers of questions that will be randomly asked from the Subscriber for the purpose of this Contest.
(i) Charging :
Sl. No | Playing Channel |Regular Subscription Charges Per Day | Key words options to answer
1. IVR Rs. 5/Day 1 or 2

Note: Fall-back/Missed charging feature available:
Based on the amount charged on a day, subscribers will be allowed to answer questions
Subscribers that are charged Rs 5 will get to answer 7 questions to answer.
Subscribers that are charged Rs 4 will get to answer 6 questions to answer.
Subscribers that are charged Rs 3 will get to answer 5 questions to answer.
Subscribers that are charged Rs 2 will get to answer 4 questions to answer.
Subscribers that are charged Re. 1 will get to answer 3 questions to answer.
Note: Fall-back charging will not be applicable for post-paid subscribers as charging happen on Base price.

(ii) Contest Flow :
1. Contest on Voice:
(a) Subscribers will be informed of the rules, gratifications and Terms and Conditions of the Contest upon Subscription.
(b) After every question and answer options, a “beep” will be played. Subscriber will have to answer by choosing one of the options only after the “beep” is played.
(c) After every answer input, next question and the answer options will be given to the Subscriber. After every wrong answer, the Subscriber will be played an appropriate prompt (e.g. “Sorry! That’s a wrong answer “) and given the next question and answer options.
(d) To listen to a question again Subscribers may press (*).

(e) If a Subscriber discontinued playing the Contest, then the Subscriber may resume playing by Subscribing as per Subscription details provided above for Subscription. If for example, a Subscriber stops playing the Contest after answering question no. 9 then if the Subscriber calls again with the same number, the Subscriber will be played question no. 10 question.

If for example, a Subscriber listens to the question but drops the call without answering the 9th question, then, if the Subscriber calls again, the Subscriber will be played the 9th question which may be different from what the Subscriber has earlier received.

(f) If a Subscriber stops playing the Contest after answering the question no. 9, then the Subscriber will be sent a reminder SMS on the Subscriber’s number registered with Vodafone India followed by another question and answer options. In case the Subscriber does not answer this question, the Subscriber will be engaged three (3) times a day with questions and answer options via SMS.

(g) The Subscriber can play this Contest only once during the Contest Period.

2. Missed Questions Feature:
(a) After Subscriber finishes answering all questions for the day, if Subscriber is charged for the day, that day’s score will be added to the total score. If the Subscriber is not charged that day’s score will not be added to the total score. Communication to charged Subscriber of the day and not charged Subscriber of the day will be different.

(E.g. Charged subscriber will get the communication “Now you can play the missed questions for the day…”. A not charged Subscriber will get the communication “Press 8 to get charged and play missed questions of the day…”)

(b) Post calculations as specified in (a) above, the OnMobile system will check for the questions that were missed earlier and in case there are any missed questions then Subscriber will be redirected to the missed questions flow else exit prompt is played.

(c) The Subscriber will be redirected to press “8” button on IVR as a consent and get charged to play the missed questions of earlier days.
(d) If there are missed questions on earlier days, then first Subscriber will be given the missed questions for the days when the Subscriber was charged and then he will be given the missed questions for the non-charged days.

(e) Before presenting the question for any non-charged day, the Subscriber will be asked to give consent for getting charged for that particular day. Once the Subscriber has given its consent and is charged successfully, he will be presented with set of questions for that day.

(f) In the selection of the winners of all the gratifications except Mega Bumper Gratification, Bumper Gratification, and Monthly Gratification the score considered for selection will NOT include the scores accumulated by Subscriber’s by answering missed questions if any and will only consider the respective question of each particular day.

(g) Scores of Subscriber’s who are charged later for the earlier days will NOT be consider for any of the Gratifications except Mega Bumper Gratification, Bumper Gratification and Monthly Gratification.

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