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ONGC 3rd National Competition 2017 : Oil & Natural Gas Corporation

Organisation : ONGC Energy Centre – Oil & Natural Gas Corporation
Competition Name : 3rd National Competition 2017
Contest Last Date : 15th December, 2017
Website : http://ongcindia.com
Terms & Conditions : https://www.contest.net.in/uploads/28567-3rdcompetitionsolar.pdf

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3rd National Competition :

** ONGC Energy Centre announces the 3rd National Competition 2017, on Design, Development and Demonstration of Solar Chulha, suitable for indoor cooking of Indian food (including frying, baking and chapati making).

Related / Similar Competition : ONGC Swachhata Pakhwada 2020

** OEC invites applications/entries from young students from academic and research institutions, who have ideas on development of a working prototype of Solar Chulha.
** Participants are encouraged to involve industry partner for scaling up of the product.

The broad performance features expected from Solar Chula among other things include:
i) Solar Chulha should work on solar energy (solar thermal or PV) or any other renewable energy as source of energy which can be easily accessed or made available in any house hold kitchen.

ii) It should be possible to keep the chulha all time inside the kitchen for cooking purposes (including frying, baking and chapati making), similar to traditional commercially available cook stoves which work on LPG or other fuels.

iii) It should be possible to use the Solar chulha on need basis any time during the day/night (24X7) basis.
iv) It should be suitable for built up of materials which are easily available and can be disposed safely and can be mass produced with economies of scale.

v) The solar chulha must meet safety requirements for use in any house hold.
vi) It should be able to provide sufficient meals for a family of five. During the night time it will work on stored energy with energy storage, preferably with cycle life of around 2500 or even more.

Guidelines for the Competition :
1. The applicant/team is required to apply by filling the Part A (template given as excel sheet) of the Competition latest by 15th December, 2017.
2. The Part B and C along-with Mentor Certificate is required to be submitted latest by 15th May, 2018.

3. Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students/teams are eligible to participate in the competition.
4. Participants are encouraged to involve industry / entrepreneurs in the Project if considered necessary.

5. Any student or researcher, who wishes to participate in the 3rd National Competition-2017, should not have competed 32 years of age as on 01.01.2017.
6. To ensure participation in the Competition, the completed Part A (as per Excel sheet) should be submitted online latest by 15th December, 2017.

7. The Part A in Excel sheet should be sent by E-mail to with Subject as “Entry for 3rd National Competition 2017”.
8. Please provide correct and factual information to each item.

9. It is mandatory to submit Mentor Certificate as per the format to participate in the competition.
10. Involvement of entrepreneur or industrial partner is encouraged. In such cases role of the partner and support should be clearly spelled out.

11. Each team must use the submission template provided by OEC to create the proposal.
12. Team must submit only one proposal for the competition.
13. Each team must review the proposal thoroughly before submission. Teams will not be allowed to change any information after submission

14. No licenses under any technology, trade secrets, “know-how”, or any copyrights, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of OEC, its affiliates or any third party are granted to entrants under the competition.

15. In Finals stage, prizes will be awarded and paid to all the members of the team. The Team Leader is obliged to make payment in the applicable amount to each member of his or her team. OEC will not in any way be responsible for the division of the prizes among the members of the team.

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