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Renault MTV Roadies Xtreme Show Audition 2017 :

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Organisation : Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd
Competition Name : Renault MTV Roadies Xtreme Show Audition 2017
Audition Last Date : 21-12-2017
Terms & Conditions :
Website :

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Renault MTV Roadies Xtreme :

A. This Audition is organized by Viacom18 Media Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Organizers”) for selection of participants for the FIFTEENTH season of the reality show “Renault MTV Roadies Xtreme” (‘Show’) which is proposed to be produced by the Organizers and is open for all, who are 18 years of age and above holding valid driving license (“Applicant” or “Participant”).

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The Show requires mentally and physically strong Participants to participate in various tasks as instructed by the Organizers. Only those Applicants who are ready for such challenges and have the psychological strength to withstand the risks and efforts involved in the tasks are advised to apply.

Those applicants who are selected as per absolute discretion of the Organizers after Auditions and further screening shall have a chance to participate along with other casted participants.

B. For a chance to participate in the Audition, an Applicant have the following options:
a. Log on to the website and get the registration form online or from any other mode/public forum as may be indicated by the Organizer. One can fill a form online or otherwise and carry the print out of the same at the Audition venues/venue where they choose to take their Audition in.

b. Visit the on-ground Auditions as per the dates/ locations mentioned by Organizers.
c. Last Audition is tentatively to be scheduled on 21st December, 2017 in Kolkata. However, these are tentative dates and subject to change as may be notified by Organizer as per its sole discretion.

Based on the Applicant’s choice of city of Audition and subject to below conditions, Applicants may be permitted to go for Group Discussions (“GDs”) and/ or Personal Interview (“PIs”) at the following cities – Pune, Kolkata, Delhi & Chandigarh. It is preferable if the Applicant comes to the venue with a color photograph.

The dates and location(s) for the GDs / PIs shall be as decided by the Organizers from time to time and the same will be informed through various communication channels across media at the sole discretion of the Organizer.

If the Auditions in the Applicant’s city of choice are over and if he/she is willing to come to any of the other locations of auditions they can participate at his/her own expense. The Applicant himself/ herself will have to make arrangements for travel, food and stay and bear their own expenses to participate in the city of their choice.

C. By virtue of registration, the Applicant hereby agrees to the following conditions and undertakes as follows:
a. The Applicant is competent to contract and does not suffer from any disqualification or such other infirmity which may cause the contract to be void or voidable at the option of the Applicant.

b. The Applicant confirms that he/she is an adult, a resident of India, and is entitled to enter into a valid agreement. The Applicant acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily chosen at his/her free-will and own wish to participate in the Show and is willing to bear all risk, costs & consequences arising from such participation in the Show.

c. The Applicant represents that he/she is medically and physically fit and do not have present or past psychological problems.

If in the past her/she has had any psychological problems or physically challenges or have been under medication for any psychological, anxiety, hypertension, depression or any other medical problems the same has been disclosed to the Organizers in writing along with a copy of the certificate from a qualified medical practitioner declaring him/her to be fit for participation in the Audition and/or the Show.

d. The Applicant/ Participant are aware that the Show being an adventure based reality show will require the participants to perform stunts/ acts during the auditions and the Show which may be dangerous in nature and/or which may cause aversion to normal person.
The Applicant/ Participant acknowledge participation in each such stunt/ act shall be voluntary and at his/her free-will and own wish and the Participant is willing to bear all risk, costs & consequences arising from such participation.

e. The Applicant/ Participant agrees that in the event if he/ she refuses to perform the stunt/ act required as part of selection during the audition, such refusal will lead to disqualification of such Applicant/ Participant from the audition/ Show to be determined at sole discretion of the Organizer.

f. The nature of the stunts/ acts may involve a chance of injury. The participants will keep the Organizer team or stunt coordinator informed of any problem with regard to injury or potential injury that develops for immediate assessment.

The participant agrees that they have disclosed any previous physical condition which may impact on their participation in performing any stunts. The Participant shall strictly abide by instructions, rules, guidelines given to them prior to performance of any stunts/ acts.

g. The Applicant represents that he/she has not been accused or convicted or is otherwise involved in any criminal offence and/or is not under inquiry or trial by the police or judiciary which has not been disclosed to the Organizers in writing.

That the Applicant is not required to be present before any authority including policy or any court of law for a term of twelve (12) months from the date of application and has no other disability which would prevent his/her participation in the Audition or the Show (if selected).

h. Employees of the Organizer and/or their associate and affiliate companies/the respective contest sponsor on MTV, will not be qualified for the participation in the Audition and requested not to register.

i. The registration does not guarantee the selection or participation of the Applicant in the Audition and such selection shall be as per the sole discretion of Organizer, availability of time and venue. The Application shall not and waives any right to question the selection process, non-selection of the application and/or the selection of any other applicant.

j. The number of Applicants to be selected shall be the sole discretion of the Organizer.

k. In the event of large number of registrations, the chance to be Auditioned shall be strictly on a first come first basis till closure of the Audition time. No further requests for Audition shall be entertained by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves its right to change the time of the Auditions as per its discretion at any point of time.

l. The final participation in the Show shall be subject to the Applicant being selected in the live Audition and the execution of a written agreement with the producer of the Show. The Applicant shall not be eligible for any prize or cash for participation in the Audition or the Show.

m. The participation at the Audition or the Show by the selected Applicants shall not be obscene, vulgar, have racial or religious connotations.
n. Organizer shall have the sole discretion to discontinue/cancel the Audition and/ the Show at any point of time and the Applicant shall not raise any claim due to such discontinuation or cancellation.

o. Taking part in the registration process shall be deemed to be consent by the Applicant to receive promotional messages about the shows and programs of the Organizer and messages relating to the Show from the Organizer or any third party so authorized by the Organizer.

p. In the event of any violation to the aforementioned or in case it comes to the knowledge of the Organizers that the details submitted by the Applicant in the application are not correct, the Applicant shall immediately be disqualified from being considered to be a Participant for the Auditions and shall solely remain liable for any action (criminal/civil) arising there from.

q. The Applicant hereby agrees to indemnify the Organizers against any claims that might arise from their actions or omissions or arising from any representations, misrepresentations or concealment of material facts.

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