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Adobe Hackathon CoDiva Contest :

Organization : Adobe Systems India Private Limited
Competition Name : Adobe Hackathon “CoDiva” Contest
Competition Phase Date : Dec 10, 2017
Website :
Terms & Conditions :

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Adobe Hackathon “CoDiva” Contest :

Official Rules :
1. No Purchase Or Payment Of Any Kind Is Necessary To Enter Or Win This Contest. You Must Be 18 Years Of Age (Or The Age Of Majority In Your Jurisdiction) Or Older And A Legal Resident Of India To Participate. Void Where Prohibited.

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Promotion Parties :
2. Promotion Originator; Eligible Participants; Ineligible Participants
2.1 Promotion Originator.The Adobe HACKATHON “CoDiva” (“Contest” or “Promotion”) is originated by Adobe Systems India Private Limited, I-1A, Sector 25A, Noida, U.P. 201301, India, its affiliates and subsidiaries(collectively, “Adobe”).

2.2 Eligible Participants. The Promotion is open only to persons meeting all the requirements recited in Section 1 (“Participant(s),” “You,” “Your”). By participating in the Promotion Participants agree to be bound by these official rules (“Official Rules”).

2.3 Ineligible Participants. No one who is an employee or independent contractor, officer,or director of Adobe, or any of Adobe’s agents, representatives, advertising, promotion, publicity and fulfillment agencies, legal advisors, successors and assigns, and any other company or person that is involved with the production, design, execution, administration or distribution of this Promotion (collectively, the “Released Parties”), is eligible to enter or win, nor is anyone who lives with (whether or not related), or who is an immediate family member of, any one of the Released Parties (i.e., parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses, regardless of where they reside). The Promotion is subject to all applicable federal, state, territorial, provincial, municipal and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Promotion Schedule :
3. Promotion Phases; Schedule; Timing
3.1 Promotion Phases. The Promotion comprises the start and end times, separate entry phase (the “Entry Phase”), Adobe judging phase (“Adobe Judging Phase”), and winner selection phase (“Winner Selection Phase”), all phases collectively comprising the “Promotion Period”, as detailed in the schedule below

Entry Phase Adobe Judging Phase Winner Selection Window :
Oct 15, 2017 Nov 26, 2017 On or about
Close 23:59 p.m. IST Nov 25, 2017 Dec 10, 2017 Dec 10, 2017

3.3 Timing :
Each Participant Is Responsible For Making The Necessary Adjustments For Timing Of The Various Phases In Section 3.2 Above Based On Participant’s Location And Time Zone. Adobe’s Computer Is The Official Time-Keeping Device For The Contest.

4. How To Enter:
Limits On Entries; Team Submissions; Using Adobe Creative Software
4.1 How to Enter (“Entry Requirements”). To submit an Entry anytime during the Promotion Entry Phase:
(A) First:
Whether alone, or in collaboration with a team of one or more individuals (each a “Contributor”), Applicants must register through the registration form mentioned on the Hackerrank website. No other form of entry will be acceptable. (following the Submission Guidelines in Section 5.1, collectively, the “Submission”); and.

(B) Then :
Visit the website at (“Site”) and follow the instructions to enter Your Submission, along with Your name, age or year of birth, mail or email address, or user ID, and other required non-personal information, and acknowledge Your acceptance of these Official Rules as directed (all elements together comprising the eligible “Entry” or “Entries”).

4.2 Limits on Entries :
Each Participant may submit (on behalf of him/herself and any associated Contributors) only 1 Entry during the Promotion Entry Phase, and regardless of the number of Entries entered, each Participant is only eligible to win 1 prize in the Promotion.

Each Entry must correspond to a single Participant using a single email address. Participants may not use multiple email addresses or alternate user identities in an attempt to submit more Entries than are allowed from a single Participant.

Completed Entries must be entered and received electronically during the Entry Phase to be eligible for prizes. If the Promotion consists of multiple separate entry phases, then Entries received during a given Entry Phase will only be considered for the particular Entry Phase and corresponding prize at issue, and will not be included, rolled-over, or considered for subsequent Entry Phases or prizes. Entries received by other methods will not be accepted, and no entries will be acknowledged or returned.

Adobe cannot guarantee that all persons attempting to enter will be able to participate.

4.3 Team Submissions. If a Submission is developed by the Participant and one or more Contributors prior to entering, the Participant must procure written permission from each Contributor (including the parents/legal guardians of any Contributors who are minors between 13 and 18 years of age or not of age majority in his or her jurisdiction). If requested, Participants must be able to demonstrate proof of such permissions in a form acceptable to Adobe.

4.4 Using Adobe creative software. If needed for development of a Submission, many Adobe desktop software applications, services, and touch apps are accessible on a trial basis with Adobe Creative Cloud membership (both FREE) at Not all applications, services, or features are available in all languages and countries.

5. Submission Guidelines :
5.1 All Entries must conform to the guidelines below (“Submission Guidelines”) and be in good taste and in keeping with Adobe’s image, as determined by Adobe in its sole discretion. By submitting an Entry in this Promotion each Participant warrants and represents that

(i) he/she has the legal right and necessary permission(s) to do so (including permission from any associated Contributors), and (ii) that his/her Entry (including all creative and other content comprising his/her Entry) conforms to the Submission Guidelines:

(A) Entries must meet Entry Requirements outlined in Section 4.1 and demonstrate the Judging Criteria attributes in Section 6.1;

(B) Entries must contain only original content (text, images, artwork, footage, audio, music, performance, and other original materials) created by the Participant and associated Contributors, if applicable, and, if required for entry, any idea, question, or similar statement submitted by Participant, must reflect a coherent and complete thought;

(C) Entries must not have been previously selected a winner in a prior promotion of any kind, or used for any other commercial, or non-personal public purpose;

Total Prizes To Be Awarded :
** Prize Description; Retail Value (Rv); Distribution Of Prizes For Team

Entries :
9.1 Total prizes to be awarded, descriptions, and aggregate RV. 70 total prize(s) with a combined retail value of 176,000 (INR/India) will be awarded in this Promotion. Individual prize descriptions and combines retail value of all prizes is below:

Prize 1: First Prize
Total this prize available: 1
Consisting of iPhone 8 Plus; RV: 70000 ? (INR/India) ea.

Prize 2: Second prize
Total this prize available: 1
Consisting of iPad Air 2 Tablet; RV: 30000 ? (INR/India) ea.

Prize 3: Third Prize
Total this prize available: 1
Consisting of Bose Blue Tooth Speakers; RV: 17000 ? (INR/India) ea.

Prize 4: 4th-20th Position
Total this prize available: 17
Consisting of Amazon Gift Vouchers worth 2000 INR; RV: 34000 ? (INR/India) ea.

Prize 5: Top 50
Total this prize available: 50
Consisting of Adobe Branded T-Shirts; RV: 25000 ? (INR/India) ea.

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