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TCS Campus Commune Innovate’18 Digital Technology Contest :

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Organisation : TCS Campus Commune
Contest Name : TCS Innovate’18 Digital Technology Contest
Applicable For : Open to students from the 2018, 2019 and 2020 graduation batches
Contest Details :
Website :

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TCS Innovate’18 Contest :

** We are pleased to inform you that TCS Innovate’18 – Digital technology Contest by TCS is launched and is open for registration for students graduating in the year 2018, 2019, 2020 from any discipline.

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About Innovate’18 :
** TCS Innovate is a contest that challenges your Digital Skills which is hosted in TCS Campus Commune in ties with Kurukshetra, Techno Management Fest by College of Engineering, Guindy. This is the fourth successive edition of TCS Innovate, that we are hosting in Campus Commune.

** Kurukshetra is an International Techno-Management fest conducted annually by the College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, TCS Digital Unit (DESS) from Chennai have collaborated to host the contest “TCS INNOVATE’18” in Campus Commune as part of Kurukshetra at College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG).

Contest Theme :
** The theme of the contest would be Reimagine Digital channels like Mobility, Web, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Gamification, Conversational Systems etc. using Artificial Intelligence.

In order to have a defined scope following domains have been provided for ideation :
** Education
** Retail
** Healthcare
** Communications
** Transportation
** Travel
** Banking
** Engineering services

Eligibility Criteria :
** The contest is open to students from the 2018, 2019 and 2020 graduation batches from all relevant institutes in India.
** Minimum age for participation is 18 years.

Contest Structure :
** To bring out the best of a participants creativity and innovation, while developing their very own innovative solutions. The contest will have 5 stages starting from Registration.
** It is mandatory to finish all the stages in the stipulated time frame to complete the contest.
** All rounds will be taken into consideration at the time of finalizing the winner for the contest.

Winners :
** Top 3 teams will receive exciting cash prizes.
** Top teams from Grand Finale teams will also have an opportunity for an internship in TCS Digital Unit, subject to the terms and conditions that govern the process.

To Register :
** Navigate to and Login > Click on Quick Links : Contest > TCS Innovate’18 Banner > Register.

Innovate :
** This Kurukshetra, the stage is all set to ignite your inventive brains.
** Come face INNOVATE’s ingenious questions and amaze us with your insanely amazing ideas.
** Transform your idea into a mindblowing model and the prize is all yours.

Format :
a) Engineering based questions will be given for contestants with materials.
b) Contestants have to develop a model using their ideas within time limit (2 hours).

c) Judgement will be made by the organizers as follows :
1) Working of model- 30 marks
2) Aesthetics -25 marks
3) Time limit-15 marks
4) Creativity -20 marks

Rules :
1) Contestants should come with their ID cards.
2) It’s a Team event and only 4 to 5 members are permitted in a team.
3) Contestants can use any kind of online resources after getting problem statement with permission of organizers.

4) Total duration of 2 hours is given for the event and extra time is given with reduction of marks. (Refer format to know about marks allocations.)
5) Contestants cannot ask for additional material and given material will be sufficient to make model.

6) Damage of any material or asking for extra material will lead your team being disqualified.
7) Contestants are requested to return the remaining materials after making models to organizers.
8) Contestants can contact organizers anytime for any information or help.

About Kurukshetra :
Kurukshetra, the signature event of CEG Tech Forum, is an International Techno-Management fest conducted annually in CEG. Initiated in 2007, it consists of a mélange of competitive events, workshops on latest technologies, guest lectures by eminent personalities and entertainment oriented events; thereby catering to a multitude of students from various domains. It is the first-ever fest in India to receive the UNESCO patronage.

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