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Organization : Birla White
Competition Name : Birla White Yuva Ratna Competition 2015
Applicable For : Architecture Students
Applicable States/UT : All India
Competition Last Date : 4th December 2015

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Birla White Yuva Ratna Competition 2015:

Birla White is the market leader both in White Cement and in putty. It gives me immense pleasure in presenting the 12th edition of Birla White Yuvaratna Awards, and the promise it holds for the budding young architectural talent of today. With the support of apex institutions of architecture, the Yuvaratna Awards have attained great maturity and is drawing enormous participation across the country!

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Given the momentum of development to the new infrastructural projects and housing in the country, the profession of Architecture and Interior Decorations is poised for tremendous growth. Students’ enthusiasm and whole hearted participation in addition to the independent judging processes have become the keystones of this competition, making it noticeably different basis the new themes each year.

The themes for Yuvaratna Awards 2015 :

Theme 1: [For Third & Forth Year]
The student has to design a smart residential neighborhood, a master plan keeping in mind the context in which it is situated emphasizing the underlying theme for the scheme. The key factor is that the design must address the theme to make neighborhood SMART through effectively designed spaces as well as the eco-friendly and sustainabilityfactors.

Theme 2: [For First & Second Year]
The student must design a community centre for the residential neighborhood in such a way that the environment must encompass the centre where members of the neighborhood may gather for social, educational and cultural activities.

Competition Details:

The Competition would involve participants on a National level whose designs will be assessed by a jury of eminent architects. The winners will be felicitated at a grand function in Mumbai and will have a renowned personality presenting the awards. Registration and uploading of the drawings by the students have to be completed on the Yuvaratna website www.yuvaratna.birlawhitecom.

Submission Criteria:

** Existing students from all the academic years are permitted to participate in this competition.
** Students from the Third & Fourth Year may work on Theme 1 & Students from First & Second Yerar work on Theme ** Each student is allowed to enter themselves only once for this competition.

For Theme 1:

A detailed drawing must be prepared stating all the fine points on the residential neighbourhood, showing the open space built form activity relationship and architecture. The typology of the unit house design, cluster etc to be given. How the SMART theme has been addressed in the neighbourhood, recycle of waste and use it effectively as alternative source of energy etc shall form the core issue to be addressed. The basic thought behind the site zoning, formulation of urban massing form and concept of design must be represented through diagrams, sketches or by any form of visual representation on the A1 Sheet in landscape format. Maximum of Two A1 sheets can be submitted as a final submission.

For Theme 2:

Participants are allowed to submit their requirement on an A1 Sheet in landscape format only.
** 3D views and free hand sketches will be taken into account while marking.
** The file size should not be more than 20MB. The file format of submission is 150 dpi JPEG format either color or black and white. They are to be uploaded on Participants are allowed to select a comfortable medium to express their ideas. Equal importance will be given to the hand drafted and the CAD drafted sheets.
** All entries will remain in the property of Birla White.
** The company also reserves the right to use the drawing for any purpose and anywhere as per its discretion without informing/obtaining permission from the entrant.
** A Code No. will be generated for each of the participants on confirmation of participation by registering on the website. This code must be mentioned on the top right hand side corner of the drawing. (Please Note: NO individual names and/or college names must appear anywhere)

Important Dates:

The Competition will be open from 12th October 201 5 to 14th December 2015
All entry forms to be filled online. Only online registrations will be accepted.

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  3. What is the site for the 2016-2017 competition?

  4. Ashrith Bharadwaj K A

    I want to know where and how to upload the drawings and from where can I get the code. Please do kindly respond soon.

    1. Have you sign up With Birla White Yuva Ratna?

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