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MYWBUT TELOS 2018 CODIFICTION : Online Coding Programming Contest

Organisation : MYWBUT
Contest Name : TELOS 2018 CODIFICTION Online Coding Contest
Applicable For : Students Of West Bengal
Website :

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CODIFICTION is an online programming contest where participants are required to solve 12 challenges during the event period.

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The participants will be pitted against the contest script, specially designed to enable users from each stream and year to participate.

Event Details

** Participants will be provided 12 problems which is to be solved using either of the language – C, C++, JAVA, C# etc.
** Problems will be available from 24th March, 2018 at 11:00 AM and Participant must submit thier solutions within 25th March, 2018 at 11:00 AM. i.e Participants need to solve the problem within 24 hours.

** CODIFICTION will be held in HackerRank website (link will be available here)
** Participants are required to create an account in HackerRank website with the Username of HackerRank profile as TELOS 2018 Registration ID (for Example, COD_TLS000001).


** Please refrain from discussing strategy during the contest.
** Any case of code plagiarism will result in disqualification of the users from the contest. HackerRank has a fairly good plagiarism detector that works at the opcode level.

** Participants can code directly on HackerRank interface. HackerRank support 20 major languages. Participants can have a look at the environment in which HackerRank run your code. Participants can try out sample code given in Solve Me First to get familiar with I/O.
** HackerRank and MYWBUT admins decision will be final.


** Each challenge has a pre-determined score.
** Each submission for each problem will be scored, based on number of testcases it passes.
** The total score of any participant is the sum of their maximum scores of each of the attempted problems.
** Participants will be ranked according to their scores. Cumulative time taken to solve the challenge is used as a tie-breaker.


** 1st Rank – Rs. 1500
** 2nd Rank – Rs. 1000
** 3rd Rank – Rs. 750
** 4th Rank – Rs. 500
** 5th Rank – Rs. 400
** 6th Rank – Rs. 300
** 7th Rank – Rs. 200
** 8th Rank – Rs. 100
** 9th Rank – Rs. 100
** 10th Rank – Rs. 100
** 11th to 20th Rank – Rs. 50

Some Features

** Registration Fee Rs. 200/- only
** With a single Registration, a participant can participate in all the above events.
** Registration can be done Online (through Debit Card, Net Banking or Credit Card) and Offline (through Mywbut Campus Representatives).
** Participation Certificate will be provided to all the participants.
** Opportunity for Internships, Discounts in Summer Training Courses, GATE and CAT courses for the top rankers of any of the event.

For any other details, browse the website or visit TELOS 2018 @ Facebook or Contact your Mywbut Campus Representative or Call MYWBUT at 8240741261 / 9038073878.

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