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CBSE School Swachhta Campaign Art Exhibition & Poster Making Competition 2015 :

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Organization : Central Board of Secondary Education
Competition Name : School Swachhta Campaign Art Exhibition & Poster Making Competition 2015
Applicable For : CBSE Students Classes I-XII
Applicable States/UT : All India

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School Swachhta Campaign : 1st to 15th November 2015

Swacchta , that is , ‘cleanliness’ is a basic human value that has to be inculcated and constantly reinforced among our students, so that cleanliness becomes an integral part of our total personality.

CBSE Result For School Swachhta Campaign 2015 :

As one’s respect for others is directly linked to how we maintain the cleanliness of our immediate surroundings, it is therefore, important to promote good health practices and observe personal hygiene in every home, school and local community. Only then, this becomes a way of life.

The government also envisions that every school in India should have toilets. Schools are being supported since the programme’s inception, and new toilets are to be constructed, which would include separate ones for girls.

For the school cleanliness drive to achieve its desired goals at the earliest, and in a sustained manner, the Board requests all School Heads to inspire their staff, students and other stakeholders to fulfil the National Mission to provide a clean, healthy and safe learning environment for all their students.

The suggested activities to be conducted between 1st to 15th November 2015, will enable schools to take the mission to their local community, thereby fulfilling a wider, national goal.

A. Swachhta Art Exhibition :

This is a sustainable project for the whole school -an inter house activity conducted by the teachers in charge, led by the School Head.
1. Students brainstorm and come up with ideas to decorate all the school walls and toilets with attractive art work and useful messages about the importance of hygiene and sanitation. They will also come up with 5-point checklist to be put up outside the toilets about how they should use them and practice good personal hygiene.
2. All areas of the school premises are to be divided and allotted House -wise for supervision. This is done in rotation throughout the year.
3. To begin with, set aside 2-3 days to get the whole school premises cleaned properly and paint the compound and toilet walls with bright pictures and messages. Invite parents to view the art exhibition.
4. Ensure that volunteer/s from each class, called the ‘Swachhta Monitor/s ‘ take turns house-wise, to periodically visit classes to share information about maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of the school premises and toilets, and personal hygiene.
5. Swachhta Monitor/s are to be given full credit for their work in their Formative Assessment.
6. The best house may be awarded by the school with a Swachhta House prize / trophy, at the end of the academic session.
7. A 200 –word report of the activities, along with not more than 4-5 illustrative photographs may be sent on or before 31st December 2015, to:

B. Initiating One To One Interaction Platforms :

1. This is an activity conducted by the Health / Environment Club/Scouts /Guides and NCC students. School Heads should ensure that toilets are in working order and otherwise, necessary maintenance work is done within 15 days .
2. Invite a technician from a manufacturing company/plumber to use a model and demonstrate how the toilets work and give information about how to maintain the flush system. For the interested students, a demonstration on how to fix the flush system is an added life skill to learn!
3. Schools may have a similar demonstration during their Science project Exhibition, where students can demonstrate their knowledge and exhibit innovative latrine models to visitors.
4. The Swachhta Monitor/s can also support them with inputs on what they have observed and recorded while on duty around the toilet areas and broken toilets.
5. A 200 –word report of the activity, along with not more than 1-2 illustrative photographs may be sent on or before 31st December 2015, to:

C. Reaching Out And Reaching Across :

Schools to organize a Seminar for all stakeholders on sanitation with experts invited from members of NGOs and Governmental organizations, doctors and other professionals associated with health and hygiene. The goal is to find ways to collaborate effectively to promote sanitation in the school and local community, provide training in relevant practical skills, setting up and maintaining waste recycling facilities.
The seminar will also aim to raise awareness and mobilize the local community to adopt methods for safe disposal of human excreta, share ideas for innovative latrine models and cost-effective water purifiers, which can be placed at busy public places. The stakeholders when operating directly with the community could promote the message of sanitation, health and hygiene practices.

D. The Beauty Of The School Swachhta Mission Through Art :
Students can come up with creative ideas in which they and their school can celebrate the occasion, raise awareness and spread the message that good sanitation should be accessible to everyone and is essential for a healthy life.

Senior category: IX- XII [Hindi/English]:

1. Poster Making Competition:

Design a visually pleasing poster to bring out the message of the Swachhta pledge on an A4 size chart paper. Use pencil, ink charcoal and/or paint only. Schools may conduct the competition and submit the best two posters for the national-level competition.

‘I will initiate the quest for cleanliness with myself, my family, my locality, my village and my work place. I believe that the countries of the world that appear clean are so because their citizens don’t indulge in littering nor do they allow it to happen. With this firm belief, I will propagate the message of Swachh Bharat Mission in villages and towns.’

2. Nukkad Natak / Skit:

Let’s Be Serious Through Humour:
A skit or a nukkad natak of 5-8 minutes duration may be performed, by not more than 15 students carrying messages about sound health practices, focusing on proper toilet use and personal hygiene, in a humorous way. Schools may conduct the competition and send their best performance recorded in a VCD, showing how the skit was used in school/local community to raise consciousness about good hygiene practices and importance of sanitation. The script with the complete names of students with class, should accompany the VCD submitted for the national-level competition

Upper Primary category: VI-VIII [Hindi/English]:

3. Poster Making Competition:

Ignorance towards bathroom etiquette in public toilets by some could turn off others and divert them to open defecation. Design a visually pleasing, informative poster that can be displayed in your school, community toilets, offices or commercial establishments, on an A4 size chart paper. Use pencil, ink, charcoal and/or paint only. Schools may conduct the competition and submit the best two posters for national-level competition.

Primary category: I-V [Hindi/English]:

4. Poster Making Competition:

A small step by each student can make the whole school and the surroundings a clean and joyful place for everyone. Design a visually pleasing, informative poster on an A4 size chart paper. Use colour pencil, crayons and/or paint only. Schools may conduct the competition and submit the best two posters for national-level competition.

Procedure for submission of entries:

1. Entry is free of cost and open to all students, only through their school.
2. Categories:
Senior: Classes IX-XII
Upper primary: Classes VI-VIII
Primary: Classes I-V

3. Mode of submission of posters/VCD:

Last date for receipt of entries for the national-level competition: On or before 05th December 2015.

They should be accompanied by the entry form [annexure], duly filled and attested by the Principal and submitted, along with the entries, addressed to:
Ms P Rajeswary ,
Education Officer,[Academics],
‘Shiksha Sadan’ IV Floor Central Board of Secondary Education,
Institution Area, Delhi 110002.

4. Credit will be given for messages presented in a humorous , creative, gender sensitive and inclusive manner. Only entries submitted in the prescribed format, on or before the specified date for submission will be deemed eligible.

5. Entries will be judged by a panel of experts. The judges’ decision is final.
6. Results of the national-level competitions will be declared on 15th December 2015 in the website.
7. TOP 20 winners from each category will receive a CERTIFICATE OF MERIT from the Board.

For any further clarifications, please write to: Education Officer:

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