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Vodafone Red Together Valentine’s Day Promotion Offer 2018

Organisation : Vodafone India Limited
Offer Name : Red Together Valentine’s Day Promotion Offer 2018
Offer Period : 20-02-2018
Terms & Conditions :
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Vodafone Red Together Valentine’s Day Promotion

The offer is conceptualized, organized and hosted by vodafone india limited, and vodafone mobile services limited (hereinafter collectively referred to as “vodafone india”) for the eligible subscribers of vodafone india.

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The following terms & conditions shall be applicable to all vodafone india post paid and prepaid subscribers (subject to eligibility) participating in the offer known as “red together valentine’s day promotion” (“offer”) during the offer period as mentioned herein.

Offer Eligibility

To avail the Offer the Winner:
a. must have activated as primary member a new RED TOGETHER group comprising at least 2 members;
b. must be a valid Subscriber of Vodafone who owns a Vodafone postpaid connection;

How to Participate

Procedure and eligibility to send a referral request and participate in the Offer:
i. subject to point 1 and point 2 above, a Vodafone Subscriber shall have to create a RED TOGETHER group with new or existing Vodafone postpaid subscribers
ii. The request for creation of the group should have been received by Vodafone within the Offer Period through any of the applicable modes for forming RED TOGETHER groups
iii. Consent for group creation from an existing Vodafone postpaid subscriber(s) joining as secondary member(s) should have been received during the Offer Period
iv. Group creation must be completed by during the Offer Period. In case of any queries with respect to the group creation, subscriber must contact with Vodafone customer care team within 7 days of raising group creation request with Vodafone through any of the permissible modes.
v. Group be active (in its entirety with all members continuing to be Active Subscriber having postpaid connection) as of March 31st 2018 for the primary member to be eligible for the offer.

Winner Selection

Winners of the above Offer stated in point 3 above, there will be selected by an independent auditor/agency through is a skill based process for all primary members who successfully activate a RED TOGETHER group within the Offer Period .
a. This Offer is a limited period offer available from February 10th 2018 to February 20th 2018 (“Offer Period”).

b. At the end of the Offer Period, the selection of the winning primary member(s) will be conducted by an independent auditor/agency subject to the selected primary members answering a question correctly during a call placed by an agency.

Decision of the agency & auditors, appointed by Vodafone in this regard, shall be final and binding on the primary members participating for the Offer. No dispute, of whatsoever nature, with respect to selection of winner under this Offer shall be entertained by Vodafone.

c. The decision process of selecting the Winners would be done by an independent auditor/agency. It is understood and agreed that the decision of the independent auditor/agency shall be final and binding on the Eligible Subscribers. No dispute, of whatsoever nature, in this respect shall be entertained by VODAFONE in this regards.

The Winners would receive a congratulatory call from Vodafone’s outbound calling agent which may be recorded or could be call from a representative of the official agency appointed by Vodafone, informing about their selection as winner and prizes under Offer. Also the Winners’ email id, social media handles and identity proof, address proof would be taken on the said call.

In case of the Winners would need to send their scanned photo on the email id that would be given during the call and the Winner authorises Vodafone to same would be suitably inserted the said photo on the Vodafone website or Facebook, twitter or any other media as VODAFONE may deem appropriate, at its discretion.

d. The winning primary members selected in the manner mentioned above (collectively “Winners”) will get an opportunity to win a free 3N/4D trip for two members to Bali or any other destination as may be decided by Vodafone at its sole discretion.

e. Holiday vouchers will be issued through an external travel agency & will be subject to all the external travel agency’s terms & conditions. Any queries, complaints, issues related to such holiday vouchers to be directly addressed by the external travel agency and it is agreed and understood that Vodafone shall not be responsible and liable for any queries, complaints, issues related to holiday vouchers.

f. The Holiday vouchers shall only include the flights tickets & hotel accommodations. All other additional expenses related to the accommodation stay or travel have to be solely borne by the Winners.

g. Vodafone shall not be responsible and liable for any queries, complaints, issues related to flight and hotel accommodation and it shall be addressed by the respective airline and hotel authority. No complaints, claims, correspondence or communication shall be entertained by Vodafone in this regard. Vodafone has no role in such issues.

h. The list of Winners of all prizes will be announced on after the end of the Offer and after all the winner selection processes are completed. The winners will be announced on such date as may be intimated by Vodafone.


a. Number of Winners being chosen under the offer shall be at the sole discretion of Vodafone, subject to their being at least 1 Winner
b. Prize(s) awarded under the Offer shall not be transferable. No other person or agent can claim the prize on behalf of the Primary Member unless otherwise expressly mentioned herein.
c. The Winner shall not have the right to claim any damages, loss or costs from Vodafone for delay in awarding of the prize(s) on any grounds whatsoever.

d. The prize(s) to the Winners shall be given subject to compliance with all applicable statutory legislations, processes or formalities in connection with the prize(s) as may be required by Vodafone. Any failure on the part of the Winners to comply with directions issued by Vodafone for claim of prize shall entitle to forfeit the prize(s).

e. Notwithstanding any other provisions under these Terms and Conditions herein, Vodafone may at its sole discretion at any time introduce additional prizes or change the prizes in any offer under RED TOGETHER VALENTINE’S DAY PROMOTION. The winner shall be entitled to prizes prevailing at the time of the Referred Customer joining Vodafone network.

f. Any failure on the part of the Winner under these offers to comply with directions issued by Vodafone shall entitle Vodafone, at its discretion, to cancel and forfeit the prize for the said Winner.

Offer Period

a. This is a limited period offer by Vodafone India, available from 10th February 2018, 00:00:01 hrs. till 20th February 2018, 23:59:59 hrs., both days inclusive (“Offer Period”);
b. Vodafone India reserves the right to extend or shorten the Offer Period, as it deems fit.

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