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Risk Jiska Bike Uski Contest 2015 : PepsiCo, Mountain Dew

Organization : PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd
Contest Name : Mountain Dew India Risk Jiska Bike Uski Contest 2015
Applicable States/UT : Throughout India (Except Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana)
Contest Last Date : 30 November, 2015

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Website : http://pepsicoindia.co.in/brands/mountain-dew.html
T&C: https://www.facebook.com/notes/mountain-dew-india/terms-and-conditions-mountain-dew-risk-jiska-bike-uski-contest/903069713076010

Mountain Dew Risk Jiska Bike Uski Contest 2015:

You believe in taking risks? How about one that can WIN you a brand new KARIZMA ZMR? Grab a bottle of #MountainDew, find the code under the label, SMS it to 09016165656 & you could ride away on a new bike.

PepsiCo Kurkure #WhySoSweetJawaab Contest 2015 :

Risk Jiska Karizma ZMR Uski

Terms and conditions:

1. “Mountain Dew Risk Jiska Bike Uski” (“Promotion’) is brought to you by PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (‘Organizer’).
2. Promotion is only valid throughout India except in the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Hence, all remaining States / territories in India (which are not excluded) are hereinafter referred to as the ‘Territory’.
3. Promotion is valid on the purchase of 600ml, 1litre ,1.25litre, 2l and 2.25 litre PET bottles of Mountain Dew (“Products”).
4. Promotion is valid from 1October 2015 to 30 November, 2015 (‘Promotion Period’), both dates inclusive in Territory only.
5. Products without the Promotion are also available. Participation is optional.
6. Promotion is open to all Indian citizens above 18 years of age, having a valid driving license for motorcycle with gears, residing in India except the employees and the family members of the Organizer, its associate companies, it’s advertising and promotional agencies, distributors, Bottlers, Co packers and its Auditors and their associate companies (‘Participant’).
7. Promotion is being conducted under the supervision of independent auditors (“Auditors”).

8. To participate:
In order to participate, the Participant is required to:
a. Purchase any Product during the Promotional Period and look under/on back of the label to retrieve a 7 (seven) digits alphanumeric code (“code”).
b. SMS the code to 09016165656 and after sending a valid code, the Participant will receive an SMS confirming the valid code. The SMS will be followed with an Interactive Voice Recorded Call (‘IVR’).
c. The Participant will be offered to select a language between English or Hindi. Language once selected cannot be changed midway during the call. In case the Participant does not select the language within 5(five) seconds, the call will proceed in Hindi.
d. Upon successful selection of the language, the Participant will be asked a question and will be provided with three (3) options, out of which the Participant will have to select the option most relatable to brand Mountain Dew as quickly as possible, by pressing the numbers 1) or 2) or 3) from his/her handset.

e. There will be around thirty questions throughout the promotion period, each time the Participants send the code, he/she will possibly hear a different question. Each answer will carry different scores and the Participant will get a score basis two (2) broad parameters:
i. Firstly, as per the relatability to brand Mountain Dew and as per the risk quotient which the Participant is willing to take in a hypothetical situation provided in the question. With these hypothetical questions, the risk appetite of the Participants will be gauged and the Participant will be marked with a pre-decided accordingly.
ii. Secondly, the time within which the Participant responds to these hypothetical questions.

As such, the probability of getting the highest score for a particular question depends on two (2) aspects, one the risk which the Participant is willing to take in a hypothetic situation and second, the time the Participant takes to answer the question. During the IVR Call, the Participant will be given 10 seconds to answer after hearing the question during the call. It is clarified that the scoring will be carried out through a software specially developed for this promotion.

To Illustrate :
Tumhari brand new Bike Ladhak ke Khardung la pass par khadi hai. Tum us se bas do kilometer ki doorie par ho ki achanak kuch chattane ludhak kar tumhara rastarok deti hain…batao tum kya karoge.
1. Ek dabao agar tum chattano ko paar karneka risk loge
2. Do dabao agar tum laut jaoge
3. Teen dabao agar tum madad ka intezaar karoge

In the aforesaid illustration, option 1) is the Best Fit for ascertaining the risk appetite of the Participant. As such, if a Participant opts for option 1) and assuming he / she gives the answer within 1 second, the Participant will score 100 marks. Accordingly, basis the answers provided by the participant, the risk appetite of the Participant will be ascertained by the software and depending on the time taken by the Participant, the final score will be provided for every attempt.

Please note that the above is only an illustration used to explain the concept. It may or may not be a part of the question bank used during the promotion.

f. In case the call gets disconnected during the completion of the process, the candidate would receive a fresh call. The scoring, if any, from the previous disconnected call would not be considered and the process would be marked afresh. We will make 3 attempts to the caller in duration of 15minutes. If the call keeps disconnecting then the entry will be scored basis no answer scoring. As such, before sending the code through SMS, the Participant should be present in an area with proper network connectivity.

g. By participating in this promotion, the Participant agrees, acknowledges and consents to the Organizer recording these calls / conversations for future reference and use, at its sole discretion.
h. The IVR and marking system is standard for all participants. The process followed by the organizer in this regard is final.The participant cannot insist on checking the IVR and its marking itself or through an attorney.
i. As the IVR is an automatic system the process would have to be completed at one go. The participant cannot postpone the call to any later date or time.

j. The participant would receive the IVR call immediately (participant will be tried thrice within 15 minutes of sending the code) after providing the correct code, he/she should be in a position to receive the IVR call and go through the process. In case the call connection cannot be made in the above time for whatever reason, the claim would immediately stand disqualified.

9. Prize:-
The Organizer will take out one (1) daily winner, who will be entitled for one (1) Hero Karizma bike being Model No. ZMR 223CCwith helmet (‘Prize’) throughout the promotion period (total number of prizes – 61)

10. For Prize :
a. The Organizers will take out one winner out of all valid entries using a specially created software which will follow the process mentioned in Clauses 8,9& 10 above.
b. All taxes (including gift tax), custom duties, registration charges on the Prize will have to be paid by the winner. It is clarified that the claimant will be required to submit a demand draft of the amounts as applicable towards Registration and other charges. More details are provided in the following paragraphs. It is clarified that in case the claimant is unable to provide this demand draft as per the clauses of these T&C’s, the Organizer will have the sole discretion to either offer the prize to the next claimant or forfeit the same entirely.

c. The valid entries received till 11.59 pm on each day will be considered for the daily Prize.
d. The participant with the highest score during the day (i.e.12:00am to 11.59 pm of a particular day) will be considered the claimant for the prize.
e. In case of a tie/multiple participant having the same score, the claimant would be randomized by the auditor/an audited software.
f. The decision of the Organizer shall be final and no further communication will be entertained.

g. The Winner should be above 18 years of age and possess an appropriate and valid driving license for driving a motorcycle with gears. A learners’ license will not be considered for this purpose. The driving license as required should be available at the time of claiming the prize, grace time to procure a license is at the discretion of the organizer.
h. Organizer shall not be liable for any complaints regarding the quality of the prizes and the same shall be entertained by the prize manufacturer, subject to manufacturer warranty terms.

i. The choice of color and make of the Bike/Prize is at the discretion of the Organizer. It is clarified that in case the Winner wants a higher model of the bike/Prize, he/she will have to bear the applicable differential price of the same.
j. In case the participant wishes to contact the organizer for any reason whatsoever, the contact should be made only with the consumer relations department of the organizer. Any attempt to contact any officer of the organizer or any of the organizers agencies/its personnel would not be entertained and could lead to the claim of the participant being rejected.

11. Each code can be used only once. All subsequent attempts to enter same code again will not be considered. Further, any entry without a code or with incorrect code would be considered invalid.
12. One mobile number can be used to send multiple Codes.
13. One mobile number /person/participant will be entitled to win only one Prize throughout the Promotion Period. After winning one Prize, the subsequent entries from the same participant will not be considered.
14. The cost of sending an SMS will be as per the applicable tariff of the relevant service provider.

15. All users participating in this Promotion, whether directly or indirectly, will waive conditions of DND registration and the Organizer shall not assume any responsibility in this regard. The users / participants could also be contacted anytime through voice calls, SMS for campaign updates and participation during the duration of the promotion.
16. Entries are deemed to be submitted at the time of receipt of the SMS into the Organizers data base, and not at the time of transmission by the participants. Organizers do not guarantee delivery of SMS and are not responsible in case the SMS does not reach the specified number due to any reason, including network problem.

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  1. I want mountain dew and always like it.

  2. When can I get my claimed gift?

  3. Please show the winners names

  4. I like dew and live dew

  5. Mountain dew is the best.

  6. How can I see today result?

    1. Go to the mountain dew India website to see results

    2. The Winners will be contacted by the representatives of the Organizer on the contact details provided by him/her along with their respective entries. The Winners will be contacted 3 times over a period of 48 hours to inform him/her of the win. In the event that the Winners are not contactable in 3 attempts, the Organizer shall be at a liberty to either pass on the prize to the next winner or forfeit the prize entirely

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