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Vodafone 30 Day Pugathon Contest 2018 : Win An iPhone Everyday

Organisation : Vodafone India
Contest Name : Vodafone 30 Day Pugathon Contest 2018 (#MyVodafoneApp)
Applicable For : All Vodafone Subscribers (Except J&K, TN & Chennai)
Contest Last Date : 9th April 2018
Prize : iPhone, Super Apple Hamper & Surprise Gifts
Website :

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Vodafone 30 Day Pugathon Contest

Play the Vodafone 30 Day Pugathon on the MyVodafone App and get a chance to win an iPhone 8 every day.

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Win an assured gift with every pug you spot. Build your pug pack and stand a chance to win a bumper prize at the end of the month.

Who Can Participate?

** Vodafone Prepaid (or) Postpaid Subscribers
** Residents and citizens of India
** Participants must be of at least 18 years of age.
** Participants be a registered user in MyVodafone App.

Contest Area

The Contest is open to all Vodafone subscribers (Except J&K, TN and Chennai).

Contest Period

The contest shall be live from 9th March, 2018 to 8th April, 2018

How To Play?

Follow the steps to find the hidden pug

Step-1 : Log in to the MyVodafone App and find the pugs hiding in the pages of the app.

Step-2 : Click on continue to MyVodafone App.

Step-3 : Then Hit the ‘Spot Today’s Pug’ button

Step-4 : Start searching the App to find the hidden pug. Don’t stop searching till you find it.

Step-5 : The hidden Pug looks like below

Step-6 : Click on the Pug to complete your entry for winning An iPhone 8. You will get message like below.

Step-7 : A lucky winner wins a brand new iPhone 8 every day.

Step-8 : Track your score on the pug tracker in the app.

Step-9 : Find 7 or more pugs in 30 days and stand a chance to win the Super Apple Hamper worth Rs 2 Lakhs.

Wait no more. Start building your pack of pugs todays!


Brand new iPhone 8:
30 iPhones for 30 lucky winners for 30 days.

Super Apple Hamper:
Win the bumper prize if you spot 7 pugs or more in 30 days.

Assured Gifts Every Day:
Win surprise gifts with every pug you spot.

Daily Prize :
** Every Eligible Subscribers on finding one pug will be awarded a third party coupon/coupon code as a daily gift.
** One Eligible Subscriber selected by an independent Auditor who has successfully answered the question shall win an Apple iphone.

Bumper Prize :
At the end of the month the winner of the bumper prize will be declared and rewarded with products manufactured by Apple India

Winners List

** Winner For 10th March – Shailly Jaiswal (Delhi)

** Winner For 11th March – Jayaraj.J (Kerala)

** Winner For 12th March – Rahul Shukla (Navi Mumbai)

** Winner For 13th March – Jaydeep Chauhan (Gujarat)

** Winner For 14th March – Pratik Kumar Dubey (Pune)

** Winner For 15th March – N/A

** Winner For 16th March – Amrita Chanu (Karnataka)

** Winner For 17th March – Lalit Kumar (Delhi)

** Winner For 18th March – Sunil Crasto (Mumbai)
** Winner For 19th March – Dagadi Keshavmurthy (Bangalore)
** Winner For 20th March – Arjan Dev (Punjab)
** Winner For 21st March – Suraj Balekundri (Pune)
** Winner For 22nd March – Sachin Batra (UP)
** Winner For 23rd March – Omilia Thounaojam (Mehalaya)

** Winner For 24th March – Sachin Vyawahare, Latur

** Winner For 25th March – Ankish Aggarwal, Mumbai

** Winner For 26th March – Mohammed Mustkeem, Delhi

** Winner For 27th March – Ameen Chakravarthy, Kerala

** Winner For 28th March – Imran Shaikh, Mumbai

** Winner For 29th March – Gaurav Sharma, Jaipur

Get Winners List Here :

Contacting Winners

The winners on receiving the congratulatory call pronouncing them as winners of Vodafone Pugathon Contest will be required to confirm their acceptance of the Rewards & Benefits, immediately on receiving information about the same, to Vodafone appointed agency’s Outbound Calling agent.

Organizer :
Vodafone Pugathon Contest is organised by Vodafone India.

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  1. I am a winner of Bumper Prize but didn’t get anything yet. Can anyone say, how much time they will take?

  2. I have found 22 pugs but, I have not received any assured gifts and no call from Vodafone.

  3. I have find 8 pugs. When will be the winners of Bumper prize declared?

  4. Let me now, when will be the Bumper prize declared?

  5. I have 8 pugs, didn’t win an iPhone yet but received the daily assured gift on app in form of discount coupon for various brands. You all must have also received them. You could see them on that day only. The coupons expire that day only if not used.

  6. Spotted 20+ pugs till date. What is the status? There doesn’t seem to be any assured gift for all those who spot pugs. When is the final result?

  7. I found 29 pugs but no such a day my name nominated to receive iPhone. It’s very bad experience with Vodafone. I don’t expect this from Vodafone.

  8. I think this contest is only for increasing rating and build up good network with good users of the Vodafone company. We had make a fool from this contest. It’s a pure business. It’s wrong with us.

  9. I want the winner’s name of 8th April 2018.

  10. I have find 7 pugs in this contest but haven’t received any call from Vodafone, I think the assured gifts are coupon code. I belong to up and most of the winners shown on the app are from southern part of India.

    1. Tell me, when will the result of super apple hamper available?

  11. I find total 18 numbers of Pug till today but no any response from Vodafone company. I think they distribute their prize to Vodafone team only.

  12. I have found 21 pugs but never received any call email (or) text. Very disappointing as it says daily assured gifts.

  13. I think no one person got iPhone. Is anybody there? I want to know.

  14. Ameen Chakravarthy

    I am Ameen Chakravarthy. The Winner of March 27th . Thank you Vodafone. Hope the Prize will reach me soon.

    1. Congratulations! Ameen Chakravarthy.

  15. Vodafone making only fool all of us. If you don’t agree then think about assured prizes. No one get assured prizes.

  16. How many pugs to spot for the iPhone 8?

    1. Only one pug is enough if you are lucky.

  17. Nice contest. I have already found 18 pugathon. I am very happy.

  18. Is it really happening? Is it a genuine contest? If yes, could Vodafone please publish the winners with their picture in the website. I have been using Vodafone from years. Just curious to the genuinity of the game.

  19. I think Vodafone making fool to all users, I know no one get iPhone. Everyone is spotting pug and sharing to each others. I think this is just a game.

  20. I have already found 7 pugs but did not get any question call that I have to answer and win.

    1. Please tell me, whether we have to call them (or) they will call us.

  21. I can’t find any pug. Please help me.

  22. I am very interested in this contest. I have found 12 pugs.

  23. I have not received any daily assured gift for finding PUG.

  24. I got 4 pugs till now. But I didn’t receive any gift (or) iPhone.

    1. Dear friend many people spot a pug everyday but only one comes out to be lucky. I spotted 8 pugs but unlucky till now.

  25. Nice contest. I have found my today’s pug. I am very happy.

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