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Sony Liv Power Couple Photo & Story Contest 2015 : Multiscreen Media

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Organization : Multiscreen Media Private Limited
Competition Name : Sony Liv Power Couple Photo & Story Contest 2015
Applicable For : Couple
Contest Last Date : November 15, 2015

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Photo & Story Contest :

Share with us in 150 words, “What is the most sweetest thing you have ever done for your love?” and upload a romantic picture of you with your partner. Here is your chance to be on Television and become India’s 1st Power Couple.

3 Steps To Fame:
Step 1
: Login
Step 2 : Share Picture & Story
Step 3 : Get Votes

Login Here :


I am dating and not married, can I participate?:
You need to be in love with your partner and vice-versa to participate

What kind of photos will be valid for this contest?:
You need to have a couple picture with you and your partner in it. Furthermore, photos should not contain any obscenity, nudity or any public display of affection.

What kind of story will be valid for this contest ?:
You need to have a story mentioning what is the sweetest thing you have done for your partner. The story should not have any abusive language, inappropriate private situations and anything that would be derogatory to the brand.

I would love to participate, but my parents/family/friends should not see me on Television; what do I do?:
You should participate only if you are willing to come on television with your partner. The consent of your partner to come on television is equally important while participating.

How do I enter the photo contest?:
Please follow the registration and upload instructions on the Contest page. The entry period begins November 3 and ends November 15, 2015.

Why won’t my photo upload?:
Make sure your photograph meets the following requirements:
** JPG or JPEG file format
** At least 1,600 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a vertical image)
** Total file size must be 4 megabytes (MB) or less

I have a log in and password from Sony Liv. Why isn’t it working?:
We apologize for the inconvenience, but you must register again by using your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts to participate in the contest.

Why do I need to register to submit a photo and story?:
Registering ensures that we have your contact information and that you have read and accepted the Terms of Service for the Power Couple Contest.

What is the entry fee?:
There is no entry fee.

What are the winning criteria?:
After posting your picture on Sony Liv you will have to ask your friends to vote for the same. Not less than top 5 voted pictures shall be shortlisted and will go through one round of selection by MSM post which the winner shall be contacted individually.

How do I submit my photograph and story?:
You can submit your photograph, or a high-quality scan of your photograph, online at We do not accept entries submitted through post.

How do I know that you’ve received my entry?:
You will receive a confirmation through either of the following modes of communication email/notification/SMS for the same.

I didn’t receive my confirmation email. Why not?:
Some ISPs (Internet service providers) have filters that block or filter emails sent from unknown addresses. If you have a “junk mail” box, check to see if that’s where the email landed. If you use software to monitor your email, make sure your settings aren’t blocking your emails.

How many photos and stories may I submit?:
Every couple is allowed to submit only one photograph and story. The second entry from the same couple would not be considered as a valid entry. If the same couple does multiple entries through different mobile numbers / email ids; only their first one will be considered valid as the votes for each entry will be separate and no aggregation of votes for the same couple through different multiple entries will be done

I can’t remember which photograph I’ve entered. Can you tell me which of my photos you’ve received?:
You can see your entry in our Gallery page. You shall also receive a url of your submitted entry through email

What are the winning criteria?:
After posting your picture on Sony Liv you will have to ask your friends to vote for the same. Not less than top 5 voted pictures shall be shortlisted and will go through one round of selection by MSM post which the winner shall be contacted individually.

How will my photograph and story be judged?:
There will be a two step selection process:
** Step 1) Voting on the photograph & story
** Step 2) Moderation and selection of the winner from the short-listed top voted photographs by MSM

When will the winners be announced?:
Winners of the Power Couple Contest will be chosen by the 3rd week of November, 2015, and will be notified personally

What are the prizes?:
The winner gets a chance to participate with other celebrities as a wild card entry during the course of the Power Couple show and be featured on television. The entry dates of the winner in the show are at the discretion of MSM.

Will I be notified if I was NOT chosen as a finalist or winner?:
No. Due to the large number of submissions, only the finalists will be notified of their status. If you do not hear from Sony Liv by December 10, then you’ve not been shortlisted for the next round.

Why are only residents of India allowed to participate?:
Running contests of broad geographical scope requires observing the regulations of all of the jurisdictions in question. The legal complexities of doing so make it prohibitive, if not impossible, to run competitions that are open to all jurisdictions, states and territories, in some instances. Restrictive laws in certain jurisdictions sometimes prompt ineligibility of residents outside India

What is the minimum age required for participation?:
You and your partner must be 18+ years old to be eligible to participate in the contest

Can an old photo be entered?:
Photographs that were taken before Oct 3, 2015 are not eligible.

I’d like to enter a photo that has previously won a contest. Is that allowed?:
Photographs must have been taken within one (1) month before the date of entry with the consent of your partner. Photographs that have won other contests may be submitted.

How old can my entry be?:
Photographs must have been taken within one month of the date of entry.

Will my photography be seen online?:
Entries and the stories will be published on the Sony Liv website and all social media assets platforms of MSM and at the discretion of the MSM Society.

Will I be notified if my photo and story is chosen for the online galleries?:
Yes and a url link shall be shared with you to take it further

Do photos have to be taken with a digital camera?:
Submitted photos do NOT have to be digital photos from a digital camera. Any digital scan will do, as long as the end result is a JPG or JPEG file. We do not, however, accept hard copies of photographs.

Will you accept photos with watermarks?:
We will always display a credit alongside your photo as it appears on the site. We encourage you to remove any watermarks so we can see your photograph without any part covered up.

Is image manipulation allowed in the photo contest?:
Minor burning, dodging, and color correction are acceptable. However the physical features as well as the overall look of the person cannot be changed. We trust our users to keep it real and submit unaltered files. We cannot research every photo entry. However, if a photo and story is chosen as a winner, it will be scrutinized for possible alterations and will be decided on MSM’s discretion

What should I include in my story with my photograph?:
Captions are a good way to engage others in your photography. So take the time to write about the place, time, setting, and the most heartfelt thing that your partner would have done for you

Are captions fact-checked for accuracy?:
We trust our users to give accurate caption information, so we do not research or fact-check their captions. However, if a photo and story is chosen, it will be fact-checked and the final decision will be on MSM’s discretion

When I submit a photo to the photo contest, what rights does MSM team have to my submission?:
MSM will have the nonexclusive, perpetual right to use your image in connection with the contest and promotion of the contest, in any media now or hereafter known, including, but not limited to display at a potential exhibition of shortlisted & final winner video; print material or online, highlighting entries or winners of the contest or in context to any communication w.r.t. Power Couple. Please read through the Terms and conditions for further information on the rights you grant when submitting a photograph to the Power Couple Contest

I accidentally uploaded the wrong photo and wrong story . Can I delete my entry and submit a new photo?:
A. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of photos and stories submitted to the contest, all entries are final and cannot be replaced or modified.

Is the partner consent required when submitting a photograph as well as the story to the contest?:
By submitting a photograph to the Power Couple Contest you warrant that you are the owner of the image, and that you have obtained any necessary partner as well as third-party consents.
The photograph I’d like to submit was taken with my partner’s consent but my partner is not in town. There’s no way for me to get a consent from partner. Can I still enter this photograph in the contest?
If your photograph and story is chosen as a winner of the contest, your partner’s presence and consent is mandatory.

What is a Consent?:
If any person in your photograph is recognizable, we assume that you have received necessary consent by that person or those persons before uploading the image. Images of unrecognizable people do not need consent. A consent is a binding contract between the photographer and the subject(s) of the photograph. By agreeing with the terms and conditions, the subject of the photograph forgoes the right to sue for specific types of claims.

Do photos of children require consent?:
Yes, if the children are recognizable (see answer above). But consent for anyone under the age of majority must be given by the subject’s legal guardian—not by the child.

Will my chances of winning increase if I am engaged/married and not simply dating?:
MSM will not differentiate on the marital status of the entrants while selecting a winner.

I am going to be in the show as a participant or just as a visitor?:
You shall be entering the show as a participant. The details of the same will be shared if your entry is shortlisted or you’re the winner.

What is the winning sum if I became a winner in this contest and get to be on the show?:
The details of the same will be shared only with the winner of the contest.

What will I be expected to carry with me to the show? Are there any hidden expenses involved?:
There are no hidden expenses involved in this. The details of the same will be shared if your entry is shortlisted or you’re the winner.

If I were selected, when and where am I expected to come?:
MSM team shall get in touch with you and share the details once you are shortlisted

If my partner refuses after the selection process, can I bring along another partner?:
There cannot be any change w.r.t. partners in the show. Your entry is being judged and shortlisted on the basis of the partner whose details and pictures you have uploaded.

What all I am expected to do with my partner?:
This is a reality show to test your compatibility with your partner through various physical and emotional tasks. The details of the same will be shared if your entry is shortlisted or you’re the winner.

Is this a format in which I have to stay with my partner; I need to know, since I am not married:
Yes the show format requires you to stay with your partner

Will I get to see/stay with all celebrities?:
The details of the same will be shared if your entry is shortlisted or you’re the winner.

About Program:
“Pyaar mein badi power hoti hai!”
It is said that true love blossoms only with time and challenges couple face together. For the first time on Indian Television, real life celebrity couples will enjoy the true test of love.

This test of love would be a fun and entertaining series of challenges – psychological and physical. The real question would be how far are they willing to go for love? It will be amazing to find out how much they know, trust and love each other. Get ready for the ultimate test of true love.

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  1. I would like to the participate. Please give me the chance.

  2. Sandesh narendra meshram

    Can we participants in the power couple contest?
    I really like power couple show.

  3. What is the last date for voting?

    1. Deadline was November 15, 2015.

  4. How will I know that how many votes we have received and what is the closing date of voting?

  5. How will I know as how many votes I have received and when the voting line will be closed?
    Please reply asap.

  6. I am married poor family. Please give me one chance.

  7. How we came to know that how much no.of votes we have received after sharing our link to the friends?

  8. I would like to participate but I don’t understand. How to participate? Please tell me all information?

  9. I have login and updated my details and received email for verification code on website but I am not able to do. Please help how can I enter code?

  10. I have received a mail that I have been registered. But still no confirmation message that it is valid for voting. What should I do?

  11. We would like to participate in your programme. Please give the chance.

  12. How to upload image in this contest and how to browse image as there is option?

  13. I am a married man. My wedding date is 22nd March 2000. I also interested to go to your show but too much rule regulation I have a middle class family. I have three kids.

  14. I would like to participate with my wife. Can you suggest me?

  15. I am married and can I participate?

    1. You need to be in love with your partner and vice-versa to participate

  16. I would like to participate but I don’t understand. How to participate?

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