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Organisation : SpellBee International
Competition : National Level Examination 2017-18
Country : India
Website :

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SpellBee National Level Examination

SpellBee International Level 3 (National Level) Registrations are now open

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Online Registration Form

Students who are qualifying for Level 3 they need to fill the Registration form.
1. Go to the SpellBee International official website and Click the Register Online button

2. Fill the Student Login form with required fields
Step 1 : Enter your Registration Number/ SPIN Id [SPINMH12345]. The Registration Number given to you by SpellBee International with your results.
Step 2 : Enter your 10 Digit Mobile Number [9876543210]
Step 3 : Click Login button

3. If you don’t remember your password then click the Forgot Password link in the Login page. Please follow the below steps to recover your password

Step 1 : Enter your SPIN ID [SPINMH12345]
Step 2 : Select your Class/ Grade [Class IX]
Step 3 : Enter your Mobile Number [9876543210]
Step 4 : Enter your Email Id []
Step 5 : Click Submit button

Exam Pattern

Qualifying Exam

Exam Duration : 1 Hour
** This examination will determine whether the student proceeds to the next level
** Students who secure marks above the set cut-off mark will be awarded with ‘Certificates of Achievement’ and others receiving ‘Certificates of Appreciation’.

** The contestants who fall under the ‘ACHIEVEMENT’ category are eligible to register for the International Championship examination and also for the ‘Language Leadership Camp’ ANGUAGE LEADERSHIP CAMP’ which will prepare the students for International Championship.

** Results of the examination will be released within 20 working days after the examination has been conducted.

Round I Spell it Right 10 * 1 = 10 Marks
Round II Word Analysis 05 * 1 = 05 Marks
Round III Inflects and Collocations 10 * 1 = 10 Marks
Round IV Find the Correct Sentence 05 * 1 = 05 Marks
Round V General Knowledge 10* 1 = 10 Marks
Round VI Words and Meanings 10 * 1 = 10 Marks
Round VII Form the Correct Sentence 05 * 1 = 05 Marks
Round VIII Phonetics 10 * 1 = 10 Marks
Round IX Reading Comprehension 05 * 1 = 05 Marks
Round X Crossword 10 * 1 = 10 Marks
Round XI Word Weaving 10 * 1 = 10 Marks
Round XII Compound words and

Kinds/Types of Words

10 * 1 = 10 Marks
Total 100 Marks

Tie Round

** This additional test paper will help us to find the award winners!
** Though every National level contestant writes this paper, not all the papers are evaluated. Only if the student falls under the Top 10 Rank Holder Category, his/her tie-paper is evaluated to find the Toppers

** Marks obtained from the tie round will NOT be added for other students of ‘Achievement’ or ‘Appreciation’ category.
** The final results will be published in the website.

Round I Words and Meanings( A-O) 10 Questions
Round II Jumble Tumble (5 Words from A to O) 05 Questions
Round III Phonetics (Words from A to Z) (Write words for the given phonetic expressions) 05 Questions
Round IV Word Weaving (2 word wheels) 02 Questions

Check Exam Details

1. Students can Check their Exam Details online. To view your exam details click the Exam Details button in the home page .

2. Next you have to select the state which you want to apply for the exam.

3. Then select the Particular district.

4. Your exam details will be displayed in a PDF file. It contain the Exam Schedule, Venue and Participating Schools List.


** Students are requested to be present at the venue 30 minutes before the exam
** School ID card and Uniform is a must for the participating student.
** Kindly bring writing materials for the exam (Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Writing Pad etc…)

About Us :
We are SpellBee International; a transnational educational organisation that has revolutionised the popular perception of English language mastery through its pioneering efforts and a unique learning model: Strategic Language Enhancement.

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