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Fashion Runway Model Hunt Competition 2016 : Audition Look Talent Management India

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Organization : Audition Look Talent Management India
Competition Name : Fashion Runway Model Hunt Competition 2016
Applicable For : Male & Female

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Website :

Fashion Runway Model Hunt Competition :

Fashion Runway is a one of a kind show which encompasses all those who are associated with the field of fashion. It endeavors to expose the fashion conscious with the latest fashion trends domestically as well from across the globe.

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Fashion Runway 2016 is a celebration of talent, hard work, aspirations, Designers, Models, Makeup artists, Photographers and many more…We are most welcome from whole country to participate in fashion runway shows. Apply for your interested area and we will soon inform you for our latest Model Hunt in near place of you.

What qualifications must applicants possess in order to be considered for Fashion Runway 2016?:
Female models MUST be at least 5’6” tall (without heels) & male models MUST be at least 5’10” tall to qualify. There are no age restrictions or required experience for the Model Search (those under 18 must have parental/guardian permission to apply).

How do I apply for Model Hunt to be an FR 2015 Model?:
Models must download, complete and submit the online model hunt application form in our official website.

What is the application Last Date?:
Models are required to submit an online application as early as possible in order to secure an audition time at one of our Model Hunt casting calls.

If I am selected for a Model Hunt casting call, when/how will I be notified?:
All selected applicants will be informed earlier by email and Telephone calls. The email confirmation will provide an official assigned day and time for a Model Hunt.

What should I bring to the Model hunt casting call?:
All models are required to bring a copy of the application and the email outlining the casting call invitation including the location, date and registration time.

What will I need to wear and/or bring to the Model Hunt Call?:
All models must have on little to no make-up, hair pulled back or brushed away from face, black tank or v-neck shirt, skinny jeans or black leggings and female models must bring heels (not wedges) to walk in. No baggy clothing please. All models must bring a headshot.

If I missed the application Last Date, am I still able to attend a Model Hunt?:
We will provide an open Model Hunt casting call opportunity for those that missed the online application Last Date. However, there will be no set audition time and we cannot guarantee that you will be seen. Please be prepared to fill out an application on site.

When is the Model Hunt Call?:
There will be three casting calls in Chandigarh Delhi Mumbai, and we will announce those dates, times and locations soon.

What if I am unable to make the Model Hunt Call?:
All selected applicants must attend one model hunt call as the casting panel must see in person. If for some reason, the applicant is not able to make either day, we will require further information regarding past modeling and runway experience and request video of past runway shows.

If selected to walk the Runway, What are my Obligations?:
Selected models are required to commit to the following:
We need full discipline and dedication from your side for major success of FR 2016.

If selected to walk the Runway, what are my incentives?:
FR models will not be given any monetary compensation for individual shows. However, FR will attract large local and regional press coverage as well as fashion industry insiders, scouts, store-owners and photographers. One winning model will be selected by a panel of FR 2016 judges and will be named the “FR Best Model 2016” With winning prize money.

Models Hunt Guidelines:

Screening of Models:
** Models will be invited from places in and around India. They will be screened by a Panel of judges. Only 40 models [10 male & 30 female] will be selected for walking ramp in the fashion show.
** All models must have an operable email address and Contact Number (Preferred WhatsAPP)
** All models must come to audition dressed in all black including shoes
** When you walk in the audition please be fully dressed shoes on and ready to walk

Submit applications to our model hunt registration form & you will be notified of the next Audition call. Your application will be rejected if submitted without a photo. Please attach photo(s) to this application and bring it to the audition. A full length shot and a headshot are preferred, however professional photos are not required, but your photos should be recent (less than 1 year old).

To be considered for “The Fashion Show” (FashionRUNWAY) and/or another fashion Competition show (individually and collectively, the “Program”), you must fill out this Application honestly, accurately, completely, and to the best of your ability. Do not leave any question unanswered. If any question is not applicable to you, write N/A in the space provided, or if no space is provided, next to the question. Failure to do so may result in your elimination from consideration or from the Program. Applications that are incomplete, illegible, arrive with postage due (if applicable) or corrupted are void and will not be accepted.

You MUST NOT DISCLOSE any information you have learned about the show during this casting/application process.

If you OR ANY ASSOCIATE, AGENT, REPRESENTATIVE OR OTHERWISE do disclose any information about this show to any third party, including but not limited to members of the media or press, YOU MAY BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED FROM THE APPLICATION PROCESS.

[TIP: Your wait time could be long. We recommend you bring something to read, a snack, and bottled water.]

Live Chat:
Chat directly with Customer Care for immediate help on WhatsAPP 09988908081.

Email Us:
Reach us by email any time! We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Call us 24X7:
Talk to us directly for additional help.

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  1. Age : 18
    Height : 5.10
    Weight : 65
    Eye Color : Black
    Skin Color : Fair
    Language : Hindi ,English
    Gender : Male
    City : Jaunpur

  2. My height is 5’6″ I like modelling,I am from Punjab. Can I participate in the competition?

  3. Age : 16
    Color : Fair
    Height : 5.11 inch
    Hair color : Black
    Eye color : Black

  4. Height-5.10
    Eye color-black
    I want to become a model.

  5. I am from now Delhi and good looking guy. I want to start my carrier as a model. Can you suggest me something to help me out?

  6. My height is 5.6′. I participated 2 times in ‘walk for impress fashion show’ in my collage and I have lot of interest in modeling. Can you suggest me any path for modeling field?

  7. I’m in Kerala .I want to become a model. Where does the audition take place? What is the date of audition? I have no previous experience in modeling.

  8. I am from Delhi.
    My height is 5’6”.
    Body color : White
    Hair color : Brown
    Eye color : Brown
    I filled the online model hunt application form. Now what can I do?

  9. My age is 17.
    My height is 6’3″.
    I want to become a model.

  10. My age is 15. I wanna become model in my future. Please tell me how I can apply.

  11. Height : 6:3
    Eye : Black
    Color : Light Brown
    Hair : Long Black

  12. Age : 19
    Hair long
    Hair black
    Eye black
    Height :5.7

  13. I am 25 yrs old.
    My height is 5’6″. Can I apply for this or any modeling competition?

  14. Age: 20
    Height: 5 ft
    Fair color
    Weight: 5:2

  15. My height : 5.9 inch’s
    My weight : 64kgs
    Hair colour : black
    Eye colour : dark brown
    Age : 18 completed

    Can I apply for this competition?

  16. India’s next top model. I Want to join this platform.

  17. Age-18
    Height 5.8
    Eye Color -Black
    Skin Color -Fair
    Language- Hindi ,English

  18. Height : 5,6
    Color : Fair
    I love fashion and modeling.

  19. Age 17
    Face color:fair
    Eye Colour :light blue
    City: Faridabad

  20. I am also model.
    I did many fashion shows
    Pakistani serial
    Mr s miss Delhi 2014 Winner
    Prints adds
    My age is 19+.
    Eye blue
    Hair long
    Height : 5:8
    Body size :32’28’32

  21. Height-5feet 3inch
    Now can I apply in modeling?

  22. I am 19 years old.
    My height is 5’8.
    My weight is 52.

  23. I want to became a model in my life. So can you give me one chance to prove you in my field?

  24. I am from Mumbai.
    My age is 23.
    Height : 5’9″
    I want to be a model.

  25. Whether muscular body is must or symmetrical body is okay?

  26. Age : 20
    Weight : 60
    Waist: 30
    Chest : 32
    Height : 5.7.inch
    Eye : Black
    Passport : Yes
    Location : Almora/ Uttarakhand

  27. I am a designer.
    I am in diploma final year.
    My stitching experience is 8 years.
    Now am 23 years old.

  28. When audition to be held?

  29. Can I participate?
    At this time I am 5.11 inc.
    Also good looking.

  30. Age : 15 yrs
    Eyes color- Brown
    I want to become an actress.

  31. AGE : 18
    HEIGHT : 6FT

  32. Age-17
    Fair – white
    Eyes color- black
    I want to be an actor
    Sex- female

  33. Height – 5.9
    Fair skin & cute and hot
    Age – 16
    Can I participate?
    Eyes – black
    Hair – black

  34. I am Actor / models
    Azaz shaikh
    Age : 23 years
    Sex : Male
    Height : 5″7
    I am fair handsome. I am interested in TV serial Hindi movie modelling fashion show print shoot commercial add
    Eye color : Black
    Hair color : Black
    Location : Mumbai

  35. Height-5.11 inch
    Hair Color- black
    Eye color-black
    I am handsome and good looking.. I want to become a top model.

  36. There should not be height compulsory in modeling.
    Because some people are good looking and equal talent with short height.
    And cloth look perfect on them.
    I don’t think height should be must.
    Take a chance and give chance to short male and female too.

  37. Height : 6
    Abs 6
    Eye : brown
    Color : Light Skin

  38. Age : 20
    Height : 6
    Black hair and brown skin.

  39. I am from Bareilly up and my height is 5.11 and color white and I have experience for one year in modeling and my ambition is to become a top class model.

  40. Age:18
    Height:5.8 approx
    Hair color:Black
    eye color:BLACK
    I am fair & handsome
    I am interested in modeling Sex:Male
    Language:Hindi & English
    Location:Gwalior M.P.

  41. I am Actor / model.
    Azaz shaikh
    Age 23 years
    Sex male
    Height 5″7
    I am fair handsome.
    I am interested. TV serial Hindi movie modeling print shoot commercial add
    Eye color : Black
    Hair color : Black
    Location : Mumbai

  42. Height : 6
    Age : 17
    Date of birth : 10/10/1997
    Sex : Male
    Hobby : Experimental with new dress

  43. My age is 20.
    My Height is 6.2.
    Hair- Black long and silky have attractive look
    Fair body color
    Slim fit body with 6 Abs.

  44. I’m from Delhi Gurgaon.
    My height is 5’6.
    I want to become a model in future.
    I really work hard for my body but I’m not 18+ and I want to participate.
    I think a model needs great personality. She should be gorgeous and beautiful and have an awesome body. And I think I have all three qualities in me.
    Skin tone: White colour
    Hair color: black & brown
    Eye color: black

  45. My height is 5’8.
    Fair complexion
    Brown eyes
    Brown hairs
    Perfect figure
    My only dream is to be top model.

  46. I want to become a model .
    I am sure I am a model in future.
    My height 5:8
    Chandigarh Mohali
    Body color : White

  47. Age : 19
    Hair long
    Hair golden s black
    Eye blue
    Height 5:8
    Skin tone coral
    Body size 32’24’31

    I am also done Fashion shows.
    Bollywood upcoming film with Salmankhan Sultan…
    Calendar for Black….Magazine Print adds

  48. I am in C.G. Model.
    My height is 5.11′
    FROM- Odisha

  49. I’m kalpanapal in Gujarat. My height is 5’3″. Can I participate?

  50. I am from Delhi.
    My height is 5′ 7″. Can I participate?

  51. How can I join this as now I am 25 years old and am interested in the model acting. Please suggest.

  52. I am from Kashmir. My height is 5:11 and my weight is 70.
    Now how can I participate?

  53. From where we can download & submit the application forms? When is the audition for Mumbai?


  55. How can I get to know about selection for model hunt as I already submitted my online form?

    1. How to apply online?

    2. From the Website :

      After fill your full detail in model hunt application form please upload in submission form.

  56. I am from Pakistan. Can I participate?

    1. From the Website :

      Models will be invited from different places in and around India.

  57. Do guys have to physically attractive like six pack ABS or normal good looking guys can participate?

  58. What’s the last date of application?

  59. Can I apply now? What is the last date and when it will be conducted?

    1. Link to upload Model Hunt Application form is still active.

    2. Yes you can apply.


  60. I am actor / model
    Age : 23 years old
    Height : 5’7″
    Sex : Male
    I am fair & handsome.
    I am interested in TV serial Hindi movie, ad print shoot modelling & commercial ad.
    Eye color : Black
    Hair color : Black
    Language : Hindi, English
    Location : Mumbai

  61. My height is 5.8 and my age is 19 years old.

    1. My height is 5’8. Can I participate in this competition?

  62. How to apply?

    1. What is the last date?

    2. Last date is not mentioned in the website. But registration is still open and you can apply to be a model.

  63. How To register?

    1. After fill your full detail in model hunt application form please upload in submission form online.

  64. My age is 19 years. Height-6 feet 1 inch, Color-fair and white. I want to be an actor ,model. I am from Jabalpur(MP). I promise you as I will never disappoint anyone.

  65. What is the last date?

    1. From the Website :

      Models are required to submit an online application as early as possible in order to secure an audition time at one of our Model Hunt casting calls.

  66. Fashion Runway Official

    For Any enquiry please contact on official numbers of fashion runway

    1. First time, I am seeing an answer from the organizing company official. Thanks for the reply. :-)

    2. Age-11
      Hobbies : Drawing, dancing, reading and skipping
      I want to become a model or I want to become an IPS officer.

  67. I am 5’4″ height. Can I participate?

    1. According to the rules of participation, you may not be eligible.

  68. Myself, I am Navneet. I’m born in 1992, but I’m just married in 8 Feb 2015. Can I participate?

    1. Models must download, complete and submit the online model hunt application form in our official website.

  69. Is that essential to be 5.10H? Can you please decrease little bit? Because I am not 18+ and I want to be a part of this and also I want to be India’s next top model first and I want to learn from you all my beloved seniors. How to be?

    1. You want to work in India’s next top model.
      Call me on 9654215949.
      She is miss diva winner.

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