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CPS Olympiads 2018-19 IT/Maths/Science/English/SSG/IQ/Hindi : cpsolympiads.org

Organisation : Competition Promotion Society
Contest Name : CPS IT/Maths/Science/English/SSG/IQ/Hindi Olympiads 2018-19
Applicable For : Students From Class 1st to 12th
Registration Last Date : 29th September and 31st October 2018
Website : http://cpsolympiads.org/

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CPS Olympiads

Registration for CPS Olympiads for Session 2018-2019 has been started.

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Competitive Exams

IT Whizkid Olympiad:
Our exam on computer science gives students the right impetus by providing an unique platform to start achieving from the very beginning of a student’s academic career. They can find new arenas of information technology with every passing day by taking part in this examination.

Math Wizard Olympiad:
This is an exam pertaining to a student’s aptitude in the subject and problem solving skill. It is observed that despite being a mainstream subject, it is dreaded by a substantial amount among school students. However, if a student does it in our way then this dreaded subject becomes a fun.

Science Supremo Olympiad :
Science is also a main stream subject which may be required till the last day of a student’s academic career and as such, require a strong base. These days, every other day a new Olympiad organizer comes up which are below standard of what is actually required to succeed in a real competition.

Appearing in our examinations, a student can have the right insight about the actual challenge they will face in the near future.

Hindi Olympiad:

English Laureate Olympiad :
English is a language and as a subject is imperative in the life of a student. In our exam, a student can learn and absorb the right kind of grammar and professional English writing which will help in getting coveted and white collar jobs in future. Take part and assess the difference.

S. S. G. K. Maestro Olympiad:
Most of the people may think that social science and general knowledge are the most useless subjects in a school student’s academic career. In other words, by appearing in this exam every year, a student will adequately be prepared to excel in these subjects for scoring higher marks in entrance examinations after 10th or 12th classes.

IQ Olympiad :
IQ Olympiad will help a student to participate in any kind of national or regional quiz contest. In India there are not much authentic platforms for the school students to check their IQ level and CPS is an International platform to prove their mettle, so far as Intelligence Quotient (IQ) level is concerned.

Who Can Participate?

Students from Class 1st to 12th can participate in the exam.

How To Register?

** Registration form for new Session 2018-2019 is available in the website (www.cpsolympiads.org).
** Download the Registration form and fill in all the required details.
** Read the instructions carefully before filling the form.

School Registration

To register your school, go to the link given below and fill & submit the online form.

Register Your School :

Awards & Prizes

All class toppers, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class top rank holders for every subject will be entitled to a gold, silver and bronze medal respectively with 50% and above marks after the 1st level. All participants will be issued a certificate reflecting their marks obtained, class rank and Olympiad rank.

Important Dates


Toll Free: 1800-11-3940

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  6. Mayukh Roy, In which class do you read? My son is also reading in Howard Memorial School, Kashipur.

  7. My son Mayukh Roy’s enrollment number is 40637007005, Auth code is NaCIDKF, had participated in Math,Science, English,Computer & IQ in 2018. He has qualified for Math, Science & English 2nd level. But as he has left the school (Howard Memorial School, Kashipur) from where he had appeared the above Olympiads, so now, how can he participate for 2nd level this year (2019)? Please suggest.

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  20. Let me know, is there any book for CPS Olympiad second level Science and English?

  21. I want to know, when will the 2nd level be conducted.

    1. Maths Olympiad date is 18th February and Science Olympiad is 19th February. For more give comment.

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  52. Shardul Vikram Singh

    Why all your websites are not working?

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