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Educational Initiatives EI India : ASSET Talent Search 2015-16 Registration

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Organization : Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.
Competition Name : ASSET Talent Search 2015-16 Registration
Applicable For : V, VI, VII and VIII Class Students

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ASSET Talent Search :

ASSET Talent Search is a talent identification program created with the objective of recognizing and acknowledging academically talented students from grades VII and VIII. The talent program focuses on providing such students a platform where they can showcase their natural abilities and helps them to further hone their true potential.

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The Talent Search also offers guidance to gifted students and offers insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

How does ASSET Talent Search benefit gifted students and their families?:
Students with outstanding academic abilities often go unnoticed due to the lack of proper identification programs that helps recognize their skills and the extent of their talent.

Scholastically gifted VII and VIII graders who enrol for the ASSET Talent Search are invited to join other talented peers across India to appear for the Advanced ASSET test. Participating students receive a comprehensive results summary of their performance on the Advanced ASSET Test.

Participation Gains:

Participating in the ASSET Talent Search offers students and their families:

The experience of taking an Advanced ASSET Test:
Students who have outstanding academic abilities perform exceedingly well on tests designed for their grades. The results are often generic and don’t specify their academic strengths. The Advanced ASSET test has been designed to test their academic strength and cognitive abilities. The knowledge and experience gained by attempting an Advanced ASSET Test is priceless for participants as it aids them and their families on how to further hone their natural talent by finding academic challenges that best suit their skills.

Moreover, attempting an Advanced ASSET test gives VII and VIII graders an opportunity to preview content they will encounter later during their academic journey.

Acknowledgement of their skills:
Every participant receives a certificate of recognition for their participation in the ASSET Talent Search in India. Students scoring in the 95th percentile or higher on the Advanced ASSET Test are declared as ‘ASSET Talent Scholars’ (ATS) and receive special zone-wise recognition, in addition to the ATS certificates.

Students who surpass expectations and score in the 99th percentile on the Advanced ASSET test are honoured as ‘ASSET Talent Scholars Gold’ (ATSG) and receive special zone-wise recognitions, in addition to their certificates.

Who can participate?:
ASSET Talent Search has been developed for students who possess superior scholastic skills and demonstrate outstanding academic abilities.

ASSET schools:
Students presently enrolled in V, VI, VII and VIII grades who have scored in the 95th percentile or more in either English, Math or Science during the current or previous year’s ASSET tests are eligible to participate.

Non-ASSET schools:
Non-ASSET schools can nominate their outstanding students to participate in the program. The top 5% students in grades V, VI, VII and VIII who have scored exceedingly well in Math, Science and English, can be nominated for participation. For example, if there are 120 students in class VII, then up to 6 students can be nominated for each of the three subjects.

Schools are required to provide the names and test scores of the nominated students by filling the registration form enclosed with the communication kit and sending scanned copies to

Individual Nomination:
Students enrolled in a Non-ASSET school can register via the Individual Nomination category and can pre-register for the Talent Search by clicking here.

Why be a part of the ASSET Talent Search?:
Students with scholastic talent often go unrecognised due to the lack of identification tools that highlight their intellectual abilities. These students also continuously baffle families and educators who do not understand the extent of their academic abilities and are unable to help them hone their skills through appropriate educational challenges.

ASSET Talent Search has been developed with the objective of bridging this gap by identifying these unique students.

The program is focused on highlighting such students’ academic skills through a highly advanced skill-based multiple-choice questioning technique. Based on test results, ASSET Talent Search offers individual recommendations and appropriate guidance that aids such students and their families on suitable ways to enhance their inherent talent.

Talent Search Timeline:
March – December 2015: Schools are notified about the talent search
1 April – 31 December 2015: Students enrol in the program
24 January 2016: Test day
March – April 2016: Zone-wise ASSET Talent Scholars and ASSET Talent Scholars Gold declared

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  1. What is the full form of ASSET?



  4. Where is the asset talent search centre in kolkata?

  5. What is the last date of registration?

  6. Last night we have registered through online payment. Amount was recovered from my account but we have not received any confirmation from the site.
    My ward name is Venkata Ananda Sri L Teja,
    6th class,
    Korukonda Sainik school,

  7. I have been selected this year. So how do I have to participate and give the cheque?

  8. How do I check the result online?

  9. My daughter is studying 3rd std. Can I register for ATS exam?

  10. Is there any way of getting the result of the ATS test in case one has forgotten the username and password?

    1. There is an option only to recover your forgotten password.

  11. When will results come up?

    1. Results are already declared. You need to login with user name and password to get the result in the below link.

  12. My son summer 2015 result is given by school yesterday only and I have got booklet to get registered for advance talent search but message of registration over is blinking.

    1. From the Website :

      Registrations closed for the year 2015 – 2016.

  13. When will the ATS advanced results to be declared?
    Will we be able to know the results even if we are not selected?

  14. When will the results come? Half of February is over!
    ASSET hasn’t given an email to us for results, but are saying it will come by end of Feb. Feb is more than half over and we still haven’t been notified.

  15. When will the test result come?

    1. Result is not yet announced.

  16. What is the exact date of asset result?

  17. Please tell me the exact date when the results will be declared.

  18. Can you please tell me the exact date by when the results will be out?

  19. When can we expect the result of talent search 2016?

  20. Haven’t the results come yet?

  21. When will the result be declared?

  22. I gave the exam on 24th January 2016 . When the result will come?

  23. I want answer sheet for Maths.

    1. Answer sheet is not yet posted in the official website.

  24. What would be the awards for talent search?

    1. From the Website :

      Acknowledgment of Participation and Achievements :
      All participating students receive a certificate recognizing their participation in the ASSET Talent Search and students performing exceedingly well receive a Certificate of Achievement. Their respective schools are also notified of their achievements.
      ASSET Talent Scholars (ATS) :
      Students performing extremely well and scoring in the 95th percentile or more in the ASSET Advanced Test will be declared as ASSET Talent Scholars and will receive ATS certificates, medals, posters and special zone-wise recognitions.
      ASSET Talent Scholars Gold (ATSG) :
      Students who demonstrate an exceptional performance by scoring in the 99th percentile in the ASSET Advanced Test will be recognized internationally as ASSET Talent Scholars Gold and receive ATS certificates, medals, posters and special zone-wise recognitions. In addition, EI will make documentary shoot of these students and their parents.

  25. Atiksh Kumar Agarwal PAN 514583175

    Can I register now? I was not aware of the deadline.

    1. Sorry you cannot.

  26. Atiksh Ajay Agarwal 9836133333

    My son was selected as I was not in town and could not register. Today when tried found that the registration is closed. Please register for my child. His PAN no is 514583175. Kindly consider. Please guide How do I get my child’s registration?
    Any contact no where I can call?

    1. From the Website :

      Registrations closed for the year 2015 – 2016

    2. Atiksh Kumar Agarwal PAN 514583175

      Please look into and register my child. Please don’t deprive Atiksh for my fault. Given a chance, it would be a huge experience and learning opportunity for Atiksh.

  27. How to check test results? Can you give me link for this?

    1. You will receive the results in six to eight weeks after the test date. The score report will be sent to the email address with which you have registered and the hard copy will be sent to your school. The school will hand over the results to you.

  28. Can I register today?

    1. Yes you can register.

      Registration deadline extended till Jan 15,2016.

  29. I have registered myself for the upcoming examination which is planned on 24th Jan 2016. However I have still not received any information about admit card and venue.

    1. From the website:

      From where can I get the e-hall ticket?
      You can download the e-hall ticket from our website 7 days before the ASSET Advanced Test. You will also receive the e-hall ticket in your email 7 days before ASSET Advanced Test.

  30. Where in Mumbai is the test centre?

  31. Can I register today?

    1. According to the official website, registration deadline was 31st of December 2015.


  33. When & where is it conducted?

    1. Following are the test Test Centres:
      • New Delhi
      • Mumbai
      • Bangalore
      • Chennai
      • Kolkata
      • Ahmedabad
      • Hyderabad
      • Guwahati
      • Pune
      • Lucknow
      • Indore
      • Dehradun
      • Rajkot
      • Dubai (International)

  34. Can you please tell me the details for registration

    1. You are required to pay the non-refundable enrollment fee of Rs.1800 for the ATS test

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