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BYJU’S DSSL Discovery School Super League 2018 Quiz Contest & Result

Organisation : BYJU’S
Contest Name : Discovery School Super League 2018 Quiz Contest (DSSL)
Applicable For : Students between Grade 4 to Grade 9
Registration Last Date : September 30, 2018
Website :

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BYJU’S Discovery School Super League

‘Discovery School Super League, 2018 (DSSL)’ – India’s BIGGEST National Level Inter School Contest being telecasted on Discovery Channel.

Update : BYJU’S DSSL Discovery School Super League 2019 Quiz Contest :

DSSL is a critical thinking and aptitude-based competition that provides a unique platform for students to compete and win laurels for themselves and their schools.

Who Can Participate?

** All students enrolled in the Schools between Grade 4 to 9 (both grades included) are eligible to participate in the DSSL.
** All students shall be divided into 2 (two) categories whereby students between Grade 4 to 6 shall fall under Category-1 and students between Grade 7 to 9 shall fall under Category- II.

How To Register?

** Registration process will start from June 15, 2018 and end on September 30, 2018 (both dates included)
** The Schools can register for the Contest by filling a registration form available in the welcome kit which will be provided by the organizer or its designated partners.
** The registration forms must be completed by the School in all respects.
** Only the registration forms that are duly signed, stamped and attested by the School authorities will be considered as valid entries to the Contest.
** The duly filled and stamped registration form shall be handed over by the School’s authorized representative to the organizer or its designated partners.
** The registration form which is not duly filled with all the details, the same will be rejected and automatically disqualified.

Call 973 973 3333 to Register Your School
Download Registration Form :

Contest Stages

The contest shall be conducted in three stages,

Stages Quiz to be conducted Process of Shortlisting winners
Stage1 Thirty (30) min Multiple Choice Questions based written screening test will be conducted in the School for all the Participants on the date decided by the School Two (2) toppers at school level (one in each category) of the written quiz will qualify for stage 2
Stage2 Forty- five (45) min Multiple Choice Questions based written screening test will be conducted on a state level at a common location in your city and on the date as decided by organizer Two (2) toppers at state level (one in each category) written quiz will qualify for Stage 3
Stage3 Thirty (30) teams (One each from 29 states and one from Delhi NCR) will compete in a quiz contest which will be shot in Mumbai and will be aired/ broadcasted as a TV Show named Discovery School Super League, 2018 in six (6) episode on Discovery network channels in India (“DSSL TV Show”) Top Three (3) state level winning teams and their School Principal or one teacher from each team will qualify to win a trip to NASA in Texas USA from the organizer and cash of rupees _______

Prize For The Winners

** Every Participant at a school level who participates in DSSL would get a Three (3) month online course on BYJU’S- The Learning app worth Rs. 8000 (Rupees Eight Thousand only) for FREE.
** Further, At the Stage 1 level, one topper from each grade (i.e. 1(one) student each from Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8 and Class 9) will be eligible to get DSSL Branded Schoolbags from BYJU’S.
** Winners from Stage 3 of the contest, will get a chance to appear on DSSL TV Show and will also stand a chance to win a paid trip to NASA in Texas, USA as set out above and a cash prize of _____.
** The organizer will select the winners and sponsor all the prize as set out in these Terms. It shall do so based on its internal criteria and evaluations.

Wildcard Entry

Participants may also enter Stage 2 of the DSSL by downloading ‘BYJU’S-The Learning App’ and taking the test available on the said Application. However, this mode will have a very limited number of entries at a Pan India level.

Filming/ Shooting

** Discovery shall, in its sole discretion, produce and broadcast the final stage, i.e., Stage 3 of DSSL on its channels.
** The Contest shall be aired across an aggregate of 6 episodes with the duration of 44 minutes each.
** The State level winners will compete with one another, and the winner of first 5 episodes will finally contest in the grand finale, with the winners being crowned as the All India DSSL Champions.
** The filming of the episodes shall take place at the location chosen by Discovery.
** The qualifying teams shall be informed in advance by BYJU’S of the details of the location and dates for the filming.
** For this Stage 3, all travel and accommodation for the qualifying teams will be borne solely by BYJU’S.


To get the DSSL results please follow the following steps:
1. Click on top left corner of the app and press on the three lined icon.
2. Then press on the School Super League option.
3. Click on “Check your offline test results”
4. Here you may enter your 7 digit result key to get the results.


For further queries or details, the School may contact or contact organizer on dedicated helpline number i.e. 973 973 3333

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    This is best app

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    1. Then go to the option of super league and click it and there will be one option to check results. Click it and write your 7 keys for result.


  9. Give me the result key of second round.

  10. Happy that we could see the result of level 1 but for leve 2 you have kept the result secret and we could not know the performance of our son I.Timothy Paul from Tamilnadu. This makes us lose the confidence, we have in BYJUS.

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    1. They will contact you.

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    1. If you will conduct the 2nd level, can you tell me that how many questions are there and how much time is given?

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  57. Mohammed Abdul Hai

    I want to register my three months online course at byju’s app but I couldn’t find the school super league section in the app. What shall I do?

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    1. All will be related to Maths, Science and Logical Reasoning. I know that as I have already given the test.

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  67. It conducts by school. But if DSSL is not organised in your school then you can give the test online also by downloading ‘BYJUS The Learning App’.

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    1. To check result, follow the steps,
      ** Go to
      ** You will find the chat box there
      ** Type “I want to know the result for number 6137926.” in the chat box to know your result.

  82. Please give me the model question papers.

  83. I have given online test for stage 2 by chance if I get selected for the stage 2, Shall I have to give the stage 2 test online as my school is not registered in DSSL.

  84. Yes all city, state and county can take part.

  85. I have not got any form from the organiser but I have printed out the registration form of DSSL by downloading it so will it be applicable and if applicable then to whom will I submit the form?

    1. This competition is conducted by Byjus in your school. In the school, you will find this form and you have to submit it in your school.

  86. I want to check my result, please help me.

  87. 1. Download BYJU’S-The Learning App and register.
    2. Open the ‘School Super League’s section.
    3. Enter the Result Key (mentioned on the OMR sheet student’s copy).

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    2. Just get it from the play store.

    3. Go to the play store and type byjus learning app then you can easily download it.

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  109. Result of School Super league will be given in October 2018. Those who are interested in knowing their result they can download the ‘BIJU’S app.

  110. The result of level 1 will be given in October 2018.

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    1. 1. Download BYJU’S
      2. Open the school super league section
      3. Enter your result key

  117. I have given the test, now I want to check the answers. Please assist me.

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