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Udhaiyam Dhall Paruppu Vaanguna Foreign Pogalam Slogan Contest 2018 Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry : udhaiyamdhall.com

Organisation : Shri Lakshmi Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Contest Name : Udhaiyam Dhall Paruppu Vaanguna Foreign Pogalam Slogan Contest 2018
Applicable For : Consumers of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry
Applicable State/ UT : Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry
Contest Last Date : 30th November 2018 (Date Extended)
Website : udhaiyamdhall.com

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Udhaiyam Dhall Slogan Contest

Slogan Contest Show your talent – Participate in Udhaiyam Dhall Slogan Contest and win loads of attractive prizes!

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Who Can Participate?

This contest will be open to residents of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry with the exception of agents, distributors, retailers and any other channel partner of Udhaiyam.

Contest Period

The campaign will commence on July 22nd 2018. However the contest and selection of winners will begin at 10 am Indian Standard Time on 30th November 2018. The end date of the contest including selection of winners end in 130 days from the commencement of the contest.

Applicable Packs

Unique code printed inside the Udhaiyam 1 Kg (Orid, Toor, Moong & Gram ) Pack Wrapper.

How To Participate?

To participate in the Contest, consumers must purchase Offer Udhaiyam 1 Kg. Packs and look for the 12 digit unique code printed inside the wrapper and write a slogan about udhaiyam dhall.

Next, they may choose either of the following routes to participate in the Contest

Through SMS

(i) As a first step, Participants are required to SMS the 12 digit unique code printed inside the Udhaiyam 1 Kg, pincode, name & address followed by the SLOGAN about udhaiyam dhall to 7358611100 from any mobile phone during the Contest Period.

(ii) If an SMS is received after completion of the Contest Period, the entry will not be considered.

(iii) If the Participant sends a valid SMS within the Contest Period, he/she will receive a valid response and such entries will be considered for winner selection with details on how this will happen described under “Winner Selection”

(iv) If the Participant sends an SMS containing a 12 digit code from the same number more than once, he/she will receive a response SMS informing him/her to re-apply with a valid unused unique code.

(ix) If the Participant sends a valid SMS in the prescribed format, he/she will receive a message confirming his/her entry in the Contest.

(x) The participant shall have to pay charges to their respective telecom service providers for sending the SMS.

(xi) If the Participant sends an incorrect or invalid code, participant will be asked to resend the correct unique code. The entry will not be entertained till it is made in the prescribed format

Through Website

(i) Participants are required to register in the udhaiyam dhall website th the 12 digit unique code printed inside the Udhaiyam 1 Kg, pincode, name & address followed by the SLOGAN about udhaiyam dhall during the Contest Period.

(ii) If an entries are registered after completion of the Contest Period, the entry will not be considered.

Register Now : udhaiyamdhall.com/register

Through APP

(i) Participants shall Download the udhaiyam app in their mobile. They are required to register in the udhaiyam dhall app th the 12 digit unique code printed inside the Udhaiyam 1 Kg, pincode, name & address followed by the SLOGAN about udhaiyam dhall during the Contest Period.

(ii) If an entries are registered after completion of the Contest Period, the entry will not be considered.

Download App Here :
Google Play :
Apple Store :


** Foreign Trip – For 100 Winners

** Eon Car – one each to 3 winners

** Scooty – one each to 100 Winners

** 1 Sovereign Gold Coin – one each to 100 Winners

** iPhone Mobile – one each to 100 Winners and

** Sure Prizes for 20,000/ participants.

Winner Selection

** Winners will be chosen from amongst all valid entries across SMSs, website & APP entries based on a selection made by Udhaiyam on the optimum and attractive slogan for each day of the contest period.

** Once the Participants are shortlisted, Udhaiyam shall reach each on the number from which the SMS has been sent number or address or indicated whilst making an online entry.

** In the event the shortlisted Participant’s number is busy, unreachable, or he/she does not attend the call, two (2) more attempts will be made to reach the Participant on that day and/or the next day.

** If even on the third attempt, the Participant does not attend the call, or is unreachable, the Participant’s participation in the Contest comes to an end and the Participant’s entry stands canceled and Participant becomes ineligible to receive any prize.

** In the event the shortlisted Participant attends the call on either the second or third attempt, the procedure outlined in step (v) shall apply.

Winners List : udhaiyamdhall.com/campaign/winners

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  1. Thanks Udhayam. I got Geared cycle as gift on Saturday, Appreciate the same.

  2. Please let us know, whether all the prizes have been distributed (or) the process is still going on.

  3. I am from Chennai. I am a winner of Scooty of December 2018. I have not got my scooty as well as any updates. Please send it soon.

  4. I have sent more than ten entries for this competition. I am not able to verify whether my entries have scored any prize. Till date I have not had any communication from the company.

  5. I have sent many attractive slogans on November 12th and 13th. So, Udhiaym dealer called me for verification. But still now, I have not get any prizes. I am very disappointed.

  6. I am one of the winner. They told me, they will sent the gift through courier but I have not received anything yet.

  7. I want to know, when you are going to announce the mega prize winner.

  8. Please tell us, when will the winner of f10 be available.

  9. I am sorry to say that the Udayam contest organisers are thoroughly indifferent to the anxieties of those who have participated in the contest and are eager to know the final results. One is not sure whether the list given in the website is final because the organizers have said that 20000 prizes are there for the competitors. How is one to know whether his entry has won a prize (or) not? Kindly clarify this matter in detail and set at rest the doubts of the participants. I hope this aspect will be properly taken care of atleast now.

  10. Please tell me, when will you announce the winners.

  11. முயற்சியில்லாத பயிற்சியால் பலனில்லை. நான் அல்ல, நாங்கள். உதயம் பருப்பு 624 ரேப்பர் கலெக்ட் செய்து (டீ/வடை கடை, சொந்தங்கள், ஹோட்டல், நண்பர்கள் அறிந்தவர்கள்/அறியாதவர்கள் உள்ளூர் நண்பர்கள்/ வெளியூர் நண்பர்களின் உபயோகப்பாளர்களின் ஆதரவால். தரமே எங்கள் கையிருப்பு தரமானதை பெறுவது உங்கள் பொறுப்பு என்ற உதய தாரக மந்திரத்தால், காம்பெடிஷன் எக்ஸாம் போன்று முயற்சி செய்து, வெளிநாடு ட்ரிப் பரிசு, மதுரை ராயல் கோர்ட் ஹோட்டலில் லஅக்டோபர் 20th ல் ஒப்புதல் பெற்று ஜனவரி 2019 ல் தாய்லாந்து செல்ல வேலை நடந்தது கொண்டு இருக்கிறது. அன்னையைப் போல் உண்மைதான், தரத்தில் மட்டுமின்றி செயல்பாட்டிலும் உண்மைதான் உதயம் பருப்பு (நிறுவனத்தார்). உண்மையை உறக்கச் சொல்கிறோம் உலகிற்கு. நன்றி. வாழ்க வளமுடன். தொடரட்டும் உங்கள் வணிக சமுகப்பணி.

  12. I have posted more than 30 codes from different three mobile numbers with good slogans within this four months. Each round when I am rejecting I felt that I will get car. But that too declared now. No more prizes for me. Even at this last month cost of the pack too increased. But I bought 4 packs. No use of it.

  13. Please tell me, can one write two slogans?

  14. I have submitted my slogan many times, but no response from the contest team.

  15. நான் புழுவல்ல, புயல் …
    நான் விதையல்ல முளைக்கும் துளிர்…
    பட்டது தோல்வியல்ல வாழ்க்கை பாடம்..
    துயரத்தில் துளிர்த்தவர் பலர்……
    என் துயரம் எல்லாம் உதயம் பருப்பில் ஜெயிப்பேன் என்று..
    உதயம் பருப்பில் வெற்றி பெறுவேன் என்று நம்பிக்கையுடன்…

  16. உதயம் இல்லாமல், இதயம் இல்லை.

  17. I have submitted my slogan online. I have not received any confirmation SMS on mobile. So, how to know the status?

  18. பரிசு இருக்கா? இல்லையா? ஏற்கனவே அனுப்பியதற்கு எந்த பதிலும் வரவில்லை.

  19. பரிசு இருக்கா இல்லையா என்று எப்படி தெரிந்து கொள்வது.

  20. As per my opinion, whether the owners of the product may be knowing (or) not, this contest has not been conducted genuinely. The workers/ agents may be misusing the selection of winners. I have experienced in such way that, as you have mentioned, the winners will be called for verification.I received call on 21.8.18 and asking the details my residential location. After that there was no response. If you contact me again, I will explain in detail.

  21. I got call from Udhaiyam center that I got selected but they were asking the dhall pocket which I used for slogan. Otherwise I will not get the prize even though I got selected. What is this? I sent slogan from my phone & I wrote my slogan. Is this proof not enough?

  22. I have already sent SMS & registered in Udhaiyam Parruppu contest on 26/08/2018 via phone Number, till now I have not received any feed back. Please reply back within contest period via SMS.

  23. அழகழகான பாக்கெட்டுக்குள்
    அழங்காரமாய் வைக்கப்பட்டு
    அன்றாடம் வலம் வரும் பல பருப்புகளில்
    அனைவரையும் சுவையால் ஆட்டி வைப்பது
    நம்ம உதயம் பருப்பு.

  24. I sent the slogan on 14.10.2018 then when I know that if I selected. Is the contest going on (or) not?

  25. I have received a notification as announcement test. Can anyone tell me about this, why I received like this?

  26. Kindly assist to check the winners.

  27. உதயம் இல்லாமல் எந்த நாளும் இல்லை. இந்த உதயம் பருப்பு இல்லாமல் எந்த சமையலும் இல்லை

  28. உதயம் பருப்பு பருப்புகளின் ராஜா.

  29. Let us know, when will you declare the 6th round winners list?

  30. Request to All people commenting here:
    Just read the terms and conditions put on the Udhayam website. You will get answers to questions there.

    Link: https://www.udhaiyamdhall.com/terms

  31. Why you haven’t given any revert for these all posts. Please confirm whether you are seeing this comments (or) not. Please consider your valuable customer reviews also. If you are not conducting any contests also we have to buy your products.

    1. I think this website is not belong to Udhayam. They have separate website. So do not expect reply.

  32. I want to know, when are you going to upload the winner list of 6th week?

  33. I want to view the winners list of this week.

  34. I am waiting for the result. Please announce the result as soon as possible.

  35. I have sent the SMS now and I have got one message from the Udhayam Dhall team to update the details to bit.ly/2NLA8Fq. I do not know, how to do. Please help me.

    1. Mohammed Sir, click on the link and you will get a Udhaiyam contest SMS registration page. Fill in all the details and submit it. Best of luck.

    2. As alternative to phone call for the winner, SMS can be sent to the winner’s phone.

  36. Please can anyone post the SMS format with example here?

  37. I have sent my slogan 6 weeks ago but no response yet, please reply.

    1. I have already sent my entries ie., 12 Digit Code (UDD193708490), Name, Address, Slogan, but no reply yet. Please reply whether I have selected (or) not.

  38. I sent slogan on 21.9.18 through website and Udhaiyam app but no response. When I tried through SMS I got response like ”Thanks for participating in the Udhaiyam Dhall Slogan Contest. Please update the same details in the below given link, if you wish to”. Is it necessary to update in the above link? Please tell me.

  39. I had written a slogan on 4th August 2018 through the coupon code SLR193310986. I got call saying I had been selected and the representative visited my house for address verification. He said by Sep 02nd prize will be announced but its been 21st September and I have not received any prize (or) call for follow up. I had registered complaint on your website but the customer care executive responded with some unclear lame excuses. Kindly look into the issue and respond.

    1. If you Vinitha shobana 84892-91088, your name listed in the website and you won Gold Coin. Best of Luck.

      Note: I am not a Udhayam representative

  40. I am your valuable customer, daily I buy 3kg Udhayam Dhall for my hotel. Please select me.

  41. I have sent my slogan three weeks ago but no reply yet. I want to know whether I am selected (or) not.

  42. I am not getting any reply from you. How can I get the results? Kindly inform.

  43. I am staying in Chennai. Shall I use my native address (Thiruchengode) for update profile? Even if I will win any prize, shall I receive here in Chennai.

  44. My slogan was awarded a gas stove and handed over by your staff threes week back at my home. However, the photo taken by your staff with his cell phone has not been hosted in the prize winners list. Also I would like to know is there any rules framed by you that once a person awarded will not be considered for awards for subsequent slogans sent from the same cell number or address.

  45. I have sent SMS but it is not reached you yet. Why?

  46. I had sent slogans 3 weeks back but I don’t know my result.

  47. I have sent slogan on 6.9.2018. When will you announce the winner list of that week?

  48. I have submitted my slogan 2 times, but not selected for any gifts.

  49. I think, you are giving prizes to some selective persons, most of Chennai only, may be all are your staff’s (or) relative’s.

  50. I can’t wait for result, please announce it soon.

  51. I have posted a slogan on 31st August. When will they announce the winners?

  52. I am your valuable customer. Please select me.


  54. If I send the SMS yesterday (06.09.18) when can I expect the response.

  55. I have sent slogan on 7th August but no response yet. I want to know, at what basis do you select the winners? I am from Virudhunagar.

  56. Please tell, can we write a slogan in English? Is it allowed?

  57. I have sent slogan 3 times. But no response. Very sad.

  58. I have participated once through my mobile number. Can I participate again from the same mobile number for another slogan and another unique code?

  59. I have sent my slogan on 11.8.18 but no response yet.

  60. Last week, I have sent my slogan. Have you announced the 4th week winners?


  62. I have sent three UDR Number. But no response from your side. What is the selection process? Please tell me.

  63. I sent more slogan and get confirmation message also but they didn’t conduct us, why? Please reply me. I am waiting for your favorable reply.

  64. I am sending SMS from 1.8.18 but no response from the contest team.

  65. I have sent many slogans but no reply so far.

  66. I have posted the slogan today. I am eager to know what prize I will get, How to know about the prize?

  67. I am sending SMS from 10.8.18 but no response from the contest team.

  68. I have sent a slogan 4 days before. When will I expect my result? My code is SLR 190405346.

  69. I am from Tiruvanmiyur. I sent my slogan for Udhaiyam dhall contest on 30.7.18. After that, I was contacted by your staff twice. They told they would visit my house. So far they have not come. When they will be coming?

  70. I have sent slogan with my mobile number through website, but after my submission there is no response, when will they announce the result? If suppose, I got selected, how I came to know that? Will they call me (or) message me? Kindly reply me.

    1. நான் இரண்டு முறை உதயம் பருப்பு போட்டிக்கு போன் நம்பருடன் அனுப்பினேன். எனக்கு எந்த முடிவும் தெரியவில்லை. ஏன்?

  71. Anbirgu Vendum Idhayam Than
    Unavirgu Vendum Udhayam Than
    Indre Vangunga Udhayam Paruppu Than


    1. நான் இரண்டு முறை உதயம் பருப்பு போட்டிக்கு போன் நம்பருடன் அனுப்பினேன். எனக்கு எந்த முடிவும் தெரியவில்லை. ஏன்?

  73. I have sent the message on 20th August 2018. When will I except the results? Whether the selection is only for Chennai district (or) other district also?

  74. I posted the slogan today 22nd August 2018. When I will be informed by the team? Will the winners be selected for each day? Kindly answer.


  76. I have received the call from Udhayam contest team and they told me that, you are selected in this contest and you won the car. Afterthat, I have not received any call from them. Please tell me, what I can do next.

    1. Are you serious? Did they tell you really? If so congrats.

  77. If we missed to attend the call from Udhaiyam representative, will they call again? If yes, after how many days they will call us again.

  78. I want to contact the contest team. Please give me the helpline numbers.

  79. Please advise, when can we know the result for slogan posted on August 5th.

  80. I received their call a week before, but there is no assurance of gift from their side, how do I confirm (or) know about a prize.

  81. I have sent the slogan through website on August 9th. Can you please show me the winners list of last week?

  82. Tell me, can I send another slogan with another code using same phone number? Because already I sent a slogan.

  83. I have sent the slogan through App, it is enough (or) to send it through website also. Next do I need to keep the rapper of UDHYAM dhall (or) I may throw it. Is there any problem of throw the rapper? Please tell me.

  84. We sent more slogan and get confirmation message also but they didn’t contact us, why? We are using udhayam more than 12 years.

  85. Whether winners are selected only weekly, not at the end of the campaign? Please tell me.

  86. I have registered and trying to upload a video of my slogan as .wmv file. While submitting it says invalid file format. Kindly let me know what is the valid format.

  87. Susheela Aravindan

    At last I find the grocery shop at Madurai also bought 5kg of UDHAIYAM Toor dhall (packed June 2018, batch number F.09 I 02229)(also printed GULBARGA near the batch number) those are offer packet only. But I can’t see any code number inside those 5 packs. Why this confusion? I really feel very sad. Will you please clear me that all the offer packet contains the code (or) codes are printed at random.

  88. Rajeswari Radhakrishnan

    It is mentioned that the each day winner will be called on phone on the next day and if the phone is not picked in three attempts maximum then he will lose the winning benefit. If the phone is temporarily faulty for a day (or) two then rule will affect the winner.

  89. அழகழகான பாக்கெட்டுக்குள்
    அழங்காரமாய் வைக்கப்பட்டு
    அன்றாடம் வலம் வரும் பல பருப்புகளில்
    அனைவரையும் சுவையால் ஆட்டி வைப்பது
    நம்ம உதயம் பருப்பு

  90. I have submitted my slogan online. I have not received any confirmation SMS on mobile. So, how to know the status?

  91. Kindly clarify, can one person send three (or) four slogans under different codes from the same phone number?

  92. I bought Udhayam Dhall today but I don’t know how to send the code. What is the message format? Please tell me.

  93. I want to know that, at what time will you announce the today’s winner list?

  94. I bought a Udhayam Dhall and the last printed digit of secret code is erased and I don’t know what is the last number. Can you help me to solve this problem?

  95. Already I have a gas stove. Will my slogan again be selected for higher prizes?

  96. I have submitted my code in Udhayam Dhall website. I wish to win any of these prizes. How to know the shortlisted list?

  97. It is very fast cooking dhall and It is very tasty. My family is a long time customer of Udhayam Dhall. My code is UDR193647139.

  98. Let us know, how to identify the Udhaiyam packet with the coupon code (or) Will all the packs have the coupon code?

    1. I have sent many slogans from three mobile numbers but I have not received any call and also I would like to see the winners name. Can you please provide the link to check the winners?

  99. I want to know, do I need to include Udhaiyam word in that slogan (or) general slogan for Udhaiyam?

  100. I am interested in this contest, Can you please tell me, what type of slogan I have to write?

  101. Udhaiyam Paruppu is a good product and very tasty, It is used as a major ingredient in Indian cuisine for preparing a healthy diet. Udhaiyam Paruppu has Protein, Fat & Carbohydrates.

  102. If I have received a prize already in one week. Shall I again participate and write slogan from same mobile number? If the slogan is good enough, will they give prize again?

    1. Please let me know, can the same person write more slogans with more unique code numbers and is he allowed to get more than one prize.

  103. Kindly clarify that, whether will every week winners be announced (or) all winners be announced at the end of the contest i.e. 29th October 2018 and should slogans be only in Tamil (or) English is also allowed?

  104. Susheela Aravindan

    The offer udayam packet is available at Madurai but, I can’t find them here. In Madurai, where will I get that offer packets?

    1. Udhaiyam Dhall 1kg (Orid,Toor,Moong & Gram) packs are available in all Supermarkets and Grocery Stores.

  105. I can’t find the 12 digit number in Udhaiyam Toor Dhall packet. Where it is printed?

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      Unique code printed inside the Udhaiyam 1 Kg (Orid, Toor, Moong & Gram ) Pack Wrapper.

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