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Numbertank Ganesh Darshan Contest 2018

Organisation : Numbertank
Contest Name : Ganesh Darshan Contest 2018
Contest Deadline : 23rd September 2018
Website :

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Numbertank Ganesh Darshan Contest

Ganesh Darshan Contest 2018 will start on 13th September 2018 at 12 AM and end on the midnight of 23rd September 2018.

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How To Participate?

To Participate,
1. Download Numbertank app.
2. Follow verified channel @ganeshdarshan with name Ganesh Darshan 2018 @ganeshdarshan.
3. Contribute your Ganesha’s photo to this channel.
4. Once your photo gets approved by the channel moderator, you will be officially part of the competition. We encourage you to share your picture with your friends, to get more likes thus increasing your chance to win the Grand Prize.
5. Thats it !!!!!


Contest Rules

1. Only Lord Ganesha’s Photos uploaded in verified channel @ganeshdarshan and upon approval by channel moderator only than one shall be eligible for participation in the contest.
2. User shall be held responsible for the uploaded photos. They should be taken by them. It should not be copied from the internet.
3. Any Lord Ganesha’s Photo uploaded after (23rd, September 2018) shall not be accepted.
4. Number of Likes on Lord Ganesha’s photo will not be considered after declaring winners (25th September 2018). However, you can increase your likes till (25th September, 2018)
5. Winners will be declared based on total likes they get on their top ten most liked photos. In case of tie results, maximum share count will be considered to evaluate winners.
6. For any complaints regarding contest winners will be considered within 48 hours after declaring contest winners.
7. Numbertank believes that all participants entering the contest shall agree to the Terms and Conditions.
8. All rights are reserved by Numbertank.

Contest FAQs

How do I contribute my Ganesha’s photo to channel ?
You can contribute by click onContributte. ThisContributtewill be only available during contest period.

Is it necessary to follow @ganeshdarshan ?
In order to participate in the contest, we would like all participants to follow the verified channel – “Ganesh Darshan 2018”. Also, this channel will be the only medium to receive the latest announcements and updates regarding the contest.

Can I post more than one photo ?
Yes, definitely. More than one photo will be allowed considering the fact that they are unique.

Any Information will be helpful to get more likes on photos?
Yes. We recommend you to enter some description about the photo when you submit it using theContributte option. For e.g. Mandal names, information, location, caption and so on. We also encourage you to set your profile picture within application settings. So, your friends will easily recognise you.

How can I get more likes within Numbertank application ?
You can share your picture with your friends and family using option to do so within the app and option for spreading it through other social network. However, all likes earned in the app will be accepted for the contest. No external likes from Facebook/Twitter/Instagram shall be accepted for the same.

Is Contest based on individual level ?
Yes. This contest is based on individual user level. Register with Numbertank, contribute photos and get likes to claim grand prizes. User is only responsible for all of his/her activities.

Till when can I contribute my photos ?
You can contribute your photos till 23rd September. The Contributte option will be inactivated then.

May I even get likes after contest validity (23rd September) ?
Yes, you can get more likes even after contest validity. But, we have allotted two more days for increasing your likes, that is till the midnight of 25th September 2018. Results will be evaluated based on total number of likes your photos gained till the midnight of 25th September 2018.

How will winners be decided, what are the winning parameters set ?
Winners will decided based on total number of likes you get on your top ten most liked photos within Numbertank application during the contest period. So, we encourage you to submit as many photos as you can and share it with your friends to get maximum likes.

It will increase your chances to win the prize. For e.g. If you have posted 15 photos, top ten photos with the most likes will be considered to count your total likes.

How to claim the winning prize ?
Just contact our support team via email us on with your registered email address of Numbertank application before 30th September 2018.

If I have an issue with winner’s picture. How can I claim copyright issue ?
If you think your picture had been used without your authority or permission, please contact our support team via email us on before 28th September 2018. The Numbertank team will immediately respond to the issue with necessary actions.

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