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Nick India Nickelodeon Shiva Contest 2015 : Viacom 18 Media

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Organization : Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd
Competition Name : Nickelodeon Nick India Shiva Contest 2015
Applicable For : Citizens of India
Competition Last Date : 4th December, 2015

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Website :

Shiva Contest :

This Contest is organized by Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd. (“Organizers”) and is open to all (“Participants”) for participation:
** citizens of India

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** are viewers of the channel “Nickelodeon” (“Channel”)
** who are mobile/landline subscribers of Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Idea, BSNL, MTNL Mumbai, Reliance, Loop and Tata (“Service Providers”) and
** Participation by minors will be deemed as participation with the prior consent and knowledge of the Participant’s parents.

Note :
To participate in the Contest, a Participant needs to watch “Nick” channel Monday to Friday at 6.30 PM (“Program”) during the Contest Period and answer the questions correctly from the multiple options that shall be provided on the Channel during the Contest Period (as defined hereinafter) as per methods provided hereinbelow. The questions may vary every day during the Contest Period and the Participants may participate more than once on every day basis. The Winners shall be selected daily based on correct answers received first and shall be declared at the end of the Contest Period and the participants who sent maximum correct answers first shall be selected as Winners of the Contest.

Modes of Participation:

The Participant can answer the questions in one of the following methods:
** Via SMS, by sending an SMS ‘Nick’ <space> Option A or Option B <space> Your Name to 56882 through their respective mobile Service Providers; or
** Via IVRS by dialing IVR number DIAL 5056882 From Vodafone, Aircel, Airtel, Idea, Reliance, Tata mobile & Airtel Landline or DIAL 1255568 from BSNL Landline, mobile & MTNL mobile; or

How To Participate :
By logging on the Nick India webpage – ‘’ for participating and posting the answers on the webpage as per instructions provided therein.

Contest Period :
** The Contest shall commence from 9th November, 2015 and shall conclude on 4th December, 2015 or on such date as decided by the Organizer (“Contest Period”). Any entries received after the Contest Period shall not be entertained and shall be considered ineligible for the Contest.

Selection of Winners:
At the end of the Contest Period, the Organizers shall select total 10 (ten) Participants on maximum entries during the Contest Period and on first come basis and who have answered the questions correctly as the winners of the Contest (“Winners”). Each Winner selected and declared by Viacom18 would be entitled to win gratification/ prizes as mentioned below:

Gratification Details:
** The Winners declared by the Organizers would be entitled to win 1 (one) bi-cycle each worth approximately INR 4000 (Indian Rupees Four Thousand only) upto INR 5000 (Indian Rupees Five Thousand only). Organizer takes no responsibility, liability or any other expenses for the Winners and Organizer shall not be responsible towards product liability of gratifications. The Winners understand that the each Winner shall be entitled for such number of prize as determined by the Organiser at its sole discretion.

** The charges applicable for use of SMS shall be premium rates (maximum of Rs.3/-) as charged by respective Service Provider. The charges for IVR usage shall be premium rates (maximum up to 6.99/ min). SMSes/ IVRs originating from a particular number shall be deemed to be from the owner of the number. All other incidental costs, if any, that may arise from participating in the Contest will be borne by the Participant.

** The Organizers shall not be responsible in case of any network problem such as breakdown of machinery, poor network availability, disruption in the network, inconvenience/ hindrance caused, and/ or the cost of the SMS usage charged by the Service Provider or otherwise. Any dispute in connection to the same shall be settled between the Participant and the Service Provider without involving Organizers.

** The Participants/Winner(s) acknowledge that the Organizer shall not be liable for any costs, expenses, charges, fees, taxes, etc. incurred by the Winner(s) in participating in the Contest, and the Winner(s) shall be absolutely responsible and solely liable for the same.

** The Participants shall not be entitled to win the Prize simply by the reason of participating in the Contest or answering correct answer. Further, the Winners so selected shall be entitled to win the Prize and Grand Prize as set out hereinabove. The selection process may be revised and shall be as per the Organizer’s sole discretion. The Participants or any third party shall have no right to question the process of selection. In the event there is a tie between two participants as final winner, then the same shall be resolved through a random draw.

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  1. Please send my prize shiva helmet.

  2. I like Shiva too much.

  3. Shiva is a excellent fighter.

  4. Shiva is my super hero. He is good.

  5. Sonic is the best entertainment channel for kids and junior boys. I like the shiva episode very much. THE SHIVA IS MY FAVORITE HERO & FOR ALL KIDS. I LIKE MORE SHIVA STUNT AND THE SHIVA CYCLE IS THE BEST CYCLE IN THE WORLD.

  6. I have participated in the contest. I won it. My answer was correct. But I have not got prize,why?

    1. Please give me a Shiva cycle .

  7. Shiva is a very smart boy. I like Shiva, his cycle and his friend.

  8. Shiva is very nice show.

  9. Shiva is very super boy and he is very pretty boy.

  10. shiva is a cool super cycler, I like his stunts & his MTB.

  11. I want to play Shiva game right now.

    1. Shiva flash games are available in Nick India website.

  12. Why we are not getting any gift?

  13. Shiva is a good, helpful & truthful Indian Boy.

  14. I like this program. I also want to participate in this competition. Are the questions asked in program only?

  15. I want shiva’s bicycle today. Can I get it?

  16. I see this program for some days and I like Shiva.

  17. Shiva is nice hero. He was helping others with his bicycle. He is very strong.

  18. I won my mobile. I love SHIVA.

  19. Shiva is my best hero. I love this show.

    1. I hate this show.

  20. Shiva is a smart hero

  21. Shiva is my favorite program . Shiva please give me bicycle

  22. Shiva helps others and his friends shiva fights from thief. I love shiva and his cartoon. I watch shiva everyday

  23. Shiva is a good boy. He is a bicycle hero.

  24. Please give me a bicycle please.

  25. Shiva is the worst cartoon character ever I saw.

    1. There are mind blowing tricks in Shiva cartoons.

  26. Shiva is a super boy. I love him and his friends.

  27. I like Shiva and his wonder bicycle. He is a cool boy. I have participated in the contrast. Will I get a gift?

    1. If you win the contest, you will get a gift as mentioned in the official website.

  28. Shiva is a very brave boy.

  29. Shiva is a very good fighter. I like shiva.

  30. Shiva is very good fighter.

    1. Yes, Shiva is a very good fighter.

    2. Yes, you are RIGHT.

  31. When will result be announced?
    Its now 18 decemeber now.

  32. I have read that we can win bicycles every day (Monday-Friday)but there is announcement of winners.

    1. From where you saw announcement of winners?

  33. Shiva is very helpful. He helps everyone, who is in trouble with his friends and his cool bike. I love Shiva’s show.

  34. I love shiva’s bike. I like this channel just for him.

  35. Shiva is a Bicycle hero. He is a very good bicycle stunt champion.

  36. When will winners be announced? The contest period is over and it is 15th December now.

  37. Shiva is the best entertainment show.

  38. Shiva is a miracle bicycle rider

  39. I want to know how the winner will be declared?\
    Please give me a chance to win

  40. Hi! Shiva I love your stunts.

  41. Please Shiva give your super cool cycle to me.

  42. Siva is very cool. I like Shiva and his cycle.

  43. When will be Shiva contest winner list be displayed in the website?

    1. When the list is announced in the official website, we will also update here. Please be patient.

  44. I love this show very much. Shiva is a good boy & his cycle stunts are amazing. I have to ask you a question. When & how will I know the winner list.

    1. When the list is announced in the official website, we will also update here. Please be patient.


  46. Shiva īs awesome. I do not miss any of his program.

  47. We love to see this show. We learn to be good human being from such shows. We learn to be helpful. We enjoy watching Shiva everyday.

  48. I like Shiva episodes and she cycle today answer is A

  49. Shiva is very good and I love his stunt.

  50. This program is very good. I see shiva every day. Shiva is a very good wrestler. Siva’s bicycle is very strong and Shiva is a very strong boy. I love Shiva. I love his action and his cycle.

  51. Shiva is very nice show. I liked very much. I wanted to ask a question. How can I know the winners name? Please reply.

  52. Why is it written that this website certificate expired?

    1. You might get the message as it is a secure htpps site. No need to worry.

  53. Shiva is a strong boy. I love Shiva. This programme is so good.

  54. Shiva is very sweet. I like his bicycle and it is amazing.

  55. I love Shiva’s show. A good bicycle player and a very brave and inspirational boy.

  56. Shiva is my favorite fan and I live my hero

  57. Shiva is a strong boy. And always helps other. I wanted to ask that where we can see the names of winner of Shiva contest?

    1. I love my hero.

  58. Shiva is a strong boy.

  59. Shiva is very nice. It’s a Shiva show.

  60. Shiva is an super amazing stunt boy.

  61. Shiva is a very nice boy. I love his stunts and his actions.

  62. Shiva is a very nice boy. And his stunts are like that of superman.

  63. I like Shiva by cycle stunt

  64. Shiva is a excellent boy and he can control his cycle very nicely. I love the show of shiva.

  65. Shiva is a very nice boy. I love shiva.

  66. I love Shiva programme

  67. It is 25th November now. Who is the winner?

    1. The competition deadline is 4th of December.

  68. Shiva is very nice. This program is very cool.

    1. Yes, I like the show and the bicycle owned by Shiva. The stunts he makes in the show are fabulous.

  69. I love Shiva due to his super cool cycle. Shiva is very nice. This program is very nice.

  70. I love geared bicycle just like Shiva’s bicycle.

  71. I like Shiva I love playing in cycle just like Shiva.

    1. Yes, you are right.

  72. My favorite show Shiva and the show is very good.

  73. Shiva is a cool boy and I like’s Shiva’s Bike. Anybody please give me his bike.

  74. Shiva is very cool and his cycle is very cool. Shiva is very good fighter.

  75. I see Shiva everyday. I like this program. Shiva is my favourite show. I like shiva’s bicycle.

  76. I love Shiva due to his super cool cycle. I wish that I may also have a cool cycle like him.

  77. Shiva is a super boy and he has a super bicycle which has all facilities.

  78. I like shiva show because i like his bike and song. Shiva is my favorite show.

  79. I like this program. I can see everyday. This is an action program.

  80. I like to see shiva everyday. He is cool and he is the best super hero.

  81. I love shiva show.

  82. I like this super hero kid,s & today answer is a) Vedas city.

    1. Nice show, and I LOVE it.

  83. Shiva is very nice. I love his action and his cycle is super cool. I love Shiva and his shows.

    1. Shiva is very cool and I love Shiva’s moves.

    2. Please help me guys.

  84. This programe is so good. I like this programe. I see shiva every day. When my mother does not allow me to see shiva, I cry and then my mother allows me to see shiva.

    1. Ha ha ha, Super. That was nice. I am THRISHUL from AGB layout.

  85. Shiva is very nice. I love Shiva show

    1. shivam kumar rajhans

      The Siva is a super dopper cool boy

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