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Organisation : 55256 IDEA Contest Zone
Announcement : Gold Rush Challenge 2015

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Gold Rush Challenge :

Are you ready? The season to celebrate with Gold, Gold and more Gold is here. Presenting the Gold Rush Challenge for Idea Subscribers! Play at only Rs. 2 per answer for a chance to win GOLD Vouchers worth up to Rs. 15 Lakhs and other amazing prizes. So, hurry! Be a part of the challenge to grab this golden chance.

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Challenge Dates: Starts on 16th May 2015 and ends on 13th August 2015.

Grand Prizes :
Bumper Prize – 1 Winner gets Gold Voucher worth up to Rs.15 Lakhs -(National)
Circle Bumper Prize – 15 Winners get Gold Voucher worth up to Rs. 1 Lakh each-(Circle Group-Wise)
Monthly Prize – 45 Winners get Gold Voucher worth up to Rs. 15,000 each-(Circle Group-Wise)

Schedule for Monthly Prizes :
Monthly Schedule
Month From To
1 16-May 14-Jun
2 15-Jun 14-Jul
3 15-Jul 13-Aug

Take your pick and play for amazing prizes on Fabulous Fridays:

22-May – Rs. 10, 000 worth Gold Voucher
29-May – Smart Phone
05-Jun – Digital Camera
12-Jun – Smart Phone
19-Jun – Gold Voucher
26-Jun – Smart Phone
03-Jul – Digital Camera
10-Jul – Smart Phone
17-Jul – Rs.10,000 worth Gold Voucher
24-Jul – Smart Phone
31-Jul – Digital Camera
07-Aug – Smart Phone

Assured Prize of Rs 30 Recharge to those who Answer 15 Questions

Challenge Highlight – Happy Hours from 6pm to 9pm every day!

Play from 6pm to 9pm during Happy Hours and score 2 points for every correct answer.

How to Play :

To play on Voice: Call 55256 at Rs. 2/ Answer.
Press 1 for the 1st answer option and Press 2 for the 2nd answer option.
To play on SMS: Type & SMS the keyword DREAM to 55256 at Rs.2/Answer
To answer, SMS A for the 1st answer option or B for the 2nd answer option as a reply to the question.

The winner(s) will receive calls only from one of the numbers mentioned herein 080-67186352 / 080-67186344 / 080-49292425 and will be informed about the prize details and the process for claiming the same. Any communication from any other number or source could be unauthorized or not genuine and subscribers are advised to exercise caution accordingly.
For any queries or suggestions, email us on
or call us on the toll- number 080-49292444 on all weekdays between 9.30AM and 6.30PM

Procedure and Eligibility to participate:
This Challenge is valid for all active prepaid and postpaid Subscribers who fulfill the following criteria:
** He/she must be of or above 18 years of age;

** He/she must be a resident of India;

** He/she must not have been either convicted and / or prosecuted for commission of any criminal offence nor be of an unsound mind;

** He/she must belong to any of the Circles mentioned above; and

** He/she must not be under any legal disability e.g. insolvency, restraint by court order etc. and / or is prohibited from entering any contractual relationship.

Further, the Subscribers who participate in the Challenge and are chosen as Highest Scorers of each category of gratification under the Challenge in accordance with the Highest Scorer selection process under the Terms and Conditions of the Challenge, shall be required to be the registered Subscribers of the mobile phone number chosen as the Highest Scorer and not merely the persons using such mobile number (“Highest Scorer(s)”). If the Highest Scorer is not able to provide sufficient evidence to show that he/she is the Subscriber of the mobile number, the Organisers reserve the right to award the gratification to the next eligible Highest Scorer or to forfeit the gratification, at its sole discretion.

** The Challenge is available on voice and SMS. The Challenge consists of 900 skill/knowledge based questions with two answer options for each question. The Subscribers will be charged Rs. 2/- for each answer given by the Subscribers to the corresponding question in the Challenge.

** The charged amount will not be refunded to Subscribers under any circumstances.

** Subscribers shall be charged only after sending the response to the corresponding question.

** Subscribers will only receive the (n+1)th question after getting successfully charged for the nth question i.e if a subscriber is charged successfully for the first 3 questions he/she answered and is not charged successfully for the 4th question, then he/she will only receive the 5th question once he/she is charged for the 4th question successfully.

** In case the Subscriber stops participating in the Challenge at any time, the independent system of the Organisers will continue to charge him/her for all questions answered till that time, in the event charging for any answer has been unsuccessful. Answers for which the charging has not been successful shall be disregarded for the purpose of Highest Scorer selection.

** In case the charging is unsuccessful for any Subscriber, including due to insufficient balance in the participating MSISDN of the Subscriber, of a ‘Low Balance’ prompt shall be played to the Subscriber and the call will be dropped.

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  1. My last month’s score is 134.

  2. My score is 120060 in season 6 and 150990 in season 8. What is my prize?

  3. My score is 9160.

  4. Today I scored 1500 points. Am I eligible for any prize?

  5. My score is 960.

  6. I played from DEC 11th. My score is 17800.

  7. Where is my prize? M score is 1440.

  8. My score is 100.

  9. My score is 12900. Can I get my prize?

  10. My score is 200.

  11. My score is 780.



    I GOT 2740 POINTS.

    1. I got 3820. What do I get?

  14. My score is 400 .
    Where is my prize Samsung HD TV?
    You are cheating.

  15. I played and win an online recharge coupon code. But the message is Deleted. Now please help me to Back the code.

  16. I am just participate in this gold challenge. And my score is 1492. I answered all your questions. Am I eligible for bumper prize?

  17. My gold rush challenge score is 1492.

  18. My score is 360. How can I get my prize?

  19. My point is 1500. What is my prize?

  20. I played Gold Rush Challenge. When will this result be declared?

  21. When will I win second recharge?

  22. danavath praveen kumar

    My score is 8340

  23. My score 940

  24. My score is 240. Shall I win the weekly prize 500rs?

    1. Assured Gratification: The selection for the Assured Gratification will be conducted during the challenge. All MSISDNs across all circle groups*, who have answered 15 questions, during the challenge, will be gratified with mobile recharge worth up to Rs.30.

  25. My score is 11250

    1. My score is 14020.
      How can I get my prize?

  26. My score 1100

  27. Muttann Sharanappa Waddar

    My score is 15370
    Date 12/8/2015

  28. I played and I got 4 messages that I am eligible for online recharge coupons which I will receive a coupon code shortly in 45 to 60 hours. I scored 240. What is this all about?

  29. E7965F012061

  30. MY SCORE 240

  31. My score 4800

  32. My score is 120

  33. My score is 1500

  34. My score is 150

  35. MY SCORE IS 750

  36. Score 1250

  37. Result date and time

  38. My score is 350

  39. I am from village Koodan district Sikar
    Q. Could I won any price?
    My score is 350

  40. MY SCORE IS 12500

  41. I have got more than 16000 points. Am I qualify?

  42. I got 50 rupees recharge Code & how it is used?

  43. my total score is 2680

  44. My scored 840

  45. Gavali Jiganesh Ganesh

    My score is 2130
    Give my result

  46. My score is 750

  47. Dinesh kumar Barahpuria

    My score is 1042
    I played gold rush challenge 2015 till 13 Aug what is my result?

  48. I got 50 recharge code.How to use it?

  49. My score is 1140
    How to get my prize?

  50. My Score (2100)

  51. My score is 850
    How can I get prize?


  53. I played the contest. I got 50 recharge code. How is it used?

  54. My score is 910

  55. I just participate in Gold rush challenge. My score is 1603

  56. My score is. 15390.
    I played “super challenge season 8.

  57. I play this contest
    My score-1604

    1. My score is 340. I won 50 rupees recharge but not active. How the code is used?

  58. My score is 400

  59. My score is 1630 out of 132 questions.
    When I won 50 rupees recharge but not activate. Please give new coupon code.

  60. My score 12800

  61. My score is 1050

  62. My total score is 5330 points.
    When winner’s results will be announced?

  63. My Score is 1010
    Am I eligible for 15 Lakh Gold Voucher?

  64. I have scored 836 out of 533 questions
    What is my position?
    What prize I am eligible for?

  65. My score is 2500

  66. My score is 2500
    Now am I eligible in this session?

  67. My score is 1434.
    I played gold rush challenge.

  68. My score is 104

  69. My score is 1068

  70. I scored on idea gold rush challenge 552 points.
    Will I be eligible for b.prize last played on 13 Aug?

  71. shrikrishna wankhade

    My score is 1186
    How can I get prize?

  72. MY POINTS ARE 1022 TILL 13-08-2015.

  73. My score is 795 in questions 415

  74. My score is 386. So how much prize is for me?

  75. My score is 840

  76. My score is 1230

  77. I score 70
    Am I eligible for gold challenge?

  78. My score is 3660, participated in this month. Am I eligible for the prize?

  79. My score 237

  80. My score 3010

    1. My score 7150

  81. How will I get free recharge ADDC191E5040?

  82. My score is 250

  83. My play score is 108

    1. My play score is 1.397

  84. My score is 9999

  85. I just participate in this gold rush challenge and my score is 594. I answered all your questions. So now am I eligible for bumper prize?

  86. My score is 100 and I have won 100rp recharge. How to recharge the coupon in my number?

    1. The selection for the Assured Gratification will be conducted during the challenge. All MSISDNs across all circle groups*, who have answered 15 questions, during the challenge, will be gratified with mobile recharge worth up to Rs.30

  87. I played season 7 but not received any message about prizes.

  88. MY SCORE IS 4587.

    1. The Highest Scorers’ names will be announced as registered in the system of Idea. The list of the Highest Scorers of the gratification will be published on the Website

    2. My score is 1110
      So now I am eligible for any prize?

  89. My scores is 1500
    What can I do to be the winner?

    1. My score is 594
      What can I do to be the winner?

  90. My score is 1040

    1. My score is 1434.
      I played gold rush challenge. What is my prize?

  91. I played 300 questions. My score is 569

  92. My score is 1708 17 july

  93. I called at 55256 to get further questions but the voice said– due to technical problems we didn’t deduct the amount. Then I sms dream at the same number but the questions didn’t appear in my mobile. What is the matter?

    1. In case the charging is not successful, a ‘Not Charged Prompt’ is played and the call is dropped. The answer input given by Subscriber will be discarded and this question will remain as an unanswered question and may be given to the Subscriber again sometime during the Challenge period. For the purposes of selection of the Highest Scorer for any of the gratifications under this Challenge, only answers for which the charging has been successfully completed shall be considered for the purposes of Highest Scorer selection.



    1. After the selection and validation of the Highest Scorers of the gratifications under the Challenge, the Highest Scorers will be contacted, by calling them on 3 consecutive days on the number registered with Idea, and will be given further details as to how, when and where they can collect their respective gratification.

  95. My play score 491

    1. My score is 400

  96. I played and my score is 120. So now am I eligible for bumper prize?

    1. After every answer, the Subscriber will be sent an appropriate response, with the updated score and given the next question and answer options.

    2. Digital camera

  97. gold rush challenge 2015
    Question 900
    Score is 1491

  98. Gold score 1491

  99. I recieved an sms on 5th July 2015 from 55256 stating that Congrats! You have won assured prize Rs.30 Recharge in Gold Rush. Visit Mobile and claim your prize by entering the code given to me.

    I am not able to claim the prize. How do I go about to claim the same?


  100. Parasappa,Puttappa,Lamani.

    I scored idea gold rush challenge 2502 out of 1263 questions

  101. I am just participate this gold rush challenge and my score is 1698. I answered all your questions. So now am I eligible for bumper prize?

  102. I played and scored 33 on June 26, 2015 and I received a message that I am eligible for online recharge coupons that will be received in 48 to 72 hours. So when and where will I receive this?

  103. We are eligibility in this challenge and I scored 462 but not say balance Questions.

  104. I played and I got 4 messages that I am eligible for online recharge coupons which I will receive a coupon code shortly in 48 to 72 hours. I scored only 24.
    What is this all about?

    1. A Subscriber is eligible to receive more than one gratification during the period of the Challenge, provided he/she meets the above said criteria’s for the respective or gets selected during the tie-breaker process.

    2. 88e6319c5017

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