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Colors Tamil Dance Vs Dance Reality Show 2018 :

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Channel : Colors Tamil
Show Name : Dance Vs Dance Reality Show 2018
Timing : Weekend at 8:00 PM
Release Date : 24th November 2018
Website :

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Colors Tamil Dance Vs Dance

What happens when dance meets creativity? A breath-taking show of talent! 14 pairs of brilliant dancers are going up against each other to win the coveted ‘throne’ week after week.

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Deciding their fate is a spectacular judging panel comprising of judges like superstar Nakkhul, choreographer Brinda Master and a new celebrity judge every week. So join Dance Vs Dance now.

Contestants List

** Yagshini and Mohana
** Kalai and Rakshan
** Alice and Muthurasu
** Karthik and Ramya
** Prashanth and Kavya
** Mehul and Parvez
** Ilavarasan and Rashmi
** Raghavi and Ashwathi
** Sabarish and Bharathi
** Gurunath and Tanusha
** Suthan and Raveena
** Raghavan and Priya
** Ankitha and Pooja
** Mani and Savitha


** Keerthi Shantanu (KiKi)
** Mirchi Vijay


** Brinda
** Nakul

About Show:
Dance Vs. Dance is a unique format that gives a platform to the brilliant talent pool that this State has to offer. The show has been very well shot creatively as well as technically.

Under Brinda and Nakul’s guidance coupled withKiki and Vijay’s antics, we are certain that the show will strike a chord with the viewers. I also take this opportunity to thank our Sponsors as together we hope to forge a successful partnership.”

‘Dance Vs. Dance’ is a dance face-off format which will last for 13 weeks. The key element of this disruptive format entails a dance-off by two individuals on the same song.

The duo will be adjudged basis their style, élan, and creativity in choreography. As the competition progresses, each contestant will vie to be on the coveted ‘throne’ which will mark them safe and help them advance in the competition.

Commenting on Dance Vs. Dance, Master said, “Tamil Nadu is a land of many celebrated dance forms.

Dance is an integral part of the state that there is simply no celebration without us shaking a leg. It gives me great joy in joining hands with Colors Tamil channel to begin a new journey that truly seeks to bring into limelight talented artists not just from the city, not just from the country but from across the globe.

This is the first time we are going to be witnessing a dance-off reality show in Tamil TV space, which makes this journey all the more exciting and enthralling.”

The hunt for talented and passionate contestants began in August and over 70 participants were handpicked by a team of qualified professionals from across age categories starting from 8 to 45.

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  1. Sabarish and Bharathi are my favourite. They are doing a great job.

  2. I am from Paris. Shabarish & Bharathi are my favorites. I like Shabarish expressions very much.

  3. Raghavi and Ashwathy, both are very good dancers. I like Raghavi styles and her expression and like harry master very much, You look so handsome.

  4. I like Kalai and Rockson.

  5. Kalai and Rockson deserve to win the title. I am really upset.

  6. Pooja and Ankita are best dancers.

  7. Illavarasan and Rashmi are dancing very well.

  8. I love Kalai and Rockson dance.

  9. Kalai and Rockson are best.

  10. Please vote for Kalai and Rockson.

  11. My favorite dancers are Kalai Anna and Rockson Anna.

  12. Sabarish and Bharathi are best.

  13. Ankitha and Pooja dance is very super. Kalai and Rakshan dance is also very super. Both are very talented dancers. So my vote for both guys.

  14. I like Prasanth and Kavya performance. My vote and support is always for you both. My personal vote is for Kavya. I like all your performances in all the episodes. All the best both of you.

  15. My vote is for Kalai and Rockson.

  16. Surthan and Ravina performances are very nice. Wish you all the best for finals.

    1. I like Ankitha Pooja & Kalai Rockson very much.

  17. Kalai and Rockson, We like you both dance so much. My vote is for you guys. I am from Karnataka.

  18. My personal vote is for Sabarish and Bharathi. I like both very much.

  19. I like Kalai and Rockson. Both are dancing very well. I like both very much. All the best.

  20. I like Kalai, Rockshan, Sabarish & Barathi.

  21. கலை அண்ணா நீங்க சூப்பர் டான்சர். உங்க ஸ்டைல் சூப்பர். உங்க டான்ஸ் பார்த்தால் மகிழ்ச்சியா இருக்கு.

  22. Kalai and Rockson are super dancers. I like both very much and their styles are super.

  23. My personal vote is for Sabarish and Bharathi.

  24. My personal vote is for Sabarish and Barathi. Keep it up guys, do well.

  25. I like Kalai & Rockson.

  26. My personal vote is for Suthan and Raveena. This pair is awesome in romance. They are made for each other.

  27. My vote is for stylish boys Kalai & Rockson.

  28. My personal vote is for Ankitha & Booja. This guys performance is really good. Congratulations to both.

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