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ISTE MANIT Codathon Inter-NIT Coding Contest 2019 :

Organisation : Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Maulana Azad National Insititute of Technology (MANIT)
Contest Name : Codathon Inter-NIT Coding Contest 2019
Applicable For : ISTE, NIT Students
Contest Period : January 15th – 22nd, 2019
Website :

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ISTE MANIT Codathon Inter-NIT Coding Contest

Codathon is an Inter-NIT coding contest, the first of its kind and the brainchild of ISTE Students’ Chapter MANIT. Codathon kickstarts ISTE SC MANIT’s Annual Students’ Conclave ‘Chimera’.

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Codathon will be a week-long contest with seven questions unraveled over seven days with increasing difficulty.

Although the prizes are reserved for students of NITs, the contest is open to all those who have a knack for programming and consider solving algorithmic questions a healthy mental exercise. Moreover, if you can topple all competition from NITs you get much more than money, recognition.

How To Participate?

To participate in this challenge, do the following:
a. Register for the challenge
b. Visit the challenge page on start date/time
c. Click Participate in Challenge

Register Here :

Prizes & Rewards

** 1st Prize : 10,000
** 2nd Prize: 7,000
** 3rd Prize: 5,000
** 4th Prize: 3,000
** 5th Prize: 2,000

** Top 10 Coders Stand a chance to get interviewed at Paytm – Build for India team
** PAYTM: Women In Technology Prize – Special prize of Rs.5,000 to the top female coder.
** Hackerearth Internship to the top female coder of Codathon’19. Read Hackerearth’s Women in Tech report here.
** Hackerearth T-Shirts to top scorer from each NIT. (Provided the participation from their respective institute is more than 50 students)
** IIITS- In order to promote coding culture in the emerging IIITs, Hackerearth T-Shirt will be awarded to the top scorer from each IIIT. (provided the participation from their respective institute is more than 50 students)
** A Prize of 2000 Rs. for the top scorer from MANIT, as part of our initiative to promote budding coders (only for freshman and sophomore).

Giveaway from our In-kind Partner Coding Blocks :
** 20 Coding Blocks Bags for top rankers among NITs.
** 10 Mastering Competitive Programming Books for top rankers among IIITs.
** Coding Blocks T-shirts for the top rankers of host institute.

Participation Certificates for All !

Contest Guidelines

** Before you attempt programming questions, you should choose a language from the given list.
** All inputs for the programming problems are from STDIN and output to STDOUT.
** To understand more about the judging environment, time limits, etc. you can read information about the HackerEarth judge.
** Programming questions have a Compile & Run option which you can use to run your solution against sample test cases before submitting it.
** You can submit the solution for a programming problem 300 times per day. For subjective and objective problems, you can change your answer as many times as you want.

Contest FAQs

1. Where will the challenge take place?
This challenge is an online challenge.

2. Will I receive a reminder notification before the challenge begins?
You will receive a reminder e-mail 3 hours before the challenge begins only if you have registered for the challenge.

3. Can we take up the challenges from mobile platforms?
No. We don’t support mobile platform for taking up the challenges. We only suggest our users to participate in the challenges from laptop/desktop.

4. What type of questions will I have to solve in this challenge?
The questions in this challenge are of the following types:
** Write code in the online code editor that is provided with each problem and submit it.
** You can make multiple submissions. The platform automatically considers the best submission.

5. Are the programming questions restricted to specific languages?
The languages that you can write code in will be mentioned in the challenge details, if applicable.

6. What will happen in case of there is an issue with my computer or Internet connection?
If there is an issue with your computer or your Internet connection, you will not lose your previously submitted answers. They will be saved on HackerEarth’s servers. You can log in again and continue coding from where you stopped.

However, the timer will continue running, which is why it is advised that you ensure that your computer/Internet connection is working properly before you begin the challenge.

Contest Terms

** The hackerearth internship will be provided to the top female coder from 2nd or 3rd year pursuing her B.Tech from an NIT.
** T-shirts will be given to top coders from a given NIT or IIIT provided that the number of participants is greater than or equal to 50 from that NIT or IIIT
** Only students from NITs are eligible for cash prizes. Prize money for the winners will be electronically transferred after successful verification of bonafide certificate from their respective institutes.

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  1. Ranks should not be based on time taken to run (or) submit program, as it might be the case that the person is busy.

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