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Parents Buddy Kid’s Fashion Carnival & Biggest Baby Show of Durg Bhilai 2019 :

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Organisation : Parents Buddy
Contest Name : Kid’s Fashion Carnival & Biggest Baby Show of Durg Bhilai 2019
Applicable For : Kids between the age of 3 months to 10 years
Event Dates : 26th or 27th January 2019
Website :

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Parents Buddy Kids Fashion Show

Parents Buddy is organising Kid’s Fashion Carnival & Biggest Baby Show of Durg Bhilai 2019.


All Participants should be in between the age of 3 months to 10 years and age calculation would be based on age attained on 26 th January 2019.

How To Participate?

This contest will be consisting of total 75 Marks, out of which 5 marks will be for views on video and 5 Marks will be for likes on Photo shared by parents Buddy and 60 Marks for Physical Performance 5 Marks for medical Milestone of baby Medical Milestones of baby will be measured by our medical experts and marks will be given on the basis of health.

In “Videos”only views will be counted , We will not count likes on video and we will capture screenshot on 20 th of January 2019 in between 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM which will be shared with you on next day evening .

In “Photos” two place likes will be counted, first at the link which we have shared at our page and second at the first post which any one parents has shared to his/her timeline .

Our page screenshot will be captured by our team and at the same time second screenshot needs to be captured by you in between 6.00 PM To 7.30 PM on 20 of January 2019 and should be sent to out whatsapp number 7000174075 latest by 7.45 PMĀ  We will not add the likes of timeline if we receive your screenshoot after 8.00 PM

Based on performance in fashion show we might consider baby for a contract of one year to perform as child celebrity and child artist in your own or nearest city only,

We might sign contract with the parents of Winners, Runners and second Runner, this clause will be applicable for 5 years and above with any one parents ( to Accompanying) and for below 5 years with both parents( to Accompanying), Annual contract will be assurance of Minimum 5 Paid assignments to baby for performance in Functions , video shoots and Photoshoots .

By Paying our Registration fee you are eligible to get,
1-One 12*18CM or 18*12CM poster with photographs of your baby .
2-one personalized life book with baby photo at Every future milestone.
3-One session filled with confidence for your baby ,your Spouse and you .
4-One full on masti session for you ,your spouse and you baby/babies.
4-Interaction with same age parents to discuss common Parenting issues
5-Guidance from medical experts about Healthy childhood and strong Parenthood.
6- Opportunity to know the hidden or God gifted talent of baby.
7- mineral water with tea/coffee , Biscuits .
8- Rs.500 discount coupons for your upcoming expenses for your baby/babies
9-Five High definition photographs and 60 to 120 Seconds video in slow motion in front of stage.
10 – Million dollar smile ( Parents Buddy don’t know how much worth you will give to your smile)
11- Last but not least happiness to your baby and a sweet memory for his/her upcoming future

Performance criteria ( physical performance) will be same for every Participants. Fashion show with catwalk ( any theam of any choice of parents) competition for all babies. But all Kids below 5 years Any one parent will carry or walk with baby to stage and showcase them in front of our 3 Judges . And all babies above 5 Years has to walk alone on stage in front of 3 Judges .

** All 3 Judges will carry 60 Marks ( 20+20+20)
** Medical milestone Will carry 5 Marks
** Digital ( Video + Photo) will carry ( 5+5) marks.
** Winners will be decided by adding all the marks.
** Digital ( Video+ Photo ) will carry 10 marks..

Physical performance will be held On 26 or 27 January 2019 by any time in between 10.00 AM TO 6.30 PM for 2.30 to 4.30 Hours ( mineral water and Tea/coffee will be provided to kids and Parents) And Venue will be communicated after 15 th of January 2019.


Winners will be decided by adding the marks obtained in both Digital Rounds ( photo and video) and physical Rounds ( Performance in front of our 3 Judges)

Only winner in will get cash prize of Rs.5000 on the spot in terms of Bank to bank transfer or Account payee cheque in the name of father or mother( Birth certificate or any proof will be required for fund transfer) .

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