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Idea Set & Win Competition 2019 :

Organisation : Vodafone Idea (Idea Cellular)
Contest Name : Set & Win Competition 2019
Applicable For : Idea Subscribers
Contest Last Date : 19th April 2019
Website :

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Idea Set & Win Competition

Set & Win Competition is organised by Vodafone Idea for Idea Subscribers from 10th January 2019 to 19th April 2019.

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i. He/she must be of at least 18 years of age;
ii. He/she must be a citizen of India;
iii. He/she must be an Active Subscriber of Vodafone Idea;
iv. He/she must be responsible to activate and subscribe to the Competition Pack and thereby become a Competition Pack Member.
v. He/she must belong to any of the telecom service areas mentioned below;
vi. For Prepaid Subscribers – Subscribers must have the minimum requisite balance of Rs. 2 per day, for each day of the Contest Period, to be eligible to participate in this Competition on that day;

How To Participate?

a. Once a Vodafone Idea Subscriber subscribes to RING BACK TONE service (or) an existing RBT subscriber sets a new song as their RBT, during the Competition Period, then they become eligible to participate in the Competition.

b. The Participant will be given 1 question for every rupee charged for RBT service activation or song change/ selection.

Below are some examples:
i. If a Participant gets charged @ Rs.3, he/she will be eligible for three (3) questions, and a Participant getting charged @ Rs.30, will be eligible for thirty (30) questions.
ii. If a Participant activates RBT service and the charged amount for activation is Rs. 36 and for selection of song charge is Rs. 15; then the Participant will get thirty six (36) questions for activation and fifteen (15) questions for song selection, so the total number of questions will be fifty one (51).
iii. If the charges are in decimals, then the number of questions will be rounded off to the next number. For e.g. if Participant is charged Rs.10.5 or 10.1, then he will get 11 questions.

c. In case a Subscriber does consecutive RBT transactions, then the Subscriber will be eligible to get the questions basis the total cumulative amount charged. Participant can answer all such allotted questions one after the other till the Participant answers all allotted questions.

d. However, if due to the technical problem/error the said price of the number of questions played by the Participant is not charged to the Participant, One97 reserves the right to charge such amount to the participant any time before the expiry of the Competition Period or before declaring the Winner

e. In case of activation of RBT service, if a Participant is charged, then only Participant will be given Welcome Message to participate in this Competition.

f. Once the RBT Subscriber gets charged for any of the above mentioned transactions, next day the Subscriber will receive an SMS regarding the Competition; informing them to dial 5040455 (Vodafone Subscribers) & 53222 (Idea Subscribers) for playing this Competition.

g. Competition will be available on 5040455 (Tollfree) for Vodafone Subscribers & 53222 (Toll-free) for Idea Subscribers. Eligible Subscribers can play the Competition by dialing 5040455(Vodafone) & 53222(Idea) and answering the questions on IVR by pressing the relevant key for the answers.

h. Each question will have two (2) answer options

i. For every right answer, the Participant will get ten (10) points. There is no negative marking for a wrong answer.

j. After every right/wrong answer, the Participant will be given its score, followed by the next question.

k. Questions will be given to the Participant on RANDOM basis.

l. If the Participant gives an invalid input, then an SMS will be sent to the Participant describing it as an invalid answer,

m. If the Participant stops playing the Competition after answering the nth question, then when Participant dials the IVR again, Participant will continue with the (n+1)th question. The Participant can continue playing by dialing 5040455(Vodafone) & 53222(Idea), to receive the next question.

n. If the Participant has completed all the allotted questions as per their eligibility  and dials the IVR again, they will be listening to a prompt informing that they have already answered all allotted questions and that they can answer more questions by downloading more songs in the RBT service. There are a maximum of 255 questions available for Participants to answer during this Competition.

o. The Participant can play the questions one after the other till Participant finishes answering all the allotted questions.

Note :
In case if there is a technical failure in the system and participants are able to play the questions more than what they are eligible to play for and crosses the above mentioned limit then One97 has the sole discretion to disqualify the winner and forfeit/recover the prize money, forfeit the contest or declare the runner up as winner.

Competition Period

This is a limited period contest for Eligible Subscribers of Vodafone Idea, available from 10th January 2019, 00:0001 hours to 19th April 2019, 23:59:59 hours, both days inclusive.

Competition Area

S. No.Circle GroupRegion


CategoryPrizeGratificationTotal QuantityDescription
NationalBumper PrizeA Entry level Compact Hatchback Car1One Participant fulfilling the Winner Selection Criteria would be selected for National Bumper Prize from PAN India for entire Competition period
CircleCircle 1st PrizePoint and Shoot Camera18One Participant fulfilling the Winner Selection Criteria would be selected for Circle 1st Prize from each circle for entire Competition period
CircleCircle 2nd PrizeGold (worth Rs.1000)18One Participant fulfilling the Winner Selection Criteria would be selected for Circle 2nd Prize from each circle for entire Competition period
CircleCircle – DailyDaily Recharges – 1001800One MSISDN fulfilling the Winner Selection Criteria would be selected for Daily Prize every day from each circle for entire Competition period


The Participant may contact the Organizer for any queries/complaints by sending an email to games@one97.netwhich will be answered between 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on working days, between Monday to Friday.

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