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Alpenliebe® Contest 2018-19 Winners List Firefox Bicycle & Amazon Pay Voucher :

Organisation : Perfetti Van Melle India Private Limited
Contest Name : Alpenliebe® Contest 2018-19
Announcement : Firefox Bicycle & Amazon Pay Voucher Winners List
Prizes: Firefox Geared Bicycle, Amazon Pay Gift Card Worth Rs.1000
Contest Last Date : 28th February 2019
Special Lucky Draw : 1st March 2019
Winners List:

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Alpenliebe® Contest

Alpenliebe® Contest is organised by Perfetti Van Melle India Private Limited. Enjoy the sweet taste of victory! Your chance to win is just a candy away. Stock up on the sweetness of Alpenliebe Gold & Creamfills to win.

Winners List

Winning entries for Firefox Bicycles will be picked at random, and winning entries for Vouchers/Cards will be picked on random time-seed basis. The results of this Special Lucky Draw shall be announced on 1st March 2019.

Firefox Bicycle Winners

Sr. No. Name Winning Date Winner’s Mobile Number Telecom Circle
1. Ayush Shrivastav 16/12/18 ******5167 UP EAST
2. Nagma Khatoon 16/12/18 ******4624 WEST BENGAL
1. Akshat Nigam 17/12/18 ******3852 RAJASTHAN
2. RaviRaj Sampat Nalinbhai 17/12/18 ******7958 GUJARAT
3. Karan Singh 17/12/18 ******4622 DELHI
4. Bellam Srinivasa Roa 17/12/18 ******7454 ANDHRA PRADESH
1. Darshan Singh 18/12/18 ******1065 PUNJAB
2. Pramod Sabharwal 18/12/18 ******3720 UP WEST
3. Suresh Kalubhai vaghela 18/12/18 ******5334 GUJARAT
4. Priyanranjan Kumar Singh 18/12/18 ******5295 BIHAR
1. Rupam Goenka 19/12/18 ******7346 WEST BENGAL
2. Aman Aggarwal 19/12/18 ******9073 DELHI
3. Rahul Gupta 19/12/18 ******9136 PUNJAB
4. Dileep Kumar Verma 19/12/18 ******6846 UP EAST
5. Tejaskumar Bhatt J 19/12/18 ******2007 GUJARAT
6. Mahesh Kumar Rajak 19/12/18 ******1689 BIHAR
1. Krupa Raviraj Sampat 20/12/18 ******1906 GUJARAT
2. Vinod Kumar 20/12/18 ******5473 UP EAST
3. Mahendrabhai K Pandya 20/12/18 ******2219 GUJARAT
4. Rajeev Kumar 20/12/18 ******1700 JAMMU KASHMIR
1. Mukesh Kumar 21/12/18 ******3679 JAMMU KASHMIR
2. Sagar Kumawat 21/12/18 ******3425 RAJASTHAN
1. Jigna H Ashar 22/12/18 ******0124 KARNATAKA
1. Nasir Abdulkadar Mansuri 23/12/18 ******1620 MAHARASHTRA
1. Shaikh Asif Iqbal 24/12/18 ******2423 MAHARASHTRA
1. Duli Chand Rawal 25/12/18 ******7187 RAJASTHAN
2. Mukesh Anil Patil 25/12/18 ******4180 MAHARASHTRA
3. Bharath S Shet 25/12/18 ******4415 KARNATAKA
4. Nishant Sabharwal 25/12/18 ******9813 UP WEST
1. Gajanan Ulhasrao Kadam 26/12/18 ******6102 MAHARASHTRA
2. Kishor Chandarlal Motwani 26/12/18 ******6664 MAHARASHTRA
3. S Avinash Prabhakar 26/12/18 ******5910 KARNATAKA

Amazon Pay Voucher Winners

Sr. No. Winning Date Winner’s Mobile Number Telecom Circle
1. 16-12-2018 ******0077 DELHI
2. 16-12-2018 ******1240 MADHYA PRADESH
3. 16-12-2018 ******4787 GUJARAT
4. 16-12-2018 ******2251 DELHI
5. 16-12-2018 ******7136 BIHAR
6. 16-12-2018 ******1666 GUJARAT
7. 16-12-2018 ******1287 UP EAST
8. 16-12-2018 ******7953 PUNJAB
9. 16-12-2018 ******2672 HARYANA
10. 16-12-2018 ******5334 GUJARAT
11. 16-12-2018 ******5707 PUNJAB
12. 16-12-2018 ******8394 BIHAR
13. 16-12-2018 ******8176 HARYANA
14. 16-12-2018 ******1869 MAHARASHTRA
15. 16-12-2018 ******5750 DELHI
16. 16-12-2018 ******5459 GUJARAT
17. 16-12-2018 ******6703 GUJARAT
18. 16-12-2018 ******1626 MAHARASHTRA
19. 16-12-2018 ******1372 WEST BENGAL
20. 16-12-2018 ******5541 HARYANA
21. 16-12-2018 ******2025 BIHAR
22. 16-12-2018 ******0931 GUJARAT
23. 16-12-2018 ******0501 PUNJAB
24. 16-12-2018 ******3825 PUNJAB
25. 16-12-2018 ******9100 MADHYA PRADESH
26. 16-12-2018 ******6262 GUJARAT
27. 16-12-2018 ******6207 DELHI
28. 16-12-2018 ******6964 HARYANA
29. 16-12-2018 ******7163 KERALA
30. 16-12-2018 ******0091 WEST BENGAL

Contacting Winners

In the case of winners of Vouchers/Cards, the Organizer shall intimate the selection of each winning entry by SMS to the mobile number from which that winning entry was received. The Organizer shall endeavor to send each SMS within 2 business days of selection of the winning entry.

After claiming the Amazon Pay voucher, Rs.1000 Gift Card is issued to the customer Account, post which the below Terms and Conditions associated with Gift Cards will apply.

Winner Verification

Winner verification is only applicable to winners of Firefox Bicycles). The recipients of such SMSs must come forward to claim their prize by cooperating with the following verification process. For this, they must submit the following documents, either in the form of scanned copies by e-mail to, or by registered post or courier to

Alpenliebe Promotion,
BigCity Promotions,
4th Floor, Mitra Towers,
10/4 Kasturba Road,
Bangalore – 560001

Documents Required

All documents must be submitted by the same mode, i.e., either all of them must be submitted by e-mail, or all of them must be submitted by registered post, or by courier.

The documents to be submitted in this manner are:
If the Winner is at least 18 years old:
** A copy of the Winner’s PAN Card, or
** A copy of any other government-issued identity document issued to the Winner and bearing the Winner’s current residential address; or
** A copy of winner Aadhar card; and
** A copy of winner mobile number proof

If the Winner is less than 18 years old:
** A copy of any other government-issued identity document issued to the Winner and bearing the Winner’s current residential address, and stating the Winner’s relationship to his/her natural/legal guardian; or
** A copy of winner Aadhar card; and
** A copy of winner mobile number proof; and
** A copy of any other government-issued identity document issued to the Winner’s natural/legal guardian; and
** A written acknowledgment signed by the Winner’s natural/legal guardian, accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme.

All documents that the Winner is required to submit must be received by the Organizer within 14 days of the Winner being contacted by the Organizer.

Cancellation of Unverified Winners

The Promoter and Organizer reserve the right to cancel the selection of any winning entry if nobody comes forward to claim the prize by cooperating with the above mentioned verification process, or fails to do so within stipulated timelines.

The Promoter and Organizer also reserve the right to cancel the selection of any winning entry if the Winner is not verified to the satisfaction of the Promoter and Organizer.

Prize Distribution

Once the Winners’ documents have been verified, the prizes will be distributed to them in the following manner, as applicable,

** If the prize is an Voucher/Coupon, then the voucher code will be sent to the mobile number from which the winning entry was received, within 7 business days;

** If the prize is a Firefox Fusion 24’ Bicycle or a Firefox Thermo 24’ Bicycle, then it will be dispatched to the winner within 45 business days.

Replacement and Transfer of prizes:
Neither the Promoter nor the Organizer shall entertain any requests for the replacement of undamaged prizes, or the transfer of prizes to someone other than the Winner, or for a redemption of prizes in exchange for something else. Gift Cards Gift Cards issued by Qwikcilver These terms and conditions apply to Gift Cards (Gift Cards) issued by Qwikcilver Solutions Private Limited (Qwikcilver).


Gift Cards may only be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible products on Purchases are deducted from the redeemer’s Gift Card balance. Any unused Gift Card balance will remain associated with the redeemers account and applied to purchases in order of earliest expiration date.

If a purchase exceeds the redeemers Gift Card balance, the remaining amount must be paid with by credit card, net banking or debit card. No fees or charges apply to Gift Cards. Qwikcilver may provide Gift Card purchasers with information about the redemption status of Gift Cards that they purchase or use.

View Your Gift Card Transaction Statement:

Neither the Promoter nor the Organizer shall entertain any grievances or queries regarding the Scheme on or after 15th May 2019. Complaints and queries by Winners who have not received their prize shall not be entertained more than 60 days after they receive an SMS or call.

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    ** V8WT
    ** MYD5
    ** F8BE
    ** WN47
    ** VFTV
    ** H4DH

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    ** KK4F
    ** EBSX
    ** AEV5
    ** B6KA
    ** DHBR
    ** UQDX
    ** YX34

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