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Ignited Mind Lab Verification of Grand Finale Marks 2020 Mental Maths Competition :

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Organisation : Ignited Mind Lab
Contest Name : Mental Maths Competition 2019
Announcement : Verification of Grand Finale Marks 2020
Last Date : 29th February, 2020
Website :

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Ignited Mind Lab MMC Marks Verification

Verification of Grand Finale Marks Feb 24, 2020

Who Should Apply For Verification?

** Any candidate who is not satisfied with his/her marks.
** If candidate wants scanned copy of answer sheet.
** If you have written your seat number properly and marked OMR answers properly then chances of increase in marks are very low.
** We suggest that you first check your answers against the Answer key uploaded to your account.
** If you still have any doubts or want to see scanned copy of answer sheet then only apply for verification.

Process For Verification of Marks

** Students can apply for verification of marks by 29th February, 2020. Application will not be accepted after 29th February, 2020.
** To apply, login to your account and click on the link of verification. Make payment online Rs. 500 /-

Scope of Verification

** We will provide scanned copy of Answer sheet.
** Checking whether the student has written correct seat no. and marks awarded are for his paper.
** If OMR bubbles are not properly filled/very lightly marked, system will not recognise it and student will not get marks for those answers.
** We have discontinued practice to award marks for such answers on verification in 2018.
** Result of verification will be conveyed within 15 days from the day of receipt of application.

Effect of Verification of Marks on Prizes

We reserve right to include and declare winner if marks of any student increase on verification and the student becomes eligible for prizes. All prizes for that Class will be recomputed.

Scholarship Prizes, Ranking

** First prize is of Rs. 10,000 /-, second prize Rs. 5,000 /- and third prize Rs. 3000 /-
** For ranking and deciding prizes, marks scored in grand Finale will be considered. In case of a tie in Grand Finale, marks of the first round exam will be considered for tie-break and the prizes will be determined accordingly.
** In case of unresolved tie for any position, the prize money will be recomputed for all positions and prize money will be distributed in such way that first, second & third ranker get prize in the ratio of 10 : 5 : 3 respectively. (e.g., if there are 2 students with rank 2, prize money of first and third rank will also be affected).

About Competition:
Ignited Mind Lab Mental Maths Competition is very unique and immensely effective in developing interest in Maths. Our main objective is to develop interest in Maths by engaging students into solving variety of problems at different levels of difficulty and give them confidence that they can do it. It is much more than a mere competition.

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